While you were sleeping Storyline.

I don't know how many people have seen this movie with Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman, and Peter Boyle, but for people who have this should be very good to read, and even for the people who haven't I'm pretty sure they'd like it.

Ages: Ryanna- 23, Goten- 26, Trunks- 24, Bra- 17, Pan- 22, and Kankton- 25

A/N: Please!!! Don't be fussy about the ages, I had to follow the story line somewhat or else it'll just blow up in my face.

Okay this will get confusing... Bra, Trunks, and GOTEN are siblings. Trunks is the second oldest, being president of Capsule, and running the company {He doesn't like it... DUH!}. The Vegeta-Briefs' are still rich, Goten lives on his own being the eldest sibling and working for a traveling business for Capsule. Bra is the youngest being in high school.

Goten proposed to Paris only to have her turn down and move to Portugal, more will be explained in the story.

Pan is married to Kankton who is NOT related to Ryanna. Pan works with Ryanna and they are best Friends.

Ryanna has no family, her life will be explained in the first chapter.

Okay first chapter will be put up soon. Any other questions please review me.