Mon. April 26:

It seems weird now even writing in this journal. I started this in order to better deal with all the crap in my life. But somehow things have worked out. My mom is letting me stay with Nina. I do have to spend summer with my mom and David in California. But that's only for 3 months. Ephram had his audition for Julliard in Boulder. They picked him for a summer program for 6 weeks starting in June and they are going to give him another audition next winter to see if he gets accepted. Next year is my last year of high school, which is beyond awesome. Soon I will be on my own, doing whatever I want to do. So right now, things are good!


This is the end of the story. I am thinking about doing a part 2 and starting it their senior year. I have some good plot ideas. Please R&R, even if you have never reviewed before. Every opinion matters to me.