Damia - "I decided I needed a fic based on Haruka. (thanks to Alicia3) I am completely hooked to her story ' I'll save myself' which is also one of my motto's,"

Solatina - " Wren's motto is 'save the krill, eat a whale',"

Wren - "What a horrible thought! Surely you could find some way to just explain to the whales that krill are living creatures as well,"

Duo - "Chick, are you for real?"

Solatina - "Frightening, isn't it,"

Damia - "As I was saying, This is a Haruka based fic because I needed to do one. Usually I only do Haruka/Michiru, but in this one it's not. I don't know who she'll be with, vote. It can't be Quatre though. That pairing is kind of wrong,"

Wren - "BE NICE,"

Solatina - "OOh, raising your voice. Careful, you might hurt some random birds ears,"

Damia - "I am also changing ages to suit my needs,"

Setsuna - Don't we all want to know?

Michiru - 17

Haruka - 17

Hotaru - 16

Makoto - 18

Rei - 17

Usagi - 18

Minako - 18

Ami - 17

Quatre - 20

Heero - 21

Duo - 21

Wufei - 20

Trowa - 22



playground school bell rings again

rain clouds come to play again

has no one told you she's not breathing?

hello i'm your mind giving you someone to talk to


if i smile and don't believe

soon i know i'll wake from this dream

don't try to fix me i'm not broken

hello i'm the lie living for you so you can hide

don't cry

suddenly i know i'm not sleeping

hello i'm still here

all that's left of yesterday

-- Evanescence


Chapter 1

Haruka wandered around on Earth, looking at nothing significant. There really wasn't anything significant where she was. She and two of the other girls had been reborn in the wrong dimension, and now that the sailor wars were over, Neo Queen Serenity had ordered them to go back to their homes. They were now required to vacation there at least on weekend every month for eleven months, and then one entire month. It was odd, but Serenity had insisted when she found out, and you can't argue with a pregnant lady. This was the reason that Haruka was wondering around. She actually enjoyed being able to walk down the street and not have a bunch of people stopping her for an autograph, or asking if she and Michiru were still together.

Here everything was quiet and peaceful . . . that is if you didn't count the war going on. Setsuna had given them the low down on it. It wasn't very pretty. Evidently a war had just ended, and three months later another was started. The first had been started by some little girl. Haruka personally thought the little brat just liked attention. Then again, Haruka never was a family girl. What do you expect from a 17 year old that ran away from home at the age of nine? She couldn't stand it there. Everything was so stuffy. She was always having to wear dresses, follow the rules, stay out of trouble. Of course she never actually did it, but even so. The had tried to force her to be something she wasn't. She had a younger sister and an older brother, both of whom had been perfect in their fathers eyes. She was the one who had gotten all of his frowns, his tongue lashings. So she had left. Then again, her father had been dead a few years now, her sister had been placed as queen of the Sanq kingdom, and her brother was married to a chick with purple hair. Not to mention he drove a killer mustang.

She wandered into a store she noticed. She had taken to wearing more feminine clothing once the sailor wars were over. She now wore tailored women's clothing, or small men's clothing. The store she had noticed had weapons in it. That reminded her. The boy her sister was stalking was on of the infamous gundum pilots. Then again, so was Rei's husband. That poor girl. She was still hiding out in the mansion Setsuna had supplied the three of them with. She didn't want to deal with Wufei. Everyone knew she was dying to see the boy, but at the same time she was afraid of how he might have changed. Haruka looked at the gun on a display rack. She didn't need a weapon. Not many could take on a senshi and win. She wandered back out and over to her motorcycle, turning as a car honked it's horn. Someone ran smack into her back.

"Oh man, sorry about that dude," apologized a boy about her own age. He seemed a bit preoccupied. He had glanced at her hair and nothing else. She still had her hair in the boy cut that Michiru had loved so well. Now Michiru was engaged to a man from Neptune. The less said on that the better in Haruka's opinion.

"No problem," Haruka shrugged. She looked down and dusted off her clothes. She had on black leather flares, black boots, a tan skin tight tank top, and a black leather racer jacket.

"HEEERROOO," Came an appalling shriek. The boy in front of her groaned, holding onto his long braid. Haruka knew exactly who he was, Duo Maxwell. The shriek had come from her very own sister, Relena, and she was probably leeched to that poor boy Heero Yui.

"Oh man, duty calls," Duo turned and took a look at her for the first time.

"What?" Haruka asked as he eye balled her.

"Nothing at all babe. Do you have anything planned for tonight?" He asked.

"Maxwell, do you have to harass every onna we come across?" Asked a chinese man crossly. Wufei Chang, Rei's husband. Of course here her name was actually Merian Rei Chang, not Rei Hino.

