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Title: Springtime Rain

Author: Takari's Baybee


"Love just happens; don't ever force it."


Unknowing, her annoying habit started to creep back into her and before she knew it, she was perfectly twiddling her thumbs, constantly sneaking glances at the person beside her. Actually, he wasn't really beside her. Well, he was but it was at such an excessive distance that she didn't think it counted. Besides, it was late; it was raining; she was supposed to be home.

A strand of hair fell to her face. She quickly brushed it off and then unexcitingly tapped her fingers on the side of her face as if nothing had happened. She didn't want to make any unnecessary actions that would have him think she was a geek; like he didn't already. She just wanted to show him she was like any other 'cool' person at school; she was bored. Another strand attempted to annoy her with a thick trail lined up for backup. Frustrated, she combed back her hair with her virtually numb fingers.

"Damn it! Screwed hair always getting in my fu*king way!" she mumbled angrily. Then, in the gruesome seconds that followed, she realized she had probably scared off the guy faster than her friend Yolei could by now. Looking up in trepidation, she locked her chestnut eyes with his ocean blue; hers full of nervousness, his full of bewilderment. She instantaneously dropped her gaze in embarrassment.

However, he continued to look at her, wondering all those things he wondered about the girl during their shared English classes. Yes it was true; he did think she was kind of a geek. She had the strangest and dullest friends in the whole freakin' Universe; her clothes looked exactly like the ones he saw at the usually vacant donation stores downtown; and she was the only girl – no, person he knew who actually studied for fun! But what intrigued him the most about her was how she could just enter a room and suddenly a rush of exhilarating tension would engulf his body and he can't concentrate on anything else but her. It sort of annoyed him, but for some reason, he kept on hoping – like a child on Christmas Eve – that she would do it again.

The girl leaned her petit self against the roughened brick walls of her beloved high school. It was Tuesday; her favourite day of the week. It was the only day her after-school dance class ended at the same exact time as his after-school basketball practices. Every single person who was involved in those activities would always go straight home, except for him and herself. He needed to wait for his rock-star brother to pick him up in his car and she usually needed to wait for her parents to get her.

However, today was different. She knew her parents were not coming for her today. They had already reminded her about a bazillion times that they were going to be at her ill grandfather's house on the other side of town and wouldn't be home until late in the morning. Her brother, the one who proclaims himself as the most handsome soccer player in the Milky Way galaxy, was on an expensive trip with his obnoxious teammates to play in the finals.

She was supposed to be warm and safe and dry in her apartment hours ago, but instead she was underneath the school's small front overhead pretending that she was waiting for her parents. She didn't mean to stay that long; it was just supposed to be until she could go home with a faultless image of him in her mind. Now she was stuck in the rainstorm. Her apartment building was too far and she didn't bring a human-made-precipitation-resistor; a.k.a an umbrella.

His brother always came late, and most of the time he watched her leave first. But for some particular reason, tonight she waited longer than usual. He glanced at her, only to see her suddenly rip her eyes from him.

Her plain black T-shirt was much too big for her so she tied one side up resulting in two uneven sides. Her jean skirt was tattered, not for style, it was really truly tattered with numerous patches of blue covering the holes. Her shoes looked like they had been taken from a dump and then have the crap beaten out of them; even dogs would pass up the chance of chewing them up. She obviously came from a poor family but she was willing to help them by studying hard and get a well-paid job in the future. Unfortunately not everybody knew that about her. He felt sorry for the girl every time kids in the hallways or even in class would call her a nerd, a geek, or a bookworm. She's just trying to help her family, he would think, You should be praising her.

He secretly outlined her gorgeous body with his fascinated eyes. Despite her unfortunate clothes, there was nothing about her that guys wouldn't die for. She had grace… she was sweet… tremendous intelligence… alluring curves… smooth, firm, luscious legs… He closed his eyes and pinched himself without regret. He knew he was starting to think like his friends; perverted. But hey, he was still in the stages of puberty, and she was just too damn hot to be let alone.

She lightly banged her head against the wall. It had been ages since they saw a car drive by which was a good thing because that meant she still had more time to set up a conversation with him before his getaway arrived. Slowly, her pupils walked to the left side of her eyes and observed him with unspeakable pleasure.

He still had on his basketball jersey underneath his brand-name jacket. She didn't know where his shorts began, but she realized it must have been on the thigh area considering they ended past his knees. His golden blond hair was messy as always, but still made a positive fashion statement somehow. Many guys had tried copying it. It was underneath a common combination of headgears that was quickly spreading; a bandana, a headband, and a two-toned cap. Even though she couldn't see it, she knew he had fine muscles on his arm and many obsessive girls brag about seeing his six-pack abs. How she longed to be in his loving embrace.

But first, she needed to get his attention. 

She could try the whole "Mistress in Distress" thing, but she didn't have anything distressing enough. She then thought about trying to 'accidentally' drop something and being the gentleman he is, he'd go, pick it up for her, and they'd hit it off from there! It was a faultless plan, but first, she needed something to throw. She dug her hands into her pockets and looked to see if there was anything on her wrists. Her backpack was left in her locker since she finished all her homework at lunch. The girl grew upset. She didn't have anything. Smacking her forehead, her palm rested on top of something smooth and thin. She remembered her trademark little yellow clip. Perfect.

