Title: Now and Forever

Time has slowly crept by and it's Mark's birthday. JD has backed off since the night in my hotel room but I have a feeling this is the calm before the storm. Hunter has take JD under his wing and it drives me absolutely crazy but I don't want to draw attention to the situation. Hunter has been laughing at me all morning because I'm on the phone every five minutes making sure all of the plans for the party are ok. Glenn has been a big help with some of the details. He's going to be the one that gets Mark to the party tonight. I'm the distraction for during the day.

I rush to get ready and grab a gift I had gotten for Mark. I will give him his real gift tonight. I rush out of the room and give Hunter a kiss good- bye. When I get to Mark's room I take a second to calm down. I'm just so excited about today. I knock on the door and wait for the birthday boy to answer. When he answers the door I jump on him and hug the life out of him. "Happy birthday Mark." He pulls me off of him and walks into the room. "I told you I don't like to celebrate my birthday Jessica. If you are going to stay then don't talk about it." Someone's grouchy this morning. I walk over to him and hand him his present. "Well here's a gift I got for you for um just no reason then. Maybe it will cheer you up." Mark starts to grumble but takes the envelope anyway. When he sees what his gift is I see a smile creep onto his face. "A gift certificate for a tattoo. Thanks darlin."

"Did you notice that the tattoo shop is the one in this town? Guess where we're going today after breakfast?" Mark starts to shake his head at me. " I can't believe you sometimes." I laugh and grab onto his hand and pull him out of the door. Once we finish for breakfast, which I had to fight Mark for the check. I managed to work up a few tears and he finally gave in. When we step into the shop we both start looking around. I walk over to a wall and look at the pictures. I take note of the number of the one I like and go over to the desk. I fill out my paper work and turn to find Mark. He's looking at a picture of a demonic looking creature. I don't even know what it is. "What do you think?" I look at the picture and look at Mark. "It kind of reminds me of you." I start to laugh when he smacks my ass. "I think I'm going to get it." He goes over to the desk and fills out his paperwork.

We sit down in the waiting area and you should have seen his face when they called my name too. "I told you I wanted a tattoo and I figured this could be a bonding experience for us. You're my tattoo buddy." Mark gets settled in his chair and points to a place high on his shoulder where he wants the tattoo. There isn't much canvas left on him. I sit in my chair facing him and pull up the back of my shirt. I had decided on a heart with a rose wrapped around it. I jump when the guy puts the stencil on my back. Mark starts to laugh at me. "Easy there darlin he hasn't even used the needle yet." I glare at him and when I hear the needle I squeeze my eyes shut. When I realize it doesn't hurt I open them and look at Mark. He sticks his tongue out at me and I start to laugh. "And here I was thinking you're another year older and maybe you will finally start acting your age."

Before we know it we're bandaged and heading out the door. As Mark drives back to the hotel he asks me if I cleared my tattoo with Vince and with Hunter. " First off I did ask Vince and Stephanie if it would be a problem and they said no. As for Hunter I mentioned it to him a long time ago and he never said anything. I don't need his permission it's my body." Mark winks at me and pulls into a space. "Sure sweetie I believe you." When we go back up to our rooms I tell him I will see him later and rush back to my room. I call Glenn and tell him to make sure he calls Mark to offer to take him out to dinner. I walk over to Hunter who's sitting on the bed. "Sweetie I have something to show you." I turn around and pull up my shirt. Hunter leans forward and pulls the bandage away. "You got a tattoo." I turn to look at him. "Are you upset?" Hunter picks me up and throws me on the bed. I wince when my back hits the mattress. " I think it's sexy as hell." Right before he can kiss me I push him away. " We don't have time for that right now we have to head down to the hall to get things set up for tonight. Come on."

On the drive over Hunter asks me if Mark seemed happy it was his birthday and I told him he didn't want to talk about it at all. "Jess do you think this party is a wise idea then?" I look over at him. " Of course it is." Little does Hunter know I have a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach this isn't such a good idea after all.