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Link is a hero in many cities and countries. He had triumphantly escaped Ganon's castle, with Princess Zelda. He proudly retrieved Majora's Mask from the skull kid, and many more good deeds were committed before as well. Unfortunately, all the good deeds made him quite famous in many places. Having no where else to turn to, he returns to Hyrule in an attempt to escape fame. But, he has no idea what lies in wait for him there...

Chapter 1

I walked up a steep hill, my dark green cloak damped in rain. Daylight had yet to begin flooding over the horizon. Hyrule should be just over the hill. The sooner I get back to Hyrule, the better.

A fairy fluttered above me. Her bright pink, puffed body fluttered around my head. Her clear wings flapped rapidly to suspend herself in mid air. "....Next time I go on one of your adventures.... I'm going to take a large thick book to hit you with so you don't' do anything stupid...." She muttered angrily.

I glanced up at her, blinking. "What was that Tatl? Did you say something?" I snapped, almost rudely.

Tatl turned to me for a moment, considering what she should say to me. Finally, she turned away, fluttering ahead of me. "Nothing, Link...." she muttered, flying a full circle around me.

I shook my head. Tatl had been grumbling from Clock Town all the way to Hyrule, traveling by foot. We had already walked for days, and she didn't show any sign of stopping her little mutters. I glanced up as we finally reached the crest of the hill and smiled. Finally...

Hyrule's great wall was in view, surrounding a great castle deeper into the territory that it protected. The grey bricked wall was well worn and shown signs of age. Parts of the wall were worn smooth by the moss and ivy that grew over it, leaving a dull green glow. Surrounding the wall was a deep moat filled with water to stop any intruders.

I scanned the walls for an opening and cocked my head, then sighed.

Tatl seemed to have notice my reaction. She let out a mocking laugh. "Well, you know Link; it isn't really dawn yet... And the gate opens at first sight of light."

I sighed, feeling tired of waiting. "The sun doesn't rise for another hour!"

Tatl growled. She rammed her body against my head, making me flinch. "Oh quit your pouting! Just ask the gate guards. I'm sure that they'll let in the 'Great Link of Hyrule!'" She let out a giggle at the remark, knowing that such a title was one that I didn't appreciate as we began our slow descent toward.

I grew very close to cursing at her, but the sound of large chains snapping cut me off. I glanced at the gate and noticed that one corner of the drawbridge was beginning to fall out. There was another loud snap as the other chain fell. The drawbridge fell to the other end of the moat with a loud clank able to wake up the small town that lay at rest at the foot of the castle. The sheer impact of the fall had knocked me to my feet.

I was shocked. The drawbridge wasn't supposed to fall until dawn and that is an hour from now! Also, the drawbridge was supposed to be let down lightly to keep from damaging the chains. "What is going on...?" I whispered to Tatl

Thundering hoof beats sounded from within the castle walls and grew closer with each step. A young warrior clothed in a peach tunic under an iron chest plate streaked with water and oil sprinted through the opening of the fallen drawbridge upon a pale brown horse. A frightened expression was on his face.

The warrior seemed to have spotted me as he made his way out of the castle. "Run, boy! Take your belongings and move!" he cried as the horse galloped across the short distance between the castle wall and me.

An arrow out of the castle's entrance and pierced the man's vulnerable back. Even if the iron chest plate was protecting the man's chest, his back had no protection of the sort, making him an easy target to back attackers. The man cried out in pain from the sudden attack and toppled off the horse. He thudded on the ground painfully as his horse galloped off in fright.

"What the.....?!" I gasped and quickly ran to the warrior's aid. The warrior lay on his stomach, moaning lightly. A crooked arrow jutted out of his back, blood seeping through the wounds. The leather straps that held the chest plate to his chest had taken some of the impact of the arrow, but the arrow still made it through the leather, lodging itself in his back.

I rose to my feet and looked into the castle entrance. A dark figure stood there with what looked like the figure of a long bow in its hands. The figure lowered the long bow. It was impossible to see who the figure was because of the wall that cast a shadow upon the person. "Who are you? And why did you do that?!" I yelled to the person.

The figure merely laughed in a deep voice. "You really don't know who you're dealing with do you?" the figure said with a hint of mockery in the person's voice. The voice belonged to that of a man, but that was all I could distinguish from his identity.

My teeth gritted against each other. I began to shake with anger.

"Link......" Tatl's voice sounded in my ear as she fluttered closer to me. She could sense the evil aura that pulsed from the figure as could I. "Link......" she warned with an acidic voice again. She was trying to stop me from doing anything rash.

"Come out and show yourself," I growled.

The man laughed. "You... really don't know... How ironic..." The bow the man held in his hand disappeared, obviously put away. He began to walk forward, the faint light from the sun shone hard against his appearance and I gasped in shock. "I am called... Shadow. You... may know of me..."