Gripping it, she tried to jerk it off. It was stuck. She pulled and she pulled until she thought her hair would come off, but it still remained securely in place. She made one last attempt, this time using two hands. After some sweat began to trail down her cheeks, the clip ripped off, yanking off a few strands of hair; enough hair to make her cry, "FINALLY, YOU SON OF A BIT*H!" Then, she paused. She closed her eyes in agony and wished that she could stop time right then and there. He must have thought she was insane by now.

He watched her in incomprehension. When she pulled off whatever it was on her head, he wanted to walk over to her and ask if she was alright; maybe they'd stir up an engrossing conversation from there. However, after witnessing her sudden outburst, he couldn't help but inch away.    

The girl mentally kicked herself. "Plan A" didn't work and she was already running out of ideas. She played with the clip in her hand. Well, now that it was off, it wouldn't hurt to try again.

With a sly smile on her face, she innocently dropped – actually threw – the clip on the ground. Quickly, she put on a face of dread and surprise. She looked at the boy who plainly looked back. She waited for him to make his move.

He stayed firmly in place, wondering what she was up to.

Dumb blond, she thought after a few seconds. She walked over to the item and picked it up before heading back to her side. She felt humiliated.

Psychopathic brunette, he thought as he watched her.

The female had to think up of something else. There must be a way she could hold his attention for more than 2 seconds. Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she spotted headlights from a car approaching. She gasped, hoping it wasn't his brother. She began to walk forward so she could get a closer look. Unfortunately, it was only until it was too late when she remembered that there was a flight of stairs right in front of her. She fell.

The boy's head jerked up at the sound of the girl's yelling. He spotted her tumbling down the slippery steps like a bowling ball and then landing flat on her back only to be greeted by the harsh stinging shower. This was his chance to help her out. He quickly ran down the stairs and was by her side in no time.

Her eyes were squinting tightly and her tears blended with the rain. She gripped on to her right leg in pain and couldn't stop squirming.

He placed his arm underneath her neck and leveled her up into a sitting position.

She opened her eyes to see who was assisting her, and nearly fainted.

He patted his hand on her knee for comfort. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Does it hurt?"

She glared at him. "No," she said sarcastically.

"Sorry," he replied realizing his stupid mistake. "But could you stand?"

The girl moved her leg slightly. "I think so."

"Here, let me help you up."

The girl immediately let her whole body go limp as he struggled to get her standing. She couldn't believe what was happening.

"Next time you might want to try watching where you're going," he said with that killer smile of his.

She nodded. It was a good thing her gracefulness left her when it did or else she would never be experiencing what she was now. "Thanks."

"Shouldn't your parents be here by now?" he asked as he draped his hand over her shoulder to 'help her regain her stability'.

She looked up at him in surprise. She didn't know that he actually paid any attention to anything that went on in her boring life. "Um, no… I'm supposed to walk home today, but it's raining like crazy and I don't have an umbrella."

The boy sighed heavily. He had to think of something to lighten up the conversation. It was flowing so well; he couldn't quit now. "Well it doesn't look like my brother's coming any time soon, and you should get home and rest…"

Her eyes filled with anticipation. "What are you getting at?" she questioned wishfully.

"You should take the bus."

She frowned.

He mentally punched himself. He blew it. He had the chance and he blew it.

She pulled away from him and limped away. "Alright, see you tomorrow," she responded emotionlessly.

"Wait!" he shouted walking up to her; his shoes splashing the forming puddles.

She turned around wondering what else he could do to disappoint her.

"Maybe… if you want… you know, because of your leg and all… I could… perhaps, walk you home?" He prepared for rejection.

The rain poured on her but it no longer camouflaged her tears – there weren't anymore. "Sure, that'll be nice," she answered, trying not to sound desperate.

He grinned and followed her lead. "Are you cold?" he asked trying to play the whole 'let me give you my jacket ordeal'.

She shook her head proudly. She needed to show him that she was an independent woman. "No."

His shoulders slumped down. Then, his mind clicked and a light bulb went off over his head. He was going to make good use of this rainstorm. "I don't want you to catch pneumonia, and I'm sure your parents won't want you to either." He looked into her eyes and saw the look of permission. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.

"Thank you," she replied with a candy-sweet smile.

He grinned sheepishly. "So uh… what's your name?" he asked as they walked together down the sidewalk.

"Hikari," she answered. Then, as if she had too many other things to do than memorize and cherish the captain of the basketball team's name; she asked, "What's yours?"

"Takeru," he responded. He had to keep the conversation going if he wanted a chance with this girl. "So um… what's your… favourite season?" He gulped uneasily.

She laughed at his childish question and looked up at the rainy sky above. Before, she wasn't really beside him at all, and now, she was beside him as beside could be. She turned to him and replied, "Spring; I love the rain."



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