I Do No Longer Fear

No, the pain I do no longer fear
Some days in fading sunlight
When words and gestures, me so dear
Comfort me like this day so bright
I will fade fearless into the night

But sometimes oceans built of sorrow
Can diminish all the thoughts so clear
I collected in my mind, once, hopeful for tomorrow
And earth, flower, spirit me so near
Will fade like daylight, and slowly disappear

I held the Light, I knew the sparkles made of stars
I swallowed the pride, the fright - thought sadly of an end
Of all these mighty terrors, of the poisoned and chilling scars
I need to forget. I have to believe that I will mend
Future is today ... fading into the past - and I feel spent.

What I want, the seeds of hope we have sown
But yet it leaves, my dream of peace
For all that is incised; the Invidious I've known
No, the pain I do not fear, but I want release
Want to be whole, shake off the disease

No, the pain I do no longer fear
Being cradled in the arms of my best friend
When words and gestures, me so dear
Will fade slowly, yet in my mind they'll never end
Giving in to the call within, to the Havens I am sent...