Title: Now and Forever

Note: Well there was such a great interest in Hunter/Jessica I decided to do the sequel a little sooner then I had planned. So sit back and get ready for another interesting ride.

When I hear my cell phone ring, I groan and roll over to answer it. " This better be good." I hear someone breathing heavy on the other end. " What's your favorite scary movie?" Then I hear two people laughing in the background. I pull my phone away from my ear for a second. " Chris do me a favor and tell Adam and Jay to shut up." I hear Chris groan into the phone. " Aw Jess how did you know it was me?" I start to laugh. " Chris next time you want to play scary movie guy don't use your own cell phone. Caller ID is a very beautiful thing." I hear Chris sigh. " Good point. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time." I inform him there better not be a next time. " Chris please tell me there was a reason for you calling." I can almost sense his smile over the phone. " Actually there was a reason. I wanted to invite you and jerky to breakfast this morning with me, Adam and Jay. The question is do you think you can drag yourselves out of your little love nest?" I tell Chris we will be downstairs in an hour.

I hang up my phone and lay back in bed for a minute. I'm glad Chris and I are back at that point in our friendship where we can kid around. It took awhile after Hunter and I got engaged for Chris to be able to act like himself around me. Speaking of Hunter, I roll over in bed fully expecting to see him out like a light but instead his side of the bed is empty. I look over on his pillow and see he has left me a note saying he went to the gym and would be back soon. I figure since he is gone I should at least go take a shower and get ready.

While I'm in the shower I look at the ring on my finger and smile. I still can't believe Hunter and I have been engaged for five months. We're planning on getting married next year in the spring, hopefully before the craziness of Wrestlemania comes up. Things with us have been pretty damn good. Shawn finally left Hunter and I alone. To this day the boys still tease him about that picture. Alexia decided she wasn't cut out to be a wrestler and has since left the business. I was kind of disappointed we never got to have a rematch because I still had a lot of pent up aggression towards her. She better hope I never run into her in a dark alley. I am no longer the women's champion. I lost it to my very dear friend Trish. I didn't mind handing the belt over to her at all. We had one hell of a match. Everyone else is doing wonderfully. Hunter is set to win the belt from Mark at the next ppv.

Speak of the devil, I hear Hunter slam back into the room and announce his arrival. I pretend not to hear him and just enjoy my shower. I finish up and reach my hand out of the shower trying to find a towel. My hand hits the towel rack but there's no towel there. I stick my head out and see Hunter leaning against the counter holding it. " I'm sorry were you looking for this baby?" I give him a no duh look. " Well Jess you see I just got back from the gym so I need to take a shower and I've never told you but I have this strong fear of drowning while I take a shower so I think you should stay with me to make sure I'm ok." I shake my head laughing at him. " Sweetie is that the best you could come up with?" He starts to strip his clothes off and joins me in the shower. " Well Jess when I see you naked I tend not to be able to come up with coherent thoughts. Do you have any idea what that's like?" As I stare at him I know exactly what he is talking about. As Hunter backs me up against the tiled wall I realize I forgot to mention to him about breakfast. My last coherent thought is that if we are going to have breakfast we might as well work up a strong appetite before we eat.

Only 10 minutes late for breakfast Hunter and I walk into the hotels restaurant and see Chris, Adam, and Jay in the corner throwing toast at each other. " Boys, is this what you do when I'm not around to supervise you?" All three of them turn to look at me then I am hit in the face with four pieces of toast. Wait a minute where did that fourth piece come from? As I look over at Hunter I see he is staring at the ceiling, whistling. " Very funny Hunter just remember I can't really punish Chris, Adam, and Jay but I can punish you." All of the guys look over at Hunter to see what he is going to say. I give him the look that says if he answers back he is getting no sex for at least a week. " I have nothing to say sweetie. You're right and I'm wrong." I nod my head at him that I approve and start to laugh when Adam makes a whipping sound. " Hunter man, you are so whupped it's not even funny." Hunter glares at him and Adam quickly becomes interested in his orange juice.

After we finish breakfast we head to arena. Once we get there we find our locker rooms then meet up in the cafeteria. We see Steve, Glenn, and Mark sitting at a table and we join them. " Well look what the cat has dragged in. Hi Jessica." I go up behind Mark and smack his head. " Damn brat." I stare at him with my hands on my hips daring him to do something. I see that twinkle in his eye and realize I'm in big trouble. " Hey Darlin, you're looking a little over heated, let me see if I can help you with that." Before I realize what Mark is saying he pours his glass of ice cold water over my head and takes off running. " You better run Mark because when I catch you , you will truly be a deadman." As I take off running after him I realize some things just never change around here.

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