While you were sleeping

Epilogue: Trunks' Final Question

A few days passed and Ryanna hadn't heard from any of the Breifs family. Ryanna took another coin and rung it through. Well it was back to normal to sya the least, work and coming home to a cat. Well at least Joe Jr. knew how to lay off. They are evn becoming good friends. Pan got up from her seat and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it Ryanna, things will turn out fine." Ryanna smiled and hugged Pan.

"Excuse me miss! I would like to get through sometime today." Pan rolled her eyes and rung the coin through. Ryanna took another coin and kept her gaze down. She would give anything to have Trunks back in her life. she missed him terribly. She glanced over at the globe that Trunsk had given her. She shook it slightly watching teh snow fall. she carried with her back and forth from work to give her a little piece of him.

All of a sudden a ring was paced in the slot. Ryanna looked at it. Her eyes widened at the rather large diamond engagement ring. As she then looked up Trunks smiled down at her. "Ryanna, I got to ask you a couple questions." Ryanna smiled and fingered the ring. Pan smiled and ignored the angry people wanting to get through. "Can I come in there please?" Ryanna frowned slightly.

"I can't." Then she smirked. "Not without a token." Trunks smirked. Bulma and the rest of the family walked over. Bulma handed Trunks a token and he dropped it into the slot. Ryanna took his token. The Briefs and Pan all watched in interest as Trunks came through and into Ryanna's booth.

"Ma'am I need to get through. "

"Can it My best friend is getting proposed to!" Ryanna grinned and held the ring in her thumb and forefinger admiring it. Trunks got down to eye level with Ryanna and she turned her attention to him.

"Will you marry me?" Ryanna smiled and pushed back her bangs as a familiar gesture and gave a nod.

"Yeah, I love you." Trunks smiled.

"I love you back." Pan squealed as the two shared their first kiss. Bulma and Bra were hugging each other in happy tears. Vegeta gave a peace sign to his son. Bunny took pictures non stop and Goku and Goten smiled warmly at the couple. Two months later Ryanna and Trunks married in front of capsule corp and she moved in with him at Capsule corp.

Ryanna's P.O.V

Well I had planned on marrying Goten, but I married Trunks instead. Thank goodness my father was right, life doesn't always go as its planned. But Trunks, Trunks gave me the perfect gift, a stamp in my passport. He took us to Florence for our honeymoon. I guess you can say he gave me the world. After seeing how happy we were together Goten finally asked me when it was I had fallen in love with Trunks, and I told him... It was while you were sleeping.

Short but happy ending eh? Any-hoo once again I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you plan on reading my sequels as of the rest of my stories. If you hated them don't bother, but if you like them feel free to. Bye-bye for now oh and please review!