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A Camping We Will Go

Chapter 1 - Snape was chaperone?

It was a lovely Friday afternoon in mid-May, and the seventh years who were going on the first Muggle Studies excursion ever, were gathered outside the castle. The students appeared to be clusted together by House, as was typical.

Each student was dressed in Muggle clothing for the camping trip. There were even-numbered female and male students as they would be paired up for sharing tents, two females or two males to a tent respectively. Several of the young wizards were carrying heftier loads of tents, sleeping bags, etc. One student in each house was also equipped with Muggle devices like a GPS unit, walkie-talkies and other items, for on this trip all the students participating were to do things the Muggle way. This being the case, not many Slytherins were participating as most of them had a dislike of all things Muggle. From the Gryffindor House, stood Ron, Hermione and Harry, along with Dean and Pavarti chatting about the weekend ahead.

"It's a shame that our Professor, after suggesting this trip, can't even make it. I wonder who will be replacing him as our chaperon?" Hermione looked at the others with a question in her eyes.  The others just shruged with indifference, except for Ron, who said, "As long as it's not Snape, I'll be happy with any of the other professors. No wait, I take that back, as long as it's not Snape or Trelawney." Ron shuddered at the thought of Trelawney looking out for anyone, everyone knew what a total flake she is.

Harry nodded in agreement with Ron. He too shuddered at the thought of Snape or Trelawny being their guide for this trip.  To be honest, Harry couldn't really picture any of the other professors acting as their Muggle guide for this trip, they seemed to steeped in wizarding ways. Harry looked up as the doors to the castle open and out walked -- *Oh, Merlin! It is Snape.*  Harry groaned, and the others turned to see what Harry was looking at. Ron moaned as well, "No, it can't be. Why does he have to be the one, he puts a damper on everything!" Then, Harry gasped as he took in the full picture of Snape, Snape was dressed in Muggle clothing from head to toe, also carrying a rucksack and what looked like flashlights. Harry was totally stunned. Apparently so were all the other students, even the Slytherins. Snape, though dressed as a Muggle was still sporting his patented glare. He did not look pleased.

"How much do you want to bet, that it was Dumbledore who rooked him into chaperoning us?" said Harry who snorted as he envisioned the eternal twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes as he convinced Snape to lead them on this trip.  The other students around him snickered, and then groan edagain. "Do you think I can back out of this trip now?" Ron asked. Hermione glared at him and Ron blushed and stuttered, "It..It was just a thought."

Snape took out his want and waved it at his throat. "Sonorous".  "All students gather around me now." Snape was never one to ask, he just barked out his orders. "As anyone with a half a brain can now see, I have been the one to babysit you lot on this inane trip." Snape thought to himself, *I will get you for this Albus. You and that blasted twinkle and your boundless cups of tea.*

"I have 4 portkeys that will take us to our destination, along with the maps of our final location. As you are aware, no student was told where we were going, for your own safety. I have been told that you were trained with those stupid Muggle devices to figure out our whereabouts. Do not pester me for more information. I am here only to act as a chaperon, not to tell you how to go about acting as a Muggle in this situation." Once more Professor Snape waved his wand, "Finite Incantatem". He sneered at the Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors. He strided over to his Slytherin students and handed them a portkey. Then another to the other houses in turn.  As he approached the Gryffindors, his sneered and his hatred become even more pronounced.

"Potter, I trust that even you can manage to hold on to the portkey and to make sure your fellow dormmates do the same. The key will activate in 5 minutes." He thrusted to portkey into Harry's hands and walked back over to his own students.

"Why does he do that, why does he make me feel like a little child? I mean, I helped defeat Voldemort for Merlin's sake. You'd think with Voldemort gone, he'd mellow out a bit." Harry huffed in disgust. His fellow house mates looked at him sympathetically and shrugged. After almost seven years with him as Potions professor, no one had yet to figure Snape out. The others grabbed a hold of the portkey, one of the muggle flashlights Snape had been carrying.

Harry looked down at his watch and counts down, "5..4..3..2..1"  He felt a pulling at his midsection and they disappeared from Hogwarts.