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"Ada!" Estel, Elladan, and Elrohir all cried together. The Valar and the disembodied voice of Iluvater had already spoken them to. It seemed they had already known about the little plot and Estel was allowed into the Undying Lands to be with his family, permanently. Seemed it would not have mattered any ways, since people who had family or friends that were Elves wound up there if they chose to. So one day they would probably see Gimli again.

"Ions-nin" Elrond cried out as he rushed towards his sons. He grabbed all three of his sons and held so tightly that each complained he was choking them.

The twins then saw their mother and ran over to her. Estel and Elrond smiled at the sight. "They are so cute at times are they not?" Came a female voice.

"Arwen!" Estel cried. She hugged Estel then moved back to their father. His wife was even more beautiful then she remembered. "Oh, I thought I would never get to see either of you again! But I had hope."

Elrond just smiled, 'Our hopeful Estel...' This elicited laughter from even Legolas, who was hugging his father and mother, Elladan and Elrohir as they remembered their time in Rohan.

Suddenly Estel found himself faced with the silver haired and blue eyed Lady Celebrian. She was the most beautiful being he had known other then his wife, with her noble stature and her flowing silvery blue dress. She was everything that Elrond, the twins, and Arwen had said she was. A fighter, a jokester and a loving mother and wife. She practically radiated love and affection. Lady Celebrian was a queen in every way.

"My lady..." He began as he bowed. The next thing he knew was that he was in her arms.

"It is good to finally meet the youngest of our family. I have heard many good things ion-nin." Celebrian said in her cheerful voice, her silvery laughter evident in her tone. Estel just stood in shock.

When he finally recovered, "Thank you mil..."

"If you say milady young man, I will be forced to wash your mouth out with soap. Amme or Nana will do just fine. I have heard that is what you think of me as in your mind."

Estel felt his cheeks turn red, why had his Ada and grandparents have to have told Celebrian that? Were they trying to embarrass him? "I hope that was not to forward Lad.. Amme."

Celebrian laughed, "No, I started thinking of you as a son as I heard Elrond describe you and told me that he adopted you. I am truly honored to call such a fine young man ion-nin."

"As I am honored to call such grand lady elf such as you Amme." That sealed their little bonding session. The two of them hugged again and grinned at one another. Each thinking the other was exactly like what Elrond described.

"Elladan, Elrohir, Estel." Elrond called to them, gaining all three attentions. "There is someone else I would like you to meet."

The three looked at Elrond and waited as another being came up towards them. When he stepped into the light they discovered he looked exactly like their father. Well, except he looked more mischievous and like he was more prone to laughter. He seemed more relaxed as well.

"I would like you to meet your Uncle Elros. Elros meet Elladan, the twin on the left, Elrohir, and Estel." Elros nodded at the three gathered in front of his brother and him.

All three stared at the two identical persons standing in front of them speechless. It was Estel who broke the ice. "So is it true that you two were royal terrors when you were growing up?" The twins nodded eager to hear about the times that Elrond had refused to tell them about. He claimed they were too painful to think about.

Elrond blushed at Estel's question to his brother. "Estel that is not an appropriate question." Elros was laughing his head off.

Elros turned to his brother with his silver eyes sparkling, "Relax gwador, it is good that your children are so interested in us." He turned to Estel and grinned. "Yes it is true that your father and I were quite the pranksters when we were young. Although my children would tell you that we were pranksters all through out their lives as well."

"They were." Came a friendly and warm female voice. "Valar help us, they were. There were times we thought they were going to kill us."

"But then again," Came a quiet yet confident male voice, "We gave it as good as we got."

"If you want we can tell you all of the embarrassing tales about them that we know, and some of their pranks. For blackmail purposes." There was laughter in the female's tone.

The group turned to see a beautiful woman and handsome man, who looked very similar to them. Young they both were, looking no more then what Estel's physical age was now, and happy. The young man had hair down to his shoulder blades of ebony, so similar to the twins and Estel's. His eyes were silver, like theirs as well. A simple tunic and leggings with boots was all that he was wearing. He was obviously a warrior by his build but his eyes were filled with kindness and humor.

