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Wanted: Single, Older Male for a Roommate
Chapter 1: Restless

The Sunday night before classes were to resume, Severus sat in front of the fire in his sitting room. He found it soothing staring into the fire and it was also a gentle reminder of his now first ever camping trip [1]. *Hopefully, my one and only camping trip.*

Strangely enough, there was one thing Severus missed most from the trip and that was the time around the camp fire, listening to the animals of the forest and the softly spoken conversations of the students in the background. Although it had only been a few hours since he'd last seen Harry, he missed that young man and his infectious smile as well.

Severus shook his head to refocus. *I should be going over my lesson plans for the week, plus preparing the extra sessions I have with Harry and his two tagalongs.* Severus shifted on the couch to find a more comfortable spot.

*I should also be looking for another job, or something. I just wish I knew what I wanted.* Severus sighed in frustration. He knew that he should set some time away during one of Harry's chores later on in the week to sit down with him? to discuss career options, for both of them.

Severus got up from the comfortable, overstuffed couch and went to desk to look at his planner. He flipped the page to Monday and noticed that the lesson for the 7th year Double Potions class with his Slytherins and the Gryffindors was a variant on the truth serum. It was a combination of the veritaserum and a hypnotic agent. It would place a person into a hypnotic state, lowering inhibitions and forcing the person to reveal their deepest secrets that not even the conscious mind was aware of.

*I must be very careful and watch the students so that they don't ingest any, otherwise there would be hell to pay.* Severus shuddered at the image of his students drugged and telling their most deepest secrets. *As if I would want to know that. Hardly! I've got enough of my own, I'm sure. I certainly wouldn't want to be saddled with the knowledge of others, as well.*

If it weren't for the Ministry asking him to replenish their depleted supply from the many Death Eater trials, he would not have the students working on such a dangerous potion. Of course, he would need to obliviate the students before they left the classroom, making sure they couldn't remember the formula.

As for the rest of his classes outlined, they were the standard potions, sleeping draughts, skill enhancers, and so on; all of which he could teach in his sleep.

Which is what he should be doing now -- sleeping, but Severus was feeling restless. *I haven't toured the halls for the last few days, perhaps now would be a good time. See who I can catch out past curfew.*

Author's Note:

I will be continuing this story on into a sequel. The sequel will be revolving around the further development of Harry and Severus's relationhip. This story will pick up literally the next day after this one left off.

I have officially named the series, "In Want of..." This story was In Want of a Friend, the next is In Want of a Love, the third (yes I'm already thinking that far ahead) might be In Want of a Family. These stories will in all likelihood stay rated PG-13 as I will not be doing graphic scenes [they are just not my style].

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