Well. Go easy on me people. I'm a newbie. I don't even have any idea what this stuff is. Yikes! Anywho I got this idea from. okay why am I even talking??? On with the story.

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Chapter 1 First Day of Senior Year

Serena's POV

Oh Crap!!! Tip to all. Don't be late on the first day of school. I have gotten used to it but still teachers get really pissed if you are late. Especially if that teacher happens to be the same one that taught you when you were 14 and still have the same habits. That's right ladies and gentlemen! Ms. Haruna is back. The teacher from hell is back. Next to that I have more hell. I found out from Molly and the ever so gossiping annoying Melvin that most of my classes are with the jerk Darien. Darien Shields is the biggest jackass I have ever known. Sigh. I'll get him back somehow. Oh yes. revenge is sweet.