The young woman's beauty, many would say, rivaled Arwen's but she did not even seem to realize that she had admirers in the group. The only thing that one might consider to mar her beauty, was a tiny scar, the size and shape of a tear drop on her left cheek. She seemed to be a very simplistic person by the way she dressed. She was dressed in a long tunic slit on the side up to her thigh, showing the leggings beneath. Raven hair down to her shoulder blades, that was supposed to be in a ponytail, yet the majority of it was falling out. Her eyes were silver except for the gold ring around the pupil and the dark blue ring on the outside of the silver. She had the look of a warrior as well, but she also seemed less inclined to take up arms. For her aura was one of gentleness, warmth and generosity.

At the twins and Estel's curious glances, Elros smiled. "Estel, Elrohir, Elladan, I would like you to meet your cousins Tindomiel and Manwendil. They were the only two of my children that did not pass from this world due to their friendship with Thranduil and their bond with your Ada."

"Thanks for telling our life stories Ada, for..." The forgotten princess of Numenor said shyly, giving them all a small smile.

"…We are sure they did not want to know all of that." Manwendil finished for his sister.

Elrond saw his children's gaping mouths at how the two finished one another's sentences. "They are fraternal twins. They are only completing one another sentences because Tindomiel is shy around people."

"I am not." The girl cried. "I will tell you anything you want to know. Yes I admit I was nervous about meeting all of you. I have heard so much about all of you. Your Ada brags about you all of the time. But I am not being shy!" Elrond playful smacked his niece on her head while she just grinned.

"We are not doing it because of Tindome's people problems." Came the boy's reply, the girl raised her eyebrow questioningly at her brother. Then deciding it was not worth it, she shook her head and sighed.

"We are doing it to unnerve the poor identical twins, their brother and drive our dear friend Thranduil insane..." Tindomiel snorted at that comment. But it seemed to be true for Thranduil was having a hard time concentrating on his only son.

The twins looked surprised and Legolas turned to look at the two siblings that seemed to be throwing off his father's concentration.

Tindomiel rolled her eyes; her brother was silly at times. "Ignore tithen gwador nin." Manwendil gave her a look of mock indignation at being called little. "He is just excited about meeting all of you, same as I. But his comes out more in bad jokes and humor." The person in question glared at his sister, who just smiled sweetly at him.

Legolas, who had heard the little announcement that they were friends with his father earlier, decided to make sure he heard correctly.

"So you two knew my father?" The two nodded. "Do you know any good stories about him. Embarrassing ones."

Thranduil quickly answered for them. Those two were troublemakers, both of them would relish in telling every tale they knew if they could; even shy Tindomiel could not resist telling a funny story. Better to stop this while he still could. "No they do not know any such stories."

But Tindomiel countered him with a smirk. "Many, many stories, almost as many as we know about our Ada and our uncle. I promise we will tell you later, Legolas, once all of you of the younger generation have settled yourselves in...."

"And are alone without adults, except maybe Celeborn…" Manwendil said with a grin, both of them knew they were in for it from Thranduil.

They had been specifically told not to tell any embarrassing stories that they had managed to obtain, and their dear friend was a big supporter of this rule. Not that they really obeyed the rules…

Then the two of them ran off, mostly probably to avoid Thranduil who decide to chase after them in anger. Legolas' mother just shook her head, murmuring her apologizes to her son, then went to retrieve her husband before he killed Elros' children... again. The group laughed (even though Elrond was weary of what Tindome and Manwendil might tell his children and wondering why they did not mind having Celeborn around when they told those stories. It seems that Elros, Elrond and Thranduil had finally found the traitor who had told the fraternal twins all those stories about their earlier childhood.) and the twins, Estel, and Legolas decided they liked the terrible twosome as Legolas' father had called them as he ran after them.

Legolas turned to the almost silent Arwen, "So I decided that we should agree to share Estel. Although I did hear him admit we had more fun then any time he had with you in the woods." Mirkwood's prince's eyes were filled with mirth.

