Chapter 10: The Epilouge


A/N: U Guys Wanted the Stats of those Dead/Alive back. Ok here they are:

DEAD: Harry(actually eliminated), Lockhart, Hagrid, Lavender, Molly, McGonagall, Hermione and Snape

ALIVE: James, Siri, Remmi, Ginny, Voldie, Dementor, Dumbles and Draco

Visiting: Oliver Wood

Disclaimer- Hi am the Disclaimer, I am back again to have another EXCITING role in this chapter and to inform you, that JAYE does NOT own any of the HP characters, but ur sorry ass should have already known that.

The Random Harry Potter Characters that Say Random Shit, were congregating in the Hufflepuff dorms, also on account THAT THEY WERE TRAPPED there, and were discussing polotics with the Disclaimer and Oliver Wood, unsure of what the author, (JAYE) would have in store for their sorry asses.

Draco: Are we going to get a move on with the Tatoos and Peinsives?

Disclaimer: No. Actually Jaye has told me otherwise. Sad news unfortunatley.

Sirus: **Cries**

Jaye: Shut it, Black. Well, this is basically just summing up what happens to you all, and who will be moving on to the sequel. Lets get the show on the road.

~*~*~*~*~ WHAT HAPPENS TO UR ALL TIME LOVABLE CHARACTERS~*~*~*~*~ (A/N sorry about the caps, I don't know how to do the BOLD letters or ITALICS, can somebody tell me?)

-What they did AFTER the First fic, and BEFORE the next one-

GINNY WEASLEY, celebrated in a mad fit, then went to rape her brothers before returning for the next sequel. She was also charged in court for sexual assault, but preformed a strip tease for Cornielius Fudge, landing her a job as a stripper at a Gentleman's Club in London.


Meanwhile JAMES POTTER seeked medical attention for his erm...PMS...and will not be returning for the INSANITY OF UNTRAPPED CHARACTERS. He did however send his best regards to all those participating then ran off to buy more tampons. He joined Boyscouting.


VOLDEMORT somehow managed to reattach his GENITALIA, therefore causing him to break out into spasams of relief and utter joy. His manhood had returned to him. He delightedly agreed to return for the Sequel, because who doesn't love the OoC Dark Lord who cuts off his penis then sings about it? He now teaches Sex-Ed at Durmstrang as a day job.


On the other hand REMUS LUPIN, the resident werewolf got a divorce with MR.TROTT, which was frowned upon by THAT PRIEST FROM CHAPTERS 3 AND 6. However, his newly single and studderific self is planning to make a fulltime appearance in the INSANITY OF UNTRAPPED. Relieved to be out, he has enjoyed humming the TWO WEEKS NOTICE SOUNDTRACK and skipping merrily on 34th Street with his MOTHER, HARRISON FORD.


ALBUS DUMBLEDORE died in an unfortunate incident involving a butchers knife and HANNIBAL LECTER. We will miss him dearly and can assure you that his corpse will not be returning for the Sequel. He died holding a picture of the ever so nude, Mr. Oliver Wood.


SIRIUS BLACK was extremely happy to be free from the dorms and now works part time on a CATTLE RANCH, and will be returning for the next sequel mostly because the reviewers would kill me, and Sirius is a cool character. Therefore, he has no choice. He often finds those 'hidden cameras' lurking in his shower, causing him to one day explode and eventually hang A DEMENTOR from a NOOSE in the backyard of Grimmauld place. THE TOMB RAIDER LADY and SIRI still keep in touch VIA email, until he murdered her, just for sport.But don't worry Siri, we'll all love you anyway.


A DEMENTOR, as stated above will not be returning due to the circumstances.


Sexy, Suave, Quiddich boy OLIVER WOOD, may have a lead role in the next sequel but is undecided. Let me know what you want, reviewers. He will ever remain Sexy and Sauve, and violated by Dumbledore.


DRACO MALFOY, resident hottstuff of SLYTHERIN will be returning, because people think he is RESIDENT HOTTSTUFF OF SLYTHERIN. He spent most of his time after this fic chasing muggle ice cream men with chain saws and dressing up in DRAG. GO DRACO! GO!


And of course, JAYE will be returning with a fresh batch of Insanity and Randomness. However she is otherwise occupied with STALKING HER HOTT HOTT HOTT CRUSH, and Okay, fine, thinking about her hott hott hott crush. Updates may not be as frequent, and I dunno when the sequel will be up and running. Its been a pleasure writing THE INSANITY OF TRAPPED CHARACTERS, and I hope all my WONDERFUL WONDERFUL reviewers will stay loyal and hang on for the Sequel. (HINT HINT..)

Don't worry, there'll be some new characters as well, and more chances to vote off the new (or old) ones that YOU dislike. So for now....BUHBYE AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! REVIEW THIS LAST CHAPPIE AND TELL ME IF U HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS OR WHO YOU"D LIKE TO SEE ON THE NEXT ONE!!!!!! ^_^

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