Summary- It's set in the marauder era. It's centered on James' romance (or lack of it) with Lily, and also Sirius falling for Anya- o/c. don't like it, don't read. Oh, and in later chappies, there'll be hints of other pairings too, but I don't wanna ruin the surprise for all the lovely people out there who are gonna review. Hint, hint.  So, without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen-

The big 'L' word.

The scratching of quill to parchment, and the occasional exasperated sigh rang through the great hall at Hogwarts, as fifth year students struggled feverishly to finish their History of magic OWLS.  Sirius Black tipped his chair back, and gazed at a girl sitting a few seats along. Her dark hair was scooped up in to an untidy bun, and she had a pair of sunglasses perched on top of her head. She was extremely pretty- Sirius would have even gone as far as to say she was beautiful, but he wasn't going to tell anyone that. It was in fact, Anya Williamson, Gryffindor fifth year, and the only female Marauder. She had transferred from Beauxbatons in the third year, and had immediately proceeded to become the most popular girl in the school. Dark haired, dark eyed, an olive complexion and a fantastic sense of style, she had every single boy in the year, (Except for the Slytherins) under her thumb. And the best thing about this, thought Sirius, was that she had no idea. She was completely oblivious to her status as most popular, fanciable and enviable girl in school. At the moment, she was sitting with a mildly thoughtful expression on her face, twirling her pen between her fingers slowly. She seemed completely oblivious to Sirius' gaze.

Eventually, she turned to look around and caught his eye. He winked at her cheekily, and she flashed him a quick grin before looking back at her paper. Sirius sat back in his chair, visibly fighting to keep the smile from his face.

Anya hadn't noticed anything unusual about Sirius' behavior. She was completely unaware of the fact that one of her best friends was falling for her. As far as she was concerned, Sirius Black was and always would be a friend. The ladies man of the school, yes, but to her, just a very good friend.

Sirius sighed, and wondered to himself how he had got into this mess. He was in love with his best friend, when he had practically every single girl in the school chasing after him. It was unfair beyond all reason.

James, Sirius, Remus, Anya and Peter all made their way towards the door. As Anya drew level with the others, she said, grinning-

'I've just put a inferno charm on Snape's pencil' she grinned.

The other four turned just in time to spot a wisp of smoke emitting from Snape's pocket as he walked out. They burst out laughing, as he gave them a sour look.

The five friends made their way down the lawn towards the lake, and Snape followed, still oblivious to his burning pencil

'Well I thought the paper was a piece of cake' Sirius said. 'I'll be surprised if I don't get an 'Outstanding' at least.

'Yeah, me too,' said James.

Anya let out a small laugh- 'I'd laugh if you both ended up getting a 'Troll'- it'd serve you right for being so cocky!'

Everyone laughed except Peter, and they all flopped down under a tree on the bank of the lake. As they flopped down, Sirius rested his head on Anya's stomach as she propped her head up on her bag.

She reached a hand down and began running her fingers through his hair absent- mindedly, while chatting casually to James.

'So, Have you spoken to Lily recently?' she asked, a little too innocently.

'…No…why?' Replied James, warily.

'Oh… just wondered'

'Talk of the devil' chipped in Remus, and sure enough, Harry could just see a girl, making her way across the grounds, long red hair glinting in the sunlight. James immediately sat up straighter and messed his hair up quickly, just as lily drew up to them.

'Hiya! How did you find it then?' she asked brightly doing a quick double take at Sirius and Anya who were evidently a lot closer than she had initially thought.

James spoke before anyone else had a chance to answer- 'yeah, it was alright… pretty easy actually! What about you gorgeous?'

Lily gave James an extremely condescending look before turning to Anya,

'Anya? How'd you find it?'

Anya gave James an inquiring look before looking up lily and answering-

' Oh, it was alright, but I really didn't like question 5, you know, the one about the werewolves- I found it really hard!' The others began laughing and quickly stopped, looking down trying desperately to hide their smiles as lily looked around, clearly missing the joke.

'Oh…right, yeah, that was quite hard… anyway…um…I'll… see you round k?'

'Yeah' said Anya shielding her eyes to look up at lily and giving her a sickly sweet smile- 'Seeya!'

As soon as lily was out of sight, the other four burst out laughing while Anya settled herself back down on her bag and placed her hand on Sirius' head again.

'You didn't have to do that y'know,' said James, 'She was trying to be friendly!'

' Yeah well, she wasn't exactly nice to you, was she?  If she s gonna be an idiot to you then I'm hardly gonna be friendly towards her am I?' Replied Anya, her eyes sparkling.