Arwen smirked, "Oh Legolas, you have to give it up. I already know you just want to prove that I could never compete with your two's friendship."

Legolas replied, "You are damn right, what Estel and I share is unbeatable."

Arwen smirked evilly, "But he loves me more." The two continued to mock fight as Elrond laughed.

Through his hysterics Elrond turned to his youngest son. "You have kept the both baited for this long?"

Estel shrugged. "You know what they say Ada... Plus I love them each in my own little way."

Elros and Elrond crack up at that. Celeborn who had just joined them laughed at his grandson, granddaughter and kinsmen's foolery. Elladan and Elrohir were grinning like mad fools; they loved it when the three youngest joked around like this.

Galadriel turned to his daughter, who was struggling to understand what was going on. "You do not want to know what it is that they are joking about tithen pen. As it is, I do not know how the joke has lasted this long."

"Because it is hilarious." Her husband replied. "A'maal you have to relax, it is all in good fun." He still liked this act the three children were joking about.

Celebrian looked over at her son, then back at her mother. "I was not planning too Nana. All of ions-nin and iel-nin sense of humor is like their father's and their uncle's. Demented. And they seemed to have tainted Thranduilion."

But the mirth in her eyes spoke differently, as she was enjoying every moment of this and was planning on asking her father what the joke was truly about later. Celeborn and Galadriel were just happy that they had been correct when they had presumed that Celebrian would love the human child as her son.

The group in question just smiled as innocently as they could. Then Elladan and Elrohir decided to start in on their little brother.

"So Estel about your hair..." Elladan teased as he moved towards his younger brother. Legolas had to stand protectively between his friend and the oncoming older brother.

"Yes, we have been thinking..." Elrohir started, as he got passed Legolas and slung his arm around Estel's shoulder.

Estel just glared at his brothers as they teased him about his hair for the longest time. He was going to let them braid it later. He preferred it that way actually, but he was just mad that they had held on to this idea for the longest time as they told their mother what they did before the council. Or at least tried, for Legolas choose that exact moment to whisper something into his best friend's ear.

Estel grinned as he cleared his throat, after shrugging Elrohir's arms off his shoulder and hugging Legolas. "Ada? Amme?" He asked silkily, getting both of his parent's attention, plus his uncle's. "Did Arwen ever tell you what the twins decided to name our oldest daughter when Arwen gave birth to her while I was away."

The two in question shook their heads, as they pleaded with their eyes for their younger brother not to tell the embarrassing story. Arwen and Legolas were laughing. "See it all started when I had to take care of business in southern Gondor and Elladan and Elrohir volunteered to stay with a pregnant Arwen. Well one night they decided to get drunk...."


Not soon after the story was told of Elladan and Elrohir's drunken actions, a friend of Legolas and Estel's came to the Valinor. A lone Dwarf, one of the first for a long time. Legolas and Aragorn greeted their dear friend, as did their families. And it was the beginning of many more adventures and Celeborn's worst nightmares. (As Estel had said, his grandfather was very weary of dwarves.)

"So what do you think?" Tindomiel asked brightly as Legolas and Estel greeted their dwarf friend. She was happy to see the three races getting along so well.

"I think…" Elrond started softly. "I think we are going to be all right now. Nothing can be so bad now, that we cannot face it now that we are all together." He smiled without the touch of sadness in his eyes.

Tindomiel looked amazed as she smiled a crooked smile, eyes shining. Elrond gave her an odd look. "What is that look for dear niece?"

"I have waited ages to see you smile like that uncle. For me that was a long time, for I hate to see anyone suffer." Then she tilted her head studying him, "I always wanted to see the smile that you graced le ions with. To see a family so happy."

Tears began to form in the young girl's eyes, ones of sadness and joy. Elrond just pulled the young woman towards him, hugging her gently to his chest. "You will see them again Tindome, you will. Until then know you have all our love. And our appreciation."

Tindomiel gave him a weird look, but relaxed into his arms. "What for?" She watched as Celebrian playful smacked Estel for trying to steal food off the plate that held the food for dinner. Twins laughed at their brother's misfortune. Tindome shook her head as she laughed silently.

