Title: Ada's Memories

Author: Nightshade

Summary: Elrond stood waiting on the shore of the Undying lands, waiting for a person he never thought he would see again.... An Estel and Elrond, father son story...

Disclaimer: I own nothing of this world or its characters. They belong...no matter how much I wish for them * mine, mine, my preciouss* to Tolkin's Estate and New Line Cinemas, Peter Jackson and who ever else contributed to the books and movies.... I just borrowed them to play with.

Warning: Um... it gets fluffy in parts... Oh yeah it is AU. Gilraen died soon after Arathorn... Estel was younger when Elrond took him in along with other things. If you do not like AU then do not read it, although I do not think it is so off that it would cause major problems but. Also a tiny little bit of A/A.

Author's Notes: For Kitty, who complained the entire time while we were at the movies that she hated the relationship or at least the parts of the relationship we saw between Aragorn and Elrond. And about how Elrond in the middle of the Ring War did not send off Arwen to the Undying Lands in the book. I should warn you though that this story mostly deals with the relationship between the youngest son of Elrond and his father, Arwen is only heard of and seen a few times in the story, cause I think their is enough stories dealing with Arwen's and her father's relationship... That being said... ON WITH THE SHOW!!!



An elderly man stood by the door of a room that looked like it hadn't been used in centuries. The room was elaborately decorated, but it had a homey feel to it.

"Finally Ada, I am home." The man said deliriously, he managed to walk over to the bed before collapsing and his eyes closing. Around his neck was a pendant on a chain. Estel Elrondion.

A young looking male with long blond hair walked into the room, sighing. "Not yet, mellon-nin, but soon." He looked over his shoulder, a whispered loudly, "Are you two ready yet?".......


Elrond stood waiting on the shore of the undying lands. A person he would have never expected to see here when he lived in Arda, but he now knew was coming. A smile could be seen on his face as he stood searching intently for someone, remembering those times that seemed so long ago...


... 'No Elrond he is to be your son now.' The young Dunedain said raspy. She had a couching fit and Elrond saw that she was coughing up blood. 'For my time has come, Arathorn calls for me and I can not resist death any longer.'

'No Gilraen, he is not my son. You will live, I can not take this child from you.' Elrond replied, 'I have nothing I can give a mortal. I do not know if I have no hope for the race of man, for their weakness.'

'Weakness Lord Elrond? 'Tis true, we are weaker then you, we have not the knowledge and wisdom gained from your long years here. Nor do we know where it is we go, for our knowledge of death is only that it is inevitable. Mislead, willing to believe those who speak to us for our belief in good. Some are pure evil, but not all. We think we can find the best in evil. We have to forgive to move on, we don't...' She began to cough and the coughs wracked her small body.

'T..take him, I..I don't w..ant to wake him.' She said though the coughs, placing the eight-month-old child in Elrond's arms. The she collapsed on the ground, still coughing.

The coughing subsided, 'You said you had nothing to offer the child, but you have so much to do just that. Wisdom, patience, virtue, and love are all virtues you can teach him. You have so much, and he will give you many things in return. He was meant to be yours Elrond. Don't allow yourself to be disillusioned by the faults of some men, because of lapses, to give up on hope. For even in humans and the future does hope abide always.'

Elrond stared down at the child she had placed in his arms as she spoke to him. It was true too what she said, he was basing his beliefs on a few. The baby had woken up, during his mother's coughing spell. The boy had silver eyes, the same color as his. But oh, they were filled with trust and love. So young, innocent no wonder why they were so easily swayed. Elrond traced his hand around the baby's features, and when the child grabbed his hand his heart welled with warmth of love. It was like he was born to love this child. The elven lord couldn't resist his heart anymore even if his mind and memory screamed of all the betrayals.

We forgive... I need to forgive him. He was a good man before the ring played his mind. Elrond thought to himself, He was a good man. How could we forget that? Us who have perfect memories? I cannot blame this child for what happened to Isidur and the corruption the ring brought upon him. This boy is my salvation, my light and my hope.

'Do not worry Gilraen, I will take care of Estel. He is and will be my son.'

Gilraen smiled, 'Hope, a good name for him. I think now Arathorn named him wrongly. Maybe he was meant to be yours, but it still pains me slightly that he will never call me mother or Arathorn father, for I know he will see you as his parent and you alone, my Lord. Even if he will be the hope of men, he will truly never be one of them.' She paused for a moment, having another coughing fit, then spoke again as she watched Elrond smile down at the child. ' I think Estel is not just to be the hope of man but your hope Lord Elrond.' She smiled again, rendering Elrond speechless.

"May your son grow strong and may Elbereth guard him and keep him safe from harm." Gilraen whispered, happy that her son would give the elf that had stood with them through so much more hope. 'For I warn you my lord, many will try and harm your son.' Gilraen closed her eyes and she was gone. But she had won the battle, her child had someone to love and care for him.

Elrond looked down at the child in his arms, "My Estel, what a fine and wise nana (mother) you had."....


Elrond watched as his son tried to walk on the snow. He was to heavy and kept sinking into the deep drifts of snow. But that did not matter, he said to himself as he picked up his child, causing him to sink slightly on the snow.

"Ada (daddy) why do I sink?"

"Because you are human, ninion. (My son) Humans can not walk on top of snow." Elrond said gently as he could. He saw the disappointment in his child's eyes. Maybe it did matter to his son though. "Estel, it is all right, ion-nin (my son). There are many other things you can do tithen pen nin. (My little one)"

"Like what Ada." Estel asked not really believing his Ada. He wanted so badly to be like the elves, to be like his brothers.

