"The Forward"

Inspired by Fresh-AngelBabe's MagicMail

To: Hoggy-Warty Hogwarts (Group)

From: MightyMidget_01@theda.net

Fill this out and send it on.

Name: Harry Potter. Yup, get over it.

Age: 16

House: Gryffindor. Weasley is our king and Malfoy is a ferret.

Been Kissed: Yes. Wasn't all that great, though.
Been on stage: Not literally, but I'm looked at enough.
Gotten in a car accident?: You heard about Me and Ron in second year, right?
Cold or hot: Hot
Blue or Red: Red, go Gryffindor
Rain or snow: rain, snow's just annoying.
Wool or cotton? Cotton

Chocolate milk or plain milk: Chocolate

Spring or fall?: Fall, we're usually not in that much trouble yet..
Do you like someone?: Yup.
Do They Know: Umm...I'll get back to you on that.

Who's the funniest: Ron
Who's the craziest: Luna. In a good way.
Who do you e-mail the most: Ginny
Who's the loudest: Seamus
Who's the most silent?: Padma
Who's the shyest?: Definetely not Ginny. Don't hurt me, Ginger!
Whose parents do you know the best: Ron and Ginny's
Been hugged: Yea

Had a serious talk?: Must you ask questions you know the answers to?
Gotten along with your parents: I did when they were alive, but aren't most babies agreeable?
Fought with a friend?: Oh yes.
Give hugs?: Not really.
Give back rubs?: No comment.
Take walks in the rain?: Yes, it's nice when it rains
Which one of your friends...
Knows you the best: Ron, Hermione, or Ginny
Have you known the longest: Ron....he did get the dirt off his nose, though.
Have you known the shortest?: Luna
Most likely to end up in jail: Fred and George. I'm sure they're complimented by that, though...
Been to a concert: Nope.

Favorite Artist: Good Charlotte. Their version of "I Want Candy" is good.

Favorite Song: Mesmerized

For Muggle-borns and Muggle-raised- Favorite Movie: The Godfather. I've been made an offer I couldn't refuse more than once, and I refused.
Loved someone so much it made you cry: Never made me cry.
Cheated on a test: No, but Ron's definitely copied off me.
Done something illegal: Err...
Ever stalked someone: As a joke, yes. Ginny, once again, I apologize for ruining your favorite socks...wait, those were mine!
Are You Single: Yes, but hopefully not very soon.
Have u ever had a boy/girl friend: Technically. Hi, Cho, how's random boyfriend number 2,003?
Have you ever pranked someone before?: Yup. But, Snape, I didn't steal that Boomslang skin. No, I actually didn't.
Do you swear too much: No, but Hermione would say that I do.
Where are you at?: Dudley's second bedroom. Better than my old cupboard, anyway.
Are you sitting by anyone?: No, my Aunt is rushing around downstairs making sure my Uncle and Cousin follow their diets. They aren't working. Dudley's bigger than ever.
What color pants are you wearing?: Black
What song are you listening to right now?: The Magic Stick
What is the last thing that you said?: Yes, Aunt Petunia
What's on your mousepad: It's a piece of parchment with random doodles on it.
What was the last thing you ate?: Dudley's unwanted diet bread.
If you were a crayon: Green, I guess.

Name a Person of the Opposite sex: Ginny.

Favorite Color: red
How's the weather right now?: Clear night.
What's under your bed: Nothing, I don't unpack at Privet Drive.
Do you keep your room clean?:  Not really.

What do you feel like doing right now: Being anywhere but here. Or in Vol- You-Know-Who's presense. Not remotely appealing.

Who is most likely to fill this out: Ron, he is busy not doing summer homework.

Who is least likely to fill this out: Hermione, she's busy doing summer homework.

What do you want to do before you get back to school: Get the hell away from the Dursleys.