Elrond gave her a look of mock exasperation, "For telling the Valar how I felt about Estel."

Tindomiel rolled her eyes. "Celeborn was right ahead of me, and Celebrian suggested that I accompany him." She paused for a second and looked unsure. "I did not plan to speak but I was not sure they would let Estel come home to his family. I know Ada-nin misses Tesia. And Manwendil and I miss my brothers. I would not want Estel have to suffer through that, to be separated from the only family he had known." Tindomiel had never really known her mother, who had died when she was seven years old and when Elros' youngest was born.

"Celeborn kept talking about how his youngest grandson was… I cannot put the words together, for his were too beautiful. I saw how much all of you loved him and I had to..." She drifted off, watching what was going on below on the beach. She specifically watched this nephew/cousin of hers, listening to the conversation going on.

"Gimli, my friend, thank the Valar you are finally here. I think Legolas was going to make me insane with his prattle about you." Estel's eyes were sparkling like liquid silver.

"I do not prattle Estel. You have known me since you were sixteen, you know I do not prattle." Legolas' laughter in his eyes betrayed his stern look upon his face.

Gimli just smiled at young man, giving him a knowing smile. "I am glad to be of service laddie." Estel laughed and it was then that Tindomiel saw what all the elves and the dwarf saw in the young man. He deserved their love for he gave it so easily.

Elrond's voice though was what brought her back to the hill that she was sitting on. "I still cannot believe the twins named their eldest niece Vilya."

"Why not? I like that name even if it is associated with the rings. It seems to fit her from what Arwen has told me, volatile and unpredictable." She grinned then, giving Elrond a knowing smile. "It could have been worst for the youngest daughters could have been named Nenya and Narya."

Elrond just shook his head smiling, but then suddenly he was serious. "I never told my children who warned us about the rings."

"I am glad you did not. That person I know does not want that to be known and I doubt any one of them would have believed it anyway." Tindomiel said softly. "I did not even believe it when I was told that prophecy came true by Gil-Galad..."

"They would have, one look at… that person and they would have." Elrond paused, wondering how to say his next words. Tindomiel would get nervous and panic if said the wrong thing. "Without … without that warning, it would have been a lot worse. I may have never gotten to meet nin tithen pen."

"No someone would have figured it out, before it was too late." Tindomiel was embarrassed. She shooed Elrond off. "Now go down there and visit with your family. Especially those hellions you call children."

Elrond laughed then complied. Tindomiel watched him greet his sons and hug them. Celeborn and Galadriel were smiling, Celebrian and Arwen were laughing at some joke they had told, Elladan and Elrohir were looking way to innocent for their own good as they watched the other people on the beach. Legolas and Estel were introducing their dwaven friend to her best friend. Thranduil, as she had hoped and threatened him, was acting civil and polite. There was teasing and joy on that beach. She knew then that she could watch their hysterics until the end of time and never grow tired of them.

Tindomiel felt someone come up behind her. "I wonder if Elrond realizes how truly blessed he is?" She asked her companion.

"Gwador-nin knows, he has known for a long time in his heart, although his mind never realized it." Her father came into her vision. "Is this a clever trick not to tell me where your brother is."

"You do not want to know where he is or what he is doing. I am warning you." His daughter said with a smile.

Elros laughed, "I had a feeling that I did not want to." He observed his brother and his family. "They paint a beautiful picture, do they not."

"Aye, it makes me wish that I had my drawing supplies so I could sketch, paint and preserve these moments."

Elros smiled again. 'Come then, let us join our family at your leave my sparkling twilight.'

Tindomiel laughed at the old nickname and smiled. 'Of course my star foam, of course.'

As they walked down the hill Estel and Legolas spotted them. They rushed over wanting Gimli to be able to meet the young woman. "Uncle Elros, if we may ask, could we borrow your daughter?" Estel asked.

"Of course, you can have her permanently." Elros teased before he went to join the 'adults'. Tindomiel mock glared after her father, muttering about seeing now how he truly felt about her.

