She had made up her mind; she was going to tell him. Her father had been the deciding factor. She knew that he was right, that Jason deserved to know that in nine months he would be a father.

She hadn't wanted to tell him because of the stress of searching for Carly. This was the worst possible time for this to happen. They both wanted a family but this was not the best time to start one.

She started telling him and then her throat felt as if it froze shut. She could not speak.

"What's wrong?" He asked, "What was so important that you wanted me to know?"

She lied, "Nothing."

He looked at her confused. Just a minute ago she had acted strange and just as suddenly it had disappeared.

"Not important. It can wait." She mumbled.

She did not want to lie but she felt as if she had no choice. The courage she had just a minute before had disappeared, leaving a feeling of guilt in its place.

She swore to herself that she would tell him the instant Carly was found. She would let him know and he would forgive her momentary lapse in judgement. But even that she was not sure of.

She mumbled something incoherent and ran across the hall before he could question her. She closed and locked the door, as if that would keep him out. She climbed up the stairs, carefully, reminded of how Elizabeth and Carly had lost babies.

At the top of the stairs she turned around and looked down at the floor below. She considered it only momentarily and then felt sick to her stomach that the thought had even crossed her mind. Never.

She walked into the bathroom, turned on the light, and looked at herself long and hard in the mirror. She looked for signs of her pregnancy, as if it was written all over her face.

"Why now?" She asked the little one in side of her.

* * *

It was late afternoon, before the dinner rush and after the lunch rush. Elizabeth looked around at the empty diner and thought back to the many memories that had taken place there.

Immediately her thoughts went to Lucky; their meeting outside, the last dinner they had before the fire, and the apartments they had lived in upstairs. Life had been simple before the fire and she had been naïve.

Her thoughts immediately went to Rick and the apartment he had rented when he came to Port Charles. She remembered seeing his files on Sonny, his yelling at her to stay away, and eventually his pleading at her to forgive him and let him be a father to their child.

So much had happened in her life, in and out of these walls, and in a way they became her 'safe place'. No matter where life took her, down a good road or a bad road, the area within these walls never changed. When serving customers she knew the menu by heart, knew the regulars by name, and knew that everyone came around for the best coffee in town.

Finally, her thoughts drifted from Rick to the little baby she had hardly known. She knew it was a girl the second she realized she was pregnant. At first she wanted to deny that Rick had anything to do with it. At the time he was out of her life and she wanted it to stay that way. She imagined buying her little girl her first dress, doing their nails together, playing dolls with one another, and sharing every moment that mattered in her daughter's life.

The moment Elizabeth had lost her baby it hurt the most when she realized that she would never share these moments with her daughter. It was as if they had already lived these moments and they were being ripped out of her memory. She could finally relate to some extent to what Helena had done to the Lucky and the car accident had done to Jason.

She had lost a part of herself and sometimes it would hit her in brief flashes and other times it would hit her head on out of the blue. She would wake up at night and cry for hours at this realization. Other times she would find herself calling out the name she had picked for her daughter, Ariel.

It was a foolish childhood love of a Disney movie that had fueled her passion to name her daughter Ariel. It was the only movie that she had ever been taken to by her parents.

She felt a single tear fall down her cheek and she brushed it away. Before she could manage another tear, the bell above the door jingled and she resumed her nonchalance.

* * * Courtney had laid down after her one-sided conversation with her child. It had taken her a while to fall asleep and when she had her dreams were filled with nightmares of what was happening to Carly and her unborn child. But the focus of the dreams gradually changed into nightmares about her own child.

She woke up in the middle of the night in the midst of one of her dreams, terrified, and then looked down at her stomach as if to reassure herself that everything was normal. But the truth to the matter was, it was not normal. Her lower abdomen ached and she got up to get a bottle of Tylenol out of the bathroom cabinet.

When she turned on the light, and faced herself in the mirror, she realized what had happened. Blood was everywhere. She had lost her baby.

She stripped out of her clothes and jumped in the shower, too alarmed to do anything else. She cried, her sobs like the cry of a baby animal separated from its mother. When she felt completely cleansed, she turned off the shower and stood naked in the bathroom.

She threw her clothing in the garbage, collected the stained sheets, and threw on her robe. She wanted to leave no evidence of any of it. She put the garbage bag in a large metal can and struck a match. It lit quickly; with the help of some alcohol, and all the evidence that remained were black ashes. She threw them in the fireplace and put the can in the back of the cabinet under the sink.

She applied fresh sheets to the bed and noticed that the comforter had not been stained in the slightest. She held herself in a tight ball and shook, crying and sobbing.

She had been a mother for a day.