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What Happened?

Flashing red, blue and white lights surrounded the abandoned hotel. Helicopters flew in the air and the black and white police cars surrounded the vicinity.

A police officer walked up to the six teens huddled by the red and white ambulance. They were bloody and dirty, their faces looked tired and aged. Brown blankets wrapped around their shivering and tired bodies. They looked withdrawn, as if the life was sucked out of them.

"What happened here?" he asked with a concern and soft tone.

The blue haired girl sniffed and tried to hold back her cries as her boyfriend with his wild flame-like hair hugged her and tried to comfort her in every way possible.

"Our friends," the raven haired girl said as she held the hand of her boyfriend who was laying down on a cot, while the paramedics tried to stop the bleeding gash on his stomach.

"Alright, I know all of you experienced a serious tragedy. But it will not help if you won't tell me what happened," he said trying his best not to upset them any further.

"There was a totally crazy lunatic in that hotel." a blonde girl said as she pointed to the hotel. Outside, it looked like any other hotel. But the inside told a whole different story.

"Where is he?" the officer asked as he scribbled down on his piece of paper.

"We don't know." a bald guy who is embracing the blonde girl in a comforting way said as he smoothed her back.

"Can somebody tell me what happened here?" he asked

"I'll tell you what happened," the blue haired girl's boyfriend said as he sat down on the edge of the opened back door of the ambulance and pulled his girlfriend on his lap, never letting go of her.

"Alright, he said as he took out a tape recorder and pushed the record button and placed it down beside him.

"It all started when we were planning our spring break vacation..."