Legolas and Estel grinned Elros was hilarious. Then they dragged Tindomiel over to their friend.

'Gimli son of Gloin, I would like you to meet my…" Estel trailed off not knowing what to call Tindomiel. What was he suppose to call her, no one had ever told him…

'I am Estel's cousin Tindomiel daughter of Elros." She said rescuing the poor man, bowing deeply as she spoke. She felt bad for not telling the young man who she was to be to him earlier. She hadn't known how to approach him, let alone bring up the subject. 'But feel free to call me Tindome or Ti, it makes everything less formal.'

Gimli blushed at the sight of the young woman bowing to him. It was almost as bad as Aragorn doing the same thing. 'You need not bow to me fair lady.'

Tindomiel laughed, 'Aye I do, for I am very honored to meet another member of the legendary fellowship. My uncle, Galadriel, Estel and Legolas have spoke many good things about you. Plus it is all of you, not I, which went on a quest that many dare not trod. The honor you give me rightfully belong to you three for that reason.' She looked directly into Estel's eyes conveying the message of how proud she was of him.

Legolas and Estel were surprised, they were not aware that the young woman had been listening to their talk of Gimli and the quest. It seemed that she was as shy as her brother had spoken of. Her last words also caused Estel to blush, just as his mother's words about the quest caused to blush. How was it that he desired such pride?

'The pleasure in meeting is mine Tindome." Gimli said reverently. 'The Lady of the Woods spoke highly of you. She says that you a wonderful far-seeing lady.'

Tindomiel looked surprised and startled. 'Does she? Do not believe any words of praise spoken about me, master dwarf, for they are greatly exaggerated. I am simply an artist nothing more, nothing less.'

Estel and Legolas looked at the young woman questioningly. Estel could not help to wonder what his grandmother had meant by her words.

The two smiled at one another. Settling in to enjoy the world around them. The small group joined the rest of the party on the beach. Estel and Legolas, much to Elrond's amusement were avoiding Elladan and Elrohir; then again, Tindomiel and Gimli were doing their best to avoid the two other beings. His brother told him that he thought the twins were planning something and Elrond had to agree. It seemed that the younger people knew something the rest of the group did not. But it did not matter for there was great joy and happiness. And soon they were sitting on the beach watching the stars coming out in the twilight.

'So this is how it ends.' Gimli said happily. 'This is a perfect way for it to end too.'

Elrond heard the dwarf's words from where he was sitting with his wife as Elros came over to speak with him. 'I believe you to be wrong, Gimli. It is only the beginning.'

'With more chances to make more memories.' Legolas said as he leaned against Estel. 'Happier and better ones then we have ever made before.'

'Just what my father needs is more memories to get lost in.' Estel said as he got up (which did not make his best friend happy as he wound up in the sand and with sand in his hair.) and walked over to where is father was and hugged him.

'But those memories are one of my dearest treasures because they hold the memories of my children.' Elrond said as Estel hugged him tightly, returning the favor. The twins grinned and Arwen smiled and joined their mother. Thranduil sat down next to his son and pulled him close. Tindomiel and Elros smiled as they sat in each other's arms watching the scene before them.

'Ada's memories, Ada? Are those the memories you speak of?' Estel asked as he drew back from his father to looked deep into his eyes.

'Aye, Estel. For those are the best kind of memories of all.' Elrond said as he pulled Estel down to join his family. And Elrond could not help to think that this indeed was the best time of his life…. He didn't notice but the twins whispered something to Gimli.

'So why is it again that you say Aragorn glowing.' Gimli asked loudly. Elrond silently made death threats against his eldest sons as his youngest fainted from shock…

The End or should I say the beginning of a great story that I can not even recount. Were there would be plenty of reunions, adventures and joy. Each chapter better then the previous one, that maybe one day at the end we will all get to see. One day……

I stole the last line from the Last Battle by C.S. Lewis for it seemed appropriate.

I hope you enjoyed the story, for I know I enjoyed writing it….

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