The Rogue: If I Could Remember
By The Gypsy
A Split-AppleJuice Production
©2003 Kendra-Lynne (and Lady Destiny!)
Rated: R.
Summary: Marie can finally remember her past, and the only one who knows what she went through is Logan. And then there's Ricky…
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Actually, I own very little so far… like, nothing. The story/plotline are all credit to Lady Destiny (as is Ricky) and the rest various other people with cool ideas own. That's why their rich and I'm not, right?
Authors Notes: Okay. Thanks to Lady Destiny, I can write this fic. She's been so incredible, letting this happen. I'm so excited to write this! Her's, as you know if you read the fic, is now a Marie/Scott. This is going to be a Marie/Logan. Like I said, this is an Alternate Ending of her fic… So read to Chapter 18 of her fic, or else it won't make sense!

the story will make NO sense unless you read The Rogue up to chapter 18, because this is an alternate ending of that.

The Rogue story id is 1354353


It hurt. It hurt so much. The pain, the darkness… RICKY! Where was her son? Where was SHE? She struggled, knowing it was useless. She was bound to the table.

What were they doing to her now? Oh god, the pain…

Thrashing, against everything. She heard the yelling of THE people, the people who cut her open and then she felt nothing…

But the pain came back, and she could thrash again. Cursing followed that, and they restrained her again.

"If you want to see your whelp alive again, bitch, stop this…" the voice filtered through the wildness in the girl. Her back stiffened and the chocolate eyes narrowed in the darkness.

She stopped.

He'd known she would. That whelp was worth more than her life, it seemed.

Faintly she could see light, through the blindfold. She was so tense, from the pain and thought of her son…

She was blocking the pain out, as much as she was able. She shook with the need to struggle, to fling her attackers away.

The darkness was fading. The pain was becoming more intense. She wasn't in her own body any long, but in another's.

The wounds she had received were nothing like these, and yet they healed up so fast… the skin nitting back together so easily…

That just gave them more leverage to torture with. The healing factor…

A groan came from the lips of the body, more a growl than anything.

Lights. The lights were blinding. She couldn't see anything, but she could feel the sharp, hot pain as knives came down on her and cut into her skin.

Darkness threatened to return. She tried, she tried so hard…

But the blessed darkness took her.