Disclaimer: the characters are not mine.  Animal Farm was written by George Orwell.

As I sit here in my helicopter, I cannot help but to let my mind wander.  My thoughts turn to the events leading to my past imprisonment.  I remember the words Wolverine said to me in the Statue of Liberty.  "You're so full of shit.  If you were really so righteous, it'd be you in that thing."  Then I thought him an ignorant fool, but now I'm not so sure.  Could he be right?  Could it be that I am just another mad terrorist, hiding behind the mask of a savior?  I tell myself it can't be true.

But what about the girl?  I can still see the look on her face when she begged me not to kill her.  But I almost did.  I almost killed a child.

This thought strikes me like a knife.  I tried to murder a child, and for what?  To make a world of mutants?  Was that really worth it?  The life of a child, so that I could create my master race?

Wait.  Master race, I know that phrase.  That was how Hitler justified the Holocaust.  Am I turning into him?  Dear God, it cannot be true!

My mind shifts back to the girl, to the time mere hours ago when she tried to touch me.  The look on her face…hatred.  Pure hatred. 

I should know, because I myself wore that expression in Auschwitz.  That was how I looked at Nazis.  If that is how she looks at me, then maybe I am a mutant Nazis. 

I am like the pigs in Animal Farm, becoming the very thing I despise.  And I can't stop it.