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Once at Mitsuko and Musato's house, Dr. Komyoji had taken Rikaru into his lab thing. He tapped here and there, and then told her to transform. Rikaru refused.

"I never.. want to see anything even LIKE it again.." she said, sounding completely broken.

"Please, Rikaru, if I don't do this, then your gemenei.. your conscience will never be able to grow."

Rikaru shook her head again. "It's not worth it, doctor. If I can become human, who gives a damn... I have nowhere to go." Doctor Komyoji, while still tapping on her 'joints', shook his head.

"No, Rikaru. You're always welcome here."

"But what about home!" Rikaru exploded suddenly as she sat bolt upright, glaring at Doctor Komyoji. "What about my family! What about my school and my friends!" Doctor Komyoji calmly looked at her.

"But from what I understand, you don't have any. Why else would a fighter like you befriend a stranger--Saburo--so easily?"

"I didn't befriend that bastard! He used me! HE USED ME FOR HIS OWN DAMN GOOD!" Rikaru placed her head in her hands and shook. Her voice was shaking and laughing. "Look at me... Look at what I am now. I can't even cry when I'm in pain. Only something that has been created from scraps can't cry... Do you hear me! SCRAPS!" She continued to shake, waiting for the silent tears to come, but knowing that they wouldn't.

Doctor Komyoji just looked at her silently. For a few minutes, neither of them said anything. Then, Doctor Komyoji silently said, "Jiro can cry. Because that's how far his gemenei evolved."

Rikaru continued to wait for the tears. "Not until I defeat Saburo.. Not until, with my own two hands, I KILL him. And then.. Gill."

"Rikaru, I know you're pain, but-"

"Shut up! How the hell could you know my pain? You were never turned into a robot, and then your whole family MURDERED! Were you, doc!"

Doctor Komyoji shook his head. "No, but-"

"But what? Do you even THINK that anything can come even CLOSE to what I feel right now? I can't cry. I have no tears. I can't go home. I have no family. I can't bleed. I have no blood. I am a steel cold robot. I am like the ice. Cold and unfeeling. And do you know why? THIS IS WHY!"

Rikaru punched her two shoulder blades and she transformed. "BECAUSE I'M A DAMN ROBOT! AND IT'S ALL YOU'RE FAULT, BASTARD!" Rikaru shouted, and then ran off. On the way out, Ichiro grabbed her wrist.

"Where do you think you're going? Don't you owe a kid some favor?" he said.

Rikaru knelt to the floor. Ichiro blinked. "Whaa--?" He knelt down beside her and put a hand on her back. "Rikaru?"

She suddenly hugged him, still waiting for the tears to flow. "I don't care who.. Even if it's my enemy... I need something to remind me I'm not nothing... Help me... Who am I..? Help me..."

Ichiro turned slightly red. Despite the fact that Ichiro had no gemenei anyone knew of, one was installing itself inside of him, slowly. Confused, he put a hand on Rikaru's back and patted it. "Uh.. Hey, you're human, right? You still feel sorrow and the need to be comforted."

In all truth, Ichiro had no idea what the hell he was talking about. He was just yammering. However, it seemed to comfort Rikaru as she let go, stood up, and returned to her human form. "Guess we should find Gill then..." Rikaru said silently and angrily as she walked out the door.

"Rikaru! You can't leave AGAIN!"

Rikaru turned around to see Musato. "You promised me!" he said as he took her hand. Rikaru sighed and turned around. "Alright.. I'm staying for tonight and leave tommorow night then. How's that?"

Musato seemed to be content with that. "Okay!"

Despite the fact that she had shortened the time, Musato seemed pleased. Rikaru sighed. "Now, what do we do until then?"

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