Chapter One

"Never let go," Jack said as he looked deeply into Rose's eyes.

"I will never let go, Jack. I'll never let go," Rose replied as Jack smiled and kissed her hands. Rose tried to smile back at him, but she couldn't. She knew that they would both die that night.

"Rose, I'm just going to shut my eyes, for just a little while, all right?" Jack asked, waiting for the answer he wanted to hear.

"All right, Jack," Rose said as she turned over onto her back. She looked up at the stars and thought of earlier that day when she and Jack were on the bow of the ship. She started to sing their song.

"Come Josephine in my flying machine and it's up she goes. Up she goes. Come Josephine in my flying..." Rose trailed off as she felt a light shining in her face.

She turned her head and she saw it! It was a boat. Jack was right! They were coming back for them.

Rose turned slightly and looked at Jack. He looked so peaceful sleeping, but she had to wake him up as soon as possible.

"Jack. Jack. There's a boat. Jack." Rose kept looking at him as the situation played back to her. He couldn't be dead, not now. Not after all that they had been through together. "Jack! Jack! There's a boat, Jack. Jack," she tried again, and knew it was no use. He wasn't going to wake up.

Suddenly, Rose saw Jack's eyes flash open. At first, she thought it was her imagination, but then he spoke, "Rose..." was all he could get out.

"Oh, thank God, Jack. You're alive. There's a boat! Oh, Jack, don't worry. I'll get their attention," Rose said as she looked around. Then, she saw a whistle in a dead officer's mouth.

"Jack...I'll be right back," she said as she swam over to the officer.

Rose didn't hear it, but Jack whispered, "Hurry..."

"Come about!" they heard the officer of the lifeboat yell. Rose just kept blowing the whistle until the light shined on her. She wanted to make sure they noticed Jack, but she couldn't. She passed out.

The next thing Rose knew she was in a lifeboat. She started to panic as she thought of Jack. Did they see him? Was he alive? She finally got enough strength to sit up and look around the lifeboat. It was now daylight outside and there was a ship close by. Rose looked over to her left side and there he was. Jack.

Rose let out a sigh of relief as she saw him, lying there, bundled up in blankets. She smiled when she saw that he was breathing. Then, after knowing Jack was safe, went back to sleep.

Rose woke up because of a hand that kept touching her face. She looked up at the man who was doing it to her and it was Jack. Rose smiled and said, "Jack? Are you all right?"

Jack paused and said, "I'm fine Rose, thanks to you. How are you doing?" Jack asked.

"Okay, I guess. You're so pale."

"I know. So are you," Jack said as he felt Rose's face again.

"I love you, Jack."

Jack kissed Rose softly on the mouth. "I love you, too, Rose."

Once Jack and Rose arrived on the Carpathia, they sat down on the deck and drank some soup. They cuddled together to stay warm. They didn't speak, they just sat there, enjoying each other's company. Finally, Jack decided to speak.

"Rose, thank you."

Rose smiled at him. "For what?"

"For not giving up on me. For believing in me and not letting me go. Thank you."

"Jack...I'm the one who should be thanking you. You saved me in every way. Thank you," Rose said with meaning. "And, I want you to know that I'm still getting off of the ship with you. I love you more than ever."

"I love you, too, Rosie."

After finishing their soup, they cuddled up and fell asleep, only dreaming of each other.