I took a step back, eyes wide. The man looked exactly as I would 7 years later! The only difference was the fact that his tunic was the color black as was his kokorian hat. In fact... everything about him was dark. His skin, his hair, everything seemed darker than it should have been, even his personality.

Tatl's body is completely engulfed in a pinkish glow that made her real fairy body nearly impossible to see. But her emotions showed much fear and shock upon seeing a duplicate of myself, making her glow shiver as her body was. Sprinkles of light drifted down from her constant shuddering. "...Link! That's... you......" she whispered, almost speechless.

Standing in the dim sunlight, the evil aura emitting from the man named Shadow seemed to be amplified. My anger was forgotten once I laid eyes on him, and a sense of alert replaced it. Quickly, I unsheathed my sword.

Shadow laughed, seeing my sword. I narrowed my eyes. "You expect to be able to defeat me with such a puny sword? Your hopes are set too high..." Shadow smirked and grasped the handle of a sword that hung on his back. He unsheathed a long sword, longer than the Master Sword itself.

The center of the blade was hollowed out, and large gold pieces shaped like crystals filled the center. The handle was heavily jeweled, embedded with rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. The hilt was made of solid ruby. The entire sword itself was at least 2 feet longer than mine.

I clenched the handle of my tiny Kokori sword with both hands. No man would use such a decorative blade in battle. It was just too priceless. The fact that this... Shadow wielded a sword such as that confused me. He... must be powerful to use an expensive blade and not worry about having it break... I thought. I swallowed hard and prepared for an attack.

And that's what I got.

"Ha!" Shadow cried and leapt at me, sword raised.

I leapt to the side, dodging his attack. I turned to him in an effort to keep my eyes on the enemy, but was barely able to counteract his next attack. I whipped my sword in front of me before his blade could make contact with my flesh. Sparks erupted as our blades met. I held his blade in place with my own, the sound of metal scraping against metal loud in my ears.

Shadow didn't seem like he was trying much to keep his blade from being knocked aside. He had an easier time holding his ground than I did. Beads of sweat trickled down my cheek as I struggled to keep my blade from slipping.

"I must say... I am quite impressed. To think, a kid like you! Holding such strength in his sword. Tell me! How did you become so powerful?" Shadow sneered. His black eyes glistened with amusement. I knew that he was only playing with me. I remained silent, concentrating on holding my ground.

Tatl fluttered around to my ear. "Link! His other hand! Keep an eye on his other hand!" she shouted.

I glanced at his sword. He was only holding his sword with one hand. His other hand was free to move and I spotting his attack.

He slammed the flat end of the tip of my blade with his free hand, applying immense pressure on the already pressured blade. From all the force being placed upon it, the top end of the kokori sword snapped off and flew behind me, glazing Tatl's wings.

Shadow thrust more force behind his sword, making me stumble back. With his own sword, his swiped the flat end of the blade at Tatl. She let out a cry of surprise and shock and flew through the air, slamming into the dirt a few yards away.

"Tatl!" I cried, watching her frail body quiver on the floor.

"You have a weak sword..." Shadow murmured. "Care to try that again?" Shadow approached me again, his sword resting on his shoulder. The blade on his sword wasn't even the slightest bit scratched, unlike mine. He clearly had the advantage now.

I looked at my sword that now was nothing more than a handle with a blade extending a few inches from the hilt. It was pretty much useless now. I tossed it to the floor and grabbed my shield that hung on my back.

Shadow cocked an eyebrow. "So... you are still determined to win the fight? You really are stupid..." He leapt at me again.

I brought my Hylian shield up to block the blade. His attacks were strong. Obviously, he didn't wield that sword for looks.

Shadow laughed again as he saw my shield in between his blade and myself. "You are hiding again. Keep running and your chances of winning are slim... "He withdrew his blade, taking a step back to give himself some clearance.

From behind my shield, it was hard to keep my eye on him. I was caught off guard as he leapt over me. I gasped and quickly turned around. But Shadow had attacked before my shield was in place to take on the attack.

Shadow's blade struck at the edge of my shield, slipping it off of my arm. It skidded off to the side, out of arm's reach as I fell to the floor. I darted my eyes to Shadow and the point of a blade stuck itself in my vision. I froze, eyes wide and my gaze shifted to the wielder of the blade.

Shadow's expression was annoyed as he held the blade a few inches from my head.

At such a close range... my bow is useless. All of my other weapons are only going to make things worse... There's nothing else I can do... I thought dreadfully. I waited for Shadow to react. But he didn't do anything. We remained in a frozen position for several moments. When he finally did move, it wasn't a movement of attack. In fact... he only moved his blade from my face and sheathed it.

I glared up at him, and Shadow sighed. "You're not my enemy. Fighting mere juveniles is pointless and a waste of time. Perhaps we may meet again in battle... when you can wield more than a knife? Ah... but you will still lose. Don't get your hopes up next time kid. Or I won't hesitate to kill you." Shadow sneered at me again. And with a giant leap, he was gone.