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Vincent was the first to wake this morning, but it was still early in the morning; the sun was barely peeking over the horizon. Vincent carefully sat up making sure no one else was awake and got up, silently sneaking outside in the early morning mist.

The albino walked to the water and sat down in the sand, his feet resting where the shore waters ran over his toes. He rested his arms on his knees and laid his head down on his arms. He watched as the sun slowly crawled its way high in the colorful sky.

Time slowly passed little by little and Vincent began dozing off again.

Specter… Are you having fun being human?

Vincent eyes opened slightly and he gazed out into the water.

"Oh it's that voice again…" he said to himself. A chuckle was heard.

"What voice are you talking about you silly monkey? That's my voice."

Vincent blinked in confusion and turned around only to see Spike standing in the sand behind him smiling. Vincent jumped slightly and stood up.

"Spike… h-how did you…?" The boy was left speechless. Spike walked over to Vincent and sat down.

"Just relax, I'm happy to see you again. Jake's still sleeping, don't wake him." Spike said calmly and looked up at Vincent. Vincent, still with a panicked look in his eyes took a seat next to Spike. Spike smiled at him and looked out into the water.

"How have you been Specter? I haven't seen you in a while. Do you live in your little castle?" Spike asked him all sorts of questions.

"Spike, how did you know I was Specter?" Vincent asked not making eye contact with him. The red head couldn't help but laugh and wrapped an arm around Vincent's shoulders.

"Specter, it was easy. Your voice, your hair, your albino, and your presence just gives off a familiar essence. Instincts told me you were him, oddly as it sounds." Spike said and looked at Vincent. Vincent blushed slightly.

"And to answer your question Spike, I do live in my castle, and I've been doing fine, just a bit confused." Vincent sighed. Spike's arm still rested around Vincent's shoulders.

"Ah the state of confusion. About what? You going nuts? Cuz you said something about voices." The human questioned. Vincent shrugged.

"This is why I'm human, Spike. I was sleeping one night and this voice, it sounds like yours, began talking to me in my dream and I woke up and I was a human. So I was just thinking that maybe the helmet turned me into a human." Vincent explained. Spike sat there thinking.

"Are you gonna stay human forever?" He asked. Vincent finally looked at him.

"I don't know really. There's no way I can tell."

"Well I hope you do." Spike smiled at him. "It's fun having you around Specter… When you're not trying to take over to world or anything…" The two boys enjoyed a laugh together. Spike withdrew his arm from around Vincent and leaned up against him, Spike's head resting on Vincent's shoulder. He began watching the sun rise.

"So what have you and Jake been up to?" Vincent asked, as it seemed like they have been friends forever.

"The same old." Spike sighed. "After I captured you me and Jake had quite the boring life style. But I'm sure you've been having fun, you did attempt to take over the world again."

"Ah yes, I know. But once captured and once escaped again I have been bored as well."

The two boys stayed silent as they watched the sun.

"WHERE IS EVERYONE!" suddenly came Jake's loud voice from inside the hut. Both boys outside jumped, Spike giggled and stood up.

"Well, Jake's up." Spike said, Captain Obvious has arrived. Spike ran back into the hut and Vincent just watched him disappear into the small shelter. The monkey boy sighed and looked back into the water.

Inside, Spike had just walked in to see Jake getting himself dressed for the new day.

"Jake put that thing away we don't need to see it." Spike teased, Jake let out a laugh as he put his pants on.

"Shut up Spikey." He chuckled and zipped up the zipper. Spike grinned and walked in, taking a seat. Jake walked over to him "Well," he continued "You saw me, it's your turn." Jake purred and kissed the red head, his hands playing with the boy's zipper.

"Aie! Jake!" Spike cried, embarrassed, as he pulled himself away from Jake's greedy hands. Jake smirked and pulled Spike off his seat and on the floor, pinning him down.

"It's only faaaiiiirr" Jake sang, hovering over Spike. Spike squirmed underneath him, protesting. Vincent cleared his throat.

"I'm hope I'm not interrupting anything…important." Vincent said. Both boys looked at him, Spike with a child's smile and Jake with a frown.

"Thank god Vincent. Come save me." Spike said. Jake just got up, off of Spike, he had totally forgotten Vincent was there. Vincent's cheeks were tinted red and he raised an eye brow, noticing Jake's…um, cough, greediness.

Vincent went over and helped Spike off the ground as Jake just ignored them and went to put on the rest of his clothes and left to go outside. Spike let out a sigh.

"Is he always like that? I don't remember him being so…irritable." Vincent murmered softly. Spike shook his head.'

"No, he's doesn't usually act so irritable. But he's always been playful." He said and took a seat. Vincent shrugged and took a seat next to him.

"NO SEX IN THERE UNLESS IM INVITED GOT IT?" came Jake's loud voice once again.


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