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Another year at hogwarts was about to begin and harry , ron and hermione were bording the train hoping and longing for a good year that was yet to be seen.The train steamed along the tracks making little noise with very little effort. The food trolly came past the door with Cho Chang chasing after it screaming

"hey you hurt my friend you evil wench" Ron and harry then stuck there head out the door quickly pusued by Hermione.

"i never new she had such a nice arse" Ron then said and his ears began to shine red

"i know , i have noticed" Harry laughed , Hermione then nodded in agreement to Harry and relised what she was doing , luckily no-one saw her , (or so she thought ) ron and harry walked back into the carrage and began talking about who had the nicest arse and she could have sworn she heard someone say Hermione , and then Cho walked past and smiled playfully at Hermione and whispered in her ear

"follow me..." Cho then walked down the corridor into the luggage room and sat on a trunk.Cho slowly walked towards hermione and to her supprise she walked straight pst her and closed the luggage room door. Hermione had started to panic because before this Hermione and cho did not have a good track record when it comes to then actually talking to each other , Harry had always liked cho but hermione had always liked Harry , she never said anything to him until Harry rescued her from falling out of a window and Hermione kissed harry on the cheeked but harry went a little further and kissed her full on the lips , while they enjoyed a long lingering kiss they both relised how much they do and always will love each other but they had never thought about it before. From that day Harry and Hermione had been going out and Cho had gone off harry and avoided hermione. But as Hermione and Cho stood there in an empty room alone with each other they relised just how beautiful the other actually was .

Cho locked the door and walked slowly to hermione , she held her hand , Hermione , curious of what cho was about to do , let her carry on. Cho drifted closer to hermione and pulled her hand up to hers. They intwined there fingers for a brief but special moment until cho pulled away and her hands glided to Hermiones waist , Hermione responded by lushesly kissing her lips and they carefully massaged each other hands , there hands were roaming every part of there body's. They pulled away from each other and began to talk

"The reason i didn't speak to you last year was because i was too embarresed to say anything but when i saw you looking at my bum i new you like me as much as i liked you" Cho blurted out

"oh" Hermione began to relise what had happened last year and thought every thing made perfect sense now.

"i was thinking about his all summer" Cho giggled , Hermione just sat there listening to Cho talk about her summer , after a while Cho relised hermione wasn't talking

"You okay?"Cho asked

"Sure i'm just a little shooked at what i'm doing thats all" Hermione whispered

"Hermione..." Hermione lifted her hand up to cho's mouth and pressed two fingers againts her pouted lips

"shhhhh" Hermione cood , she sealed the silence by kissing her in a long romantic kiss.

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