The Rogue: If I Could Remember
By The Gypsy
A Split-AppleJuice Production
©2003 Kendra-Lynne (and Lady Destiny!)
Rated: R.
Summary: Marie can finally remember her past, and the only one who knows what she went through is Logan. And then there's Ricky…
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Actually, I own very little so far… like, nothing. The story/plotline are all credit to Lady Destiny (as is Ricky) and the rest various other people with cool ideas own. That's why their rich and I'm not, right?
Authors Notes: Okay. Thanks to Lady Destiny, I can write this fic. She's been so incredible, letting this happen. I'm so excited to write this! Her's, as you know if you read the fic, is now a Marie/Scott. This is going to be a Marie/Logan. Like I said, this is an Alternate Ending of her fic… So read to Chapter 18 of her fic, or else it won't make sense!

the story will make NO sense unless you read The Rogue up to chapter 18, because this is an alternate ending of that.

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Chapter Two:

Logan couldn't believe it. He was reeling from what he'd been told. His Marie, the one he called Kid, was around his age… Had been captured with him… And had a son. They had a son.

Ricky was sitting next to him, watching him carefully. They were in the room next to Marie's, waiting for her to wake up.

But the doctor, The-One-Who-Controls, Dr. Jean Grey, wasn't so sure that she would.

The fuzzy doctor, Hank, he said she would. That she would be fine. That she'd eventually wake up. What he didn't know was if she'd ever remember what had happened between the time that the memory chip had been inserted to the time it had been taken out.

Without a warning, Logan stood up. A loud growl rumbled from his chest, and Ricky watched him. He usually knew when people where going to move. He could get that feeling from them. Not with Logan.

As he studied the feral man, he could see resemblance's between them. The dark hair. The need to go unnoticed, stay hidden. The rage.

So Ricky jumped up and started pacing behind Logan, following him, imitating him.

He knew it was childish, in the back of his mind, but he was tired of being better than everyone. He wanted to do what he wanted to do for a while. And that meant imitiating his father.

The Professor watched them, then shook his head. He knew Logan was upset with this. He'd wanted to wait until Marie was feeling better, a little better even. But Jean had pushed until everyone else wanted what she wanted.

And now look where it had gotten them.

And Ricky, Ricky Adler. Marie's son. And apparently Logan's too. Which meant that he would be valuable to the labs that had had Logan and Marie. Which meant he needed a safe place to live.

As he watched Logan, he wondered whether Logan had a chip like that in his head. He'd remember to ask him later.

As Scott returned from burning the clothing Logan had shoved into his hand, he wondered what exactly was going on.

Logan and Rocky were pacing.

Ororo was sitting a computer, her eyes trained on the screen, everything else seemingly blocked out.

Jean was starring into a microscope.

Hank was working on some sort of paperwork.

And Marie was hooked up to a bunch of screens.

A bunch of bloody gauze lay on a tray.

What the hell happened in here? he wondered. He turned around and made his way back upstairs, to the Professors office. He would know.

Kitty looked at Jubilee and sighed. They wanted to know what was happening to Marie, wanted to know what was happening downstairs.

She opened her mouth to say something, anything, and closed it again. Across the room, the younger children were laughing and playing, oblivious to their care givers pain and the anxious tensions they both felt.

Minutes later, Bobby entered the room. After he had played with the kids a few minutes, he moved over to the two girls.

"She's in a coma. They had complications, and they don't know why," he told them.

Both of the girls choked back their sobs. They were still babysitting.

"She came too, while they were removing the chip. She was awake enough to recognize Ricky, that little boy mutant we picked up? Yeah he's her son's." He paused, thinking his next works over carefully. "He's and Logans."

Kitty looked up, her eyes wide. "What?" and then she lots control and fell through the floor, into someone else's room.

-end chapter-