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Don't Ask Me

Chapter one: The Race


            Kagome Higurashi lives with her Grandpa, Mom, and brother in a shrine. She wasn't really popular, but she had a lot of trustworthy friends, and she had her motorcycle…yeah that was a plus side to life. She was going into her senior year at the High School, only one month of summer vacation left. Now on with the story…


Kagome woke up with a start as her alarm clock kept beeping and beeping. "Damn alarm clock." She said punching it so it would shut up. Why did she have to be up at this godforsaken hour anyway, its Saturday? Thoughts and memories came rushing back to her… 'The race!'

She jumped out of bed, "Five 'til 3….shit!!!" Kagome pulled on black baggy pants with a black t-shirt with purple letters that read 'The fuzzy purple people are my friends' She grabbed her prized helmet and she was out. Jumping on her motorcycle she was off to the biggest race of her life…to bad she didn't know it yet.

Now why is Kagome racing, and why at three in the morning? Well in her town there were two groups the, girls and the guys. The guys always thought they were better, well because they where guys. (a/n sry guys) There where always racing going on between them trying to prove who is better. The races where always late in the night otherwise you would get caught and that was never good, Kagome new from experience. This was the big race. The race between the two group leaders, one being Kagome and the other some guy named Inuyasha, winner take all.

Kagome pulled up to the meeting place. It was dark and cool, 'to bad I didn't think to bring a jacket.' She thought shivering and rubbing her arms for warmth. Several shadowed riders started to walk slowly out of their cover of darkness. "Get your asses outta the shadows." Kagome yelled, scaring the shit out her friends.

"We don't have to do anything; we don't even have to be here." A redheaded freckle faced girl named Siri remarked.

"Yeah, whatever! You know you'd be here even if I told you to jump off a bridge and fuckin kill yourself." Kagome yawned as she said this.

"What took you so long? Alarm clock not work again?"

"No, I just didn't wake up to it. Alarm clocks never work for me." Kagome fought to hold back a second yawn but failed terribly.

"Not to tired to race I hope?" A tall girl named Kat asked jokingly.


"Are you sure? You know I could race for you…" Kiko joined in. The whole group was here. It was a gang of four, the best girl racers in town, the only girl racers in town.

"Now Kiko why would I let you, of all people use my bike?"  Kagome used her hands to demonstrate how her bike would crash and burn. "Because god knows yours isn't powerful enough to take down….whatshisface."

"Inuyasha," Siri helped her friend, "his name…is Inuyasha."

"Oh ya! Dog boy." Kagome replaced his name with a more humiliating nickname she could annoy him with.

"Where are they anyway? Wasn't the race at 3?" Kat was getting impatient.

"You know guys," Kagome yawned, "always late."

As if the guys could hear their conversation bikes could be heard approaching. As they came into view, the girls could see they were doing tricks .'Probably some big fancy entrance' Kagome thought. Some were using metal soles to make sparks. Some were doing wheelies others just random tricks. There were at least twenty of them, and only four girls? 'What is this day in age coming to? Oh yeah that's right, evil preppies are taking over the world' Kagome mentally slapped herself for answering her own question.

 "Guys and their ego…"Siri muttered snapping Kagome back to reality.

They all lined up, just waiting for the race to start. A big, red and black flamed bike pulled up to the group. Pulling off his helmet he was recognized as Inuyasha. Long silver hair braided down his back with cute dog ears on top, an orange muscle shirt with baggy pants...yup it was him. (a/n who could miss him?)

 "Ready?" he asked in a low almost sleepy voice.

"Been waiting for about twenty minutes…" Kagome said coldly.

"Feh! Then get your ass on the bike and let's go." He said deeply annoyed. It sounded as though he didn't want to

race at all.


Inuyasha was in a grumpy mood. He had to wake up, extremely early, on a weekend, just to race a bitch on wheels. He didn't want to go, but as leader he was obliged to do it. How girls managed to ride bikes he would never know.  He rode up with his group, using his metal soles to make sparks, just to show off.

He rode up to the 'so called leader' so he could get this over with. "Damn wenches trying to steal my sleep."

Inuyasha did all the "formal" rules of the biker race and then went on his way. He watched Kagome out of the corner of his eye. She seemed to have zoned out, but was still preparing her ride to perfection! 'Talented....' he thought watching her, 'but with a nasty fuckin attitude to make me want to punch her face in.' He added with a smirk, listing to rumors about people was never good.


Kagome pulled her hair up in a messy bun, tucking stray hairs behind her ears and shoved her helmet on. The course had been set a week prier to the actual race day. It was a long stretch of main rode, smooth and easy to ride on; about a mile long. It was dark all the way. All the bikers, except one, got on their bikes and rode to the finish line, they would determine a winner by seeing who crossed first. The one left behind would start the race with an orange bandana.

Kagome was ready to race. She was always ready to race. To ride on a motorcycle made most people nervous or jittery, to Kagome it was a way to get away from all the things that went wrong, all her mistakes. 

The bandana was up... 'Damn I don't even remember lining up' Kagome quickly got situated to race. '3…2…1…Go' The bandana was down and both racers sped off with incredible speed. Kagome closed her eyes and felt the wind rush past her the whole world rush past her, she may be a punk, but she was a deep thinking and feeling punk. She glanced over at Inuyasha, 'he is focused ready to take the lead if the opportunity opened up, and that is why he was leader. A good rider never let emotions or feeling take them over, get them unfocused and confused, every rider that is except Kagome.'

Police sirens slowly brought Kagome back, slowly being the key word. They were driving straight at the racers. Ready to bust them for "having illegal races" or "driving 100 miles over the speed limit". Inuyasha had already put his brakes on was starting to slow down.  Kagome was too late to pull out safely, so was Inuyasha. I guess the police officers were just too dense to see the racers speeding towards them at 170 miles per hour. 

"Goddamnit!" Kagome sighed, this was just her luck.  Kagome pulled her bike up in a wheelie and went over a police car and then sliding sideways on her bike another 10 yards before she could successfully roll out from underneath. Pain shot through her like 100 daggers being shoved into her skin. Her leg was a bloody mess and her arm had road burn. She pulled herself to her feet, standing on  her good leg so she could cheak out her bike. It wasn't bad, she had caught most of the blow in her leg, which coincidently (a/n or not) felt like it was on fire.

A loud gasp escaped her as she was seized from behind by an officer. "Your under arrest for …" he continued to tell her all the crimes she had committed.

"Yeah, yeah!" she winced as she was forced to out pressure on her leg. "This is gonna be a long night."


"Fuck!" Inuyasha yelled as his bike spun out. He cracked his head on the pavement and was knocked instantly unconscious.

When he woke he was in a hospital bed, all alone. "I ...am...dead..."

"No," the doctor assured him, and scared Inu, for he did not know someone was in the room. "I prpmise you you will live, but with severe punishment, I am afraid. You know the law."

"Feh! I have money to pay stupid fines."

"Fines are only one part, yes only one." The weird doctor with gray balding hair whispered quietly. "You have been caught doing this too many times…now they take action."

"What kind of  "action"?" Inuyasha asked, mocking the doctor.

"Boarding School… for the law breakers... yes… yes..." Inuyasha was shocked and afraid of what medicine this 'doctor' gave him.  

'This doctor is just insane right? No boarding school…yeah that's right'

Too bad Kagome was getting the same speech, only with a much saner, lawyer.



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