'Yeah, but don't be too mean, or I wont have any chance at all' said James.

'Oh whereas she's crazy about you at the moment isn't she?' chipped in Sirius, his voice dripping with sarcasm. James couldn't help thinking it was very easy for Sirius to say this while one of the most gorgeous girls in the school was running her fingers through his hair and letting him lie on her stomach. However he couldn't help thinking Sirius had a point. Lily didn't seem particularly taken with him. In fact, she seemed to intensely dislike him. It was bizarre. He, James Potter, the most popular, smart guy in the school. And he couldn't pull the girl of his dreams. Grrrr.

Before he could muse his and Lily's relationship, there was yet another disturbance in the grounds, as Snape came storming across the lawn, looking absolutely furious.

'Uh-oh' muttered Remus, looking worried. However, James, Sirius and Anya seemed completely unperturbed, and casually watched Snape make his way towards them. As he drew closer, they saw he was holding what looked like the charred remains of a shirt.

'You!' he snarled looking straight at Anya. 'You think you're so bloody funny don't you? – setting fire to my stuff, making me look like a complete prat?'

'Snape, darling, you look like one all by yourself. You don't exactly need my help do you?' replied Anya, a smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

Snape spat back furiously,

' Oh that's funny (!), good one! You mudbloods are all the same y'know that? Thinking you're so bloody great. Its Pathetic!'

At this outburst, Sirius shot upright, looking distinctly angry-

' Take that back, Snivellus, before I make you.' He said menacingly.

Snape took one look at James and Sirius' furious faces, before throwing a filthy look at Anya, and stomping back towards the castle.

'You shouldn't lose it with him like that' said Anya to Sirius soothingly. 'I don't let it get to me, you shouldn't- '

'You can't say that straight after you completely humiliate lily for James' replied Sirius still looking angry. 'Who the hell does he think he is?'

'He's right y'know, Annie; you can't let Snape say stuff like that and let him get away with it. Slimeball.' Said James seriously.

'Oh, leave it- it's not exactly major is it?' said Anya sounding tired.

Sirius made an impatient noise, and leant back against her again, looking nettled. After a few moments, she sat up looking slightly upset and leant forward, snaking her arms round his shoulders, and giving him a little shake.

'Hey… hey…' she whispered softly '…thank you babe, but you're gonna get done if you get into any more crap with Snape, and I really don't want that ok?' She gave Sirius a 'please-don't-be-mad-at-me' smile, which always seemed to work.

It seemed to have the desired effect on Sirius, who, after looking annoyed for a few seconds, sighed and accepted defeat. He turned around trying to keep the smile from his face, and nodded.

'Yeah alright then… you're forgiven!'

James gave Remus a grin, and turned back to Sirius- 'You just can't stay mad at her can you mate?'

Anya laughed, and seemed completely unaware of the meaningful look that Sirius gave James, which quite plainly said 'shut up'.

James smirked to himself discreetly, pulled a snitch out of his pocket, and began releasing it then quickly catching it again. He let it zoom further and further away, catching it at the very last second. Peter was watching him with his mouth open, and every time James made a particularly difficult catch, he gasped and applauded.

'Put that away, will you?' said Sirius finally. 'Before peter wets himself with excitement'

Peter blushed, but James just grinned and pocketed the snitch.

Anya let out a yawn, and straightened up slightly, - ' I'm knackered guys, I'm gonna go in k?'

Sirius immediately sat up, 'I'll go with you, if you want' he said, a little too quickly.

Anya gave him a strange look, but seemed to think nothing of it as she pulled herself up, and slung her bag over her shoulder. Sirius followed her turning round to wink at the others as he went. He ran up behind her and threw his arm round her casually, whispering something to her as they walked towards the castle. She let out a peal of laughter, and James turned to Remus, his eyebrows raised.

'Could he be any more obvious?!'

Remus merely smiled. 'Oh, I dunno, she doesn't seem to mind his…um…attention. She actually seems to be enjoying it.'

James gaped at Remus in disbelief.

'Moony come on, you…you don't think she's got… that she likes…no way!'

Remus laughed- ' Oh come on! Did you not see the way she looked at him just

now? When she was apologizing about Snape? Isn't it obvious? He's liked her for god knows how long, and now she's got the hots for him!

James still looked unconvinced- 'no-'

'Oh for gods sake Prongs!' spluttered Remus. 'When was the last time she called you BABE?"

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