For a moment Lord of Imadris was at a lost, he knew there were many things, but none were coming to mind. Then Elrond had an idea. "Let me show you something ninion."

He walked his son over to the lake; the lake water had caused the snow around it to harden with ice. Elrond gently placed his son on top of the icy snow. "You can walk on top of this ninion." And Estel did, laughing as he went along. But when he stopped he sank, but only a little due to his small size.

"You must keep moving Estel or you will sink." Elrond called out to his son. "You have to learn how to adapt and take advantage of things."

"How is this Ada?"

"It is because of the ice on top of the snow. It allows you to walk on top of it." Elrond said softly. "And if you like, tomorrow I will teach you how to ice skate."

Estel nodded, his previous disappointment was almost totally forgotten as he looked up at his father with such admiration. His Ada was the best Ada ever! "Oh yes Ada. Please teach me how to ice skate!"

Later on Elrond spent a good deal of time teaching Estel to skate the next day. When they came back, they found two rackets with webbing on them. It seems Elladan and Elrohir had learned of Estel desire to walk on the snow. They had made him a pair of snowshoes....


"Ada will you play with me?" The voice of his youngest son called out to him from the doorway of his father's study.

Elrond looked up from his desk and suppressed a smile at how hopeful his son looked at him, "Hello to you to Estel, I am busy right now..." At his words his son's face dropped and Elrond felt guilty about teasing the young boy.

"...But I think ninion, if you help me, I can get this work done faster and we can play." Elrond's soft and gentle words lifted his son's head and brought a smile back to the little boy's face.

"Oh Ada, of course I will help." Estel said excitedly. He always wanted to help Ada, for it made him feel special when Ada asked him to assist him.

Elrond smiled and motioned for his son to sit on his lap, and Estel rushed to join him. For the rest of the afternoon, after Elrond's work was completed, the two studied about herbs, history, and played..


"Estel, what am I going to do with you?" Elrond asked worriedly. Estel had just fell out of a tree that some of the elven children had dared him to climb. His arm was broken and was in need of a splint. He reached out to his son, only to have him flinch back.

"I...I am sorry Ada." Came his six-year-old son's whispered reply as he curled up in fetal position. "For everything. For being edain, (human) for nin edain (my human) parent's dying, for you having to take me in."

"What Estel?" Lord Elrond asked in horror. He could not believe these words coming out of his son's mouth.

Estel just lowered his head deeper into his position on the ground, "I sorry that you are ashamed of me. I am sorry I am not what you want me to be."

Elrond forced his son to look up at him, to look him in the eyes and to sit on his lap facing him before he spoke. "I'm not ashamed of you my Estel. Worried I am but ashamed is something never would associated with you ninion. It is not your fault anything happened."

"But they told me you were. That you did not want me, that I was nothing. And they are right." The human child whispered all hope lost. "They are right." His eyes got a dazed look to them as little Estel stared off at something in the distance.

Elrond stared at his son for a long time not believing that someone would speak such cruel words to his son. For a long moment he replayed all the times Elros and him had been treated similarly because of their ancestry, then he spoke; the sound of his voice brought his child out of his revelry.

"I love you no matter what. So what does it matter if you are edain. I'm half edain, so there you are not alone in having human parents. Either way it doesn't matter if you're a human or an elf, I will always love you no matter what." His words were soft but passionate.

Estel looked so confused, "But they told me..."

"You can not rely on others to gain knowledge of my love for you ninion. For they never see the whole picture, for they are not apart of our family." Elrond spoke softly to his young son. "You must always remember Ada will always love you, my little one. For you are my hope and light in the darkness."

Estel looked into his father's eyes and upon seeing the truth, he smiled. How could he believe all that had been told of him when his father spoke such words of love and had such pain at seeing him hurt?

"Amine mela lle Ada. (I love you daddy)" Elrond smiled a small smile, contemplating the young human child he had taken in more then five years ago. So forgiving and loving, how could he ever doubt this boy? His son was definitely like no other...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Ion-nin I would like you to meet your grandparents, Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel." Elrond spoke softly to his seven-year-old son, who was grasping his hand rather tightly.

Elrond had already explained what his in-laws and asked them whether it would be all right if Estel called them his grandparents. Both had been delighted for they had heard many tales of this wonderful young boy in letters from their elder grandsons telling them how the young one had brought much joy to the household. Therefore they had almost immediately said yes.

Now that they had met the child, the only sadness they held was that their daughter would never know the young boy Elrond had adopted, for they knew she would have loved him.

"H..hello." Estel whispered shyly in perfect elvish.

"Hello little one." Galadriel said softly. "It is very nice to meet you."

Celeborn just sadly smiled as he watched his wife try to get the little boy to come out of his shell, as he thought about his daughter. Amazingly it wasn't Galadriel's encouragement that brought Estel out of his shell.

"Are you all right grandfather?" Estel asked softly, perceiving the elf's sadness.

"I am fine Estel, why do you ask?" Celeborn asked as he bent down to eye level with Estel.

"Because you seem sad." Came Estel's reply as he let go of his father's hand and moved toward Celeborn. "Why are you sad?"

"I was just thinking how much my daughter would have loved to meet you and know you little one." Celeborn replied as Galadriel and Elrond watched on in interest at the two.

"Where did she go?" Estel asked softly.

"To the undying lands."

Estel remembered now what his father and brothers had told him about the undying lands and about their mother. "She was badly hurt." Estel said softly, "I am very sorry grandfather." Surprising all the elves present by giving Celeborn a hug.

Estel turned to Galadriel, "I am sorry grandmother." repeating the gesture. Elrond felt pride in his heart as he watched his son.

Galadriel looked at the little boy, knowing truly now that her daughter would have been honored to have the boy as her child....