"Excuse me," Perkins asked again. "Where's Donna didn't you find her?" Dr. Rose asked with a grin. Perkins didn't answer. "Well, I now know the answer to my question; so are you now ready to strike a deal." Dr. Rose asked. "Why should we?" Brooks asked. " Because within an hour she'll be dead, detective." Dr. Rose answered.

Donna couldn't scream much less move around. She was getting very nervous. She felt like she couldn't breathe. Donna lay strapped to the stretcher and stuffed in a box. "Man this heavy, hey Bret where do I put this?" Tom asked. "Over there in the crush pile," Bret replied. She could hear the voices of the two men. All of the sudden she was dropped onto the ground. The men's voices began to fade away as they left her there.

"Where's Jackie and Dianne?" Brooks asked. "If I were you I would worry about Donna." Dr. Rose said. "Why?" Perkins asked. "Boy you're dumb; poor Eric, he's got two idiots trying to save poor little Donna. Dr. Rose said. "You bitch, where's Donna?" Eric said as he came rushing in. Eric didn't give her a chance to speak; he rushed right at her. Perkins and a couple of others lunged at Eric. Dr. Rose sat there laughing.

Hyde stood outside the hall pacing. They found Dr. Rose, but there was no sign of Jackie, Dianne, or Donna. Eric had gone insane; he stormed inside and started chocking Dr. Rose. Hyde remained calm; he needs to think. Then it came to him, and like Eric he stormed into the interrogation room. "You know what Dr. Rose, all things must come to an end, and your game is one of them." Hyde stated. "Yeah right, drop dead." Dr. Rose yelled. "I know where Donna is." Hyde said with a smile. "Where? Tell me." Eric demanded frantically. " I noticed that a huge box was picked up in front of Dr. Rose's house." Hyde said. Dr. Rose sat there with an angered look on her face; at least they hadn't found Jackie she thought to herself.

Donna was relieved. While suffocating inside the box she heard police sirens getting closer. Within minutes they found the box. "Lay still Donna; the ambulance is on its way." Perkins said. "What about Jackie and Dianne?" Donna asked. "We don't know yet." Brooks answered.

On a boat in the middle of the Atlantic, Jackie and Dianne laid strapped to stretchers. "Dr. Rose said to make sure that these two make it to their prison on time without being detected." The captain said.