To thee, most beloved, I now sing
To thee, o brightness, light and fire
Wounded by tooth, by knife and sting
I long for peace, my true desire
After all, for me, somehow
Careless lightness, pearling laughter
That is hidden from me now
Dreams of pain, of blood and slaughter
Haunt me more and more each day
So to thee, o Eru's daughter
My grieves I tell, to thee I pray

To thee, most beloved, I now pray
To take away the grief, to dry my tears
Away from my darkened soul they search their way
Away from my sadness and my fears
After all, I do know now
I have to leave my home, the Shire
To earn the peace I don't know how
To find these days in blackened fire
From behind my eyes the hidden woe
I will leave to find what I admire
To far green lands in the West I'll go

To thee beloved, I will come