A drabble is a piece of writing of exactly 100 words (although ff.net's "word counter" doesn't agree with my own careful word count!).  Here are three drabbles from three very different times in Pippin's life.  I hope you enjoy them.

DISCLAIMER:  Of course.  The characters don't belong to me, I just get to think about them day and night.



Pippin lay on his stomach, chin cupped in his hands, peering at the fish in the tiny pond.


"Another question, Pip?"

"Why doesn't Frodo have two names?"


"Well, I have two -- although no one calls me 'Peregrin' unless they're very very mad... and you have two, and..."

"Oh. You're right, Pip. Poor Frodo only got one name."

"Is that 'cause he never makes anyone mad, so he doesn't need a 'mad' name?"

"I think that must be it."

"Okay." Pippin waved his feet lazily in the air.


Merry sighed. It was going to be a long morning.


"We'll see the Shire again, Pippin."

Pippin wanted to clasp Merry's hand once last time, but couldn't reach him.  Gandalf raised his hand, and Pippin felt Shadowfax about to leap away, away from Merry, away from his last look at Merry.

"Pip," Merry said urgently, touching his cousin's foot. "Take care of yourself."

"Merry," Pippin whispered through tears. "Merry..."

"Meriadoc," Gandalf said gently, "we must go."

Merry nodded and stepped back, keeping a smile on his face as long as Pippin could see him...  as long as it took Aragorn to catch him as he crumpled, sobbing, to the ground.

FEALTY -- Knight

Aragorn stared, puzzled, at the clothing and armor Pippin had set before him.

"Why do you return these?"

Pippin looked up unhappily.  "Lord Denethor released me from his service before he… died.  I am a Knight of the City in name only.  I cannot continue to dress as one -- it would be a lie."  He turned to go.

"Pippin, wait."

Aragorn knelt, gazing into Pippin's troubled eyes.

"Do you wish to renew your oath to Gondor?  And to me, as your king?"

"Very much," Pippin whispered, hope filling his heart.  "I would be honored."

"The honor is mine, Peregrin Took."