"I'm not harassing her," Duo said defensively.

"No, he's mauling me," Haruka replied dryly.

"Not that I minded," Duo said with a grin.

"Are you alright miss?" Quatre asked, completely worried. Haruka needed to remember to thank Setsuna for giving all three of them the low down on the 'who's who' in this dimension.

"I'm fine," Haruka replied with a chuckle.

"Duo, attacking people on the streets you -," Relena cut herself off, looking at Haruka with her mouth open in complete surprise. Heero pulled his gun on her.

"Please, that little toy wont help you at all," Haruka said with a laugh. She turned to Relena, "Nice to see you again little girl," Haruka grinned and hopped on her bike, racing off before Heero shot. Relena stood there like a fish for a few moments longer.

"Who was that?" Quatre asked.

"We need to go see Milliardo," Relena said, not answering the question.

"Why? Who was the babe?" Duo bugged her.

"Now Duo, and no more questions," Relena commanded forcefully. They walked back to the Limo and climbed in. Twenty minutes later they were on the outskirts of the Sanq kingdom, at a very large mansion. They pulled into the drive and Relena didn't even wait for the car door to be opened. She slammed it open and ran up the steps, breaking one of her white heels in the process. She knelt over and pulled both shoes off before pounding on the door. She stood there in her white sun dress and straw hat, still pounding on the door, waiting it to be answered. The boys had flanked her as she continued to pound. She reached over and grabbed Duo's gun before he could stop her, and shot the door handle. She shoved it open and went inside.

"MILLIARDO," She yelled.

"Did you have to shoot the door? I was busy and most of the servants are gone," Milliardo came down the stairs, buttoning a shirt and fixing a belt. Noin was behind him, in similar disarray.

"Couldn't you five of saved the door?" Noin asked with a smile.

"She's been like this since she saw the hot blonde on the motorcycle," Duo said with a shrug.

"Checking out girls now?" Milliardo asked Relena with a grin.

"It was her," Relena told him with a slightly confused look.

"Haruka?" Milliardo asked, instantly alert.

"Yes, I thought you said she died," Relena was now accusatory.

"I thought she did die," He said.

"Well obviously you thought wrong," Relena told him coldly.

"Who is Haruka, and do I need to be jealous?" Noin asked teasingly.

"She's our sister. She left when she was nine. We searched everywhere, and then our father told us she had died," Milliardo answered.

"Some informants you had," Relena grumbled.

"I was thirteen," Milliardo defended himself.

"Stop acting like five year olds," Noin told the two.

"Did she look healthy?" Milliardo asked.

"She looked in top form," Duo replied with a grin.

"Kindly remember this is my sister," Milliardo told him with a glare.

"Sorry about that," Duo said with a nod.

"She looked fine. What I want to know is why we haven't seen her before now? It's been eight years, she knows father is dead," Relena asked her brother.

"She left because she didn't like our life. She hated having to do things so that others would look on our family in awe," Milliardo said with a sardonic grin.

"This Haruka, why haven't I heard of her before?" Noin asked with a slight frown.

"I like to leave the past in the past," He told his wife.

"Well it seems like your past has come back to say hello," Noin told him.

"I'm going to find her," Milliardo strode into his den, the others following.

Haruka pressed the button on her bike and the large cast iron gate in front of her drive way swung open. She raced up and pressed another button, opening one of the garage doors. She parked the bike beside a dozen others and walked into the house.

"Hello Miles," Haruka nodded to the butler that Setsuna had hired. (Damia - "Setsuna hired the people for the mansion and got everything set up, but she's not one of the three from this dimension, nor is she living with them,")

"Miss Haruka," Miles nodded to her.

"Where are the girls?" She asked the older man. She and the other girls had been trying to ruffle his feathers since their first meeting. The had done all sorts of things, but the man just didn't fluster.

"Miss Rei is in the training room. I am to bring her towels," He answered her. She noticed the pile of towels in his hands.

"Could you let her know that I saw her one and only. She'll know what it means," Haruka told the man.

"I will relay her the message Miss Haruka," He moved off to the training room and Haruka went to the kitchen for a snack.


Damia - "Do I have you wanting to know who the third girl is?"

Wren - "Oh just tell them,"

Damia - "fine,"

Solatina - "Pushover,"

Damia - "I can't figure out if I want it to be Hotaru, Makoto, Ami, or Minako. You have to vote between the four of them. I would really like your comments, and if I get at least seven votes, I'll update two of my other GW/SM stories,"

Wren - "Black mail is illegal,"

Solatina - "which is why we are looking at it as bribery,"

Damia - "I don't own GW or SM, have a nice night,"