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Time to Move On

"And that's what happened." the raven haired boy with flaming hair said. He held his blue haired girlfriend on his right arm while his left hand was on a cast.

"Is this true?" the officer asked.

"Vegeta's telling the truth officer." the raven haired boy's girlfriend said.

"Okay," he said. "Now," he started. "I need to record all your names as survivors, can you six do that?" he asked. The six teens nodded.

"Wait." the blue haired girl said. "What of our friend?" she asked.

"Yamucha Hattori." the officer said. "Age eighteen years old, goes to the Orange star High School in West City, living with his father, and a deceased mother." he paused. "He'll live." he said. The six teens smiled. "Now, I want you all to tell me your name and age as I record it in this tape." he said as he took the first recorded tape and replaced a new one in it. "Go." he said.

"18 Gero, seventeen years old." a blonde haired girl said.

"Krillen Roshii, seventeen years old." a bald guy who had his protective arms around the blonde haired girl said.

"Chichi Mao, seventeen years old." a long raven haired girl said.

"Kakkarot Goku Son, seventeen years old." a raven haired boy that has his hair sticking out in five different direction, followed after his girlfriend.

"Vegeta Ouji, eighteen years old." the story teller said.

"Bulma Briefs," the blue haired girl paused and took in a deep breath. "Seventeen years old." she said finally.

"Thank you." the officer said and left them. Once they were alone, everything grew quiet.

"What do we do now?" Krillen asked.

"We're going back like this never happened." Goku said.

"I hope we could do that." Bulma said. She was leaning on Vegeta and raised her head from his chest as she said that.

"It doesn't matter," her boyfriend's gruff voice said afterwards. "What's done is done," he paused as Bulma leaned her head back to his chest. "It's time to move on." he said with everybody's agreement.

"Excuse me." another different officer interrupted them.

"Yeah?" Chichi asked.

"The bodies, that you told us." he paused.

"Yeah, what about it?" Vegeta asked.

"Well, we found the bodies in the right places where you told us." he said, but was unable to finish.

"Well?" Vegeta asked, getting impatient with the police officer.

"We found one on the bedroom, like you told us," he said and flipped a paper from his clipboard. "Another in the hallway at the same floor." he continued. "Then on the bathroom, on your supposed rooms." he pointed to the girls. "Another in the girl's bathroom and the kitchen."

"Yeah?" Vegeta asked, not seeing the point.

"Well," the police officer paused and looked up from his clipboard. "We couldn't find the body in the forest." he stated.

All six teenagers looked at him. "WHAT!?" they all screamed in unison.

"What was his name again?" the police officer asked.

"Paolo." Vegeta told him. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes, we searched everywhere. Not a body in sight." he answered.

All six looked at each other with horrid faces.

"Don't worry," the officer said, once seeing the frightened faces of the teenagers. "I'm sure we'll find out who this is and we'll get him behind bars." he said as he left the assured but still frightened teenagers.

[2 years later]

Everybody's a sophomore in their college schools, and still trying to forget everything that has happened. 18's been attending psychiatry, she attends a college with Yamucha. Chichi, Bulma and Vegeta attends a college together. Krillen and Goku attends another different college.

Vegeta had just dropped Bulma off after their date and Chichi was on a weekend break with Goku far away. She entered her dorm room, the one she shares with her long time best friend and another new found friend Sophie. Sophie is a young chubby freshmen girl in the college she, Vegeta and Chichi were attending.

Vegeta had still been known as the bad boy in school, but completely hot, and is a huge "babe magnet" even to the senior and junior girls. It was still like high school to her. She was still a cheerleader, co cap, if I may add, and she was still as popular as Vegeta, but on the boys. Which she was really flattered of, but is really pissing Vegeta off.

Everything was quiet when she entered, which was really weird since every time she goes on a date with Vegeta, Sophie always stays up to hear what happened. Sophie also has a crush on Vegeta. She smiled at the thought, Vegeta would always do anything to avoid her. She continued smiling as she took her jacket off.

She then stopped smiling when she noticed the bathroom light were on and the door was half open, plus she can hear the shower on. She slowly walked over to the shower and slowly opened the door.

"Sophie?" she called. She continued advancing and then held the shower curtain. She pulled it open and her eyes widened in shock. There in the bathtub, Sophie's dead, naked body drowning in her own blood. Her mouth opened but no scream or any sign of whimpering came out. Her jaw shook, she fell on her but, her eyes noticed something written on the wall so she looked at the tiled bathroom wall.

A flashback of Marron's death invaded her thoughts as she read the message on the tiled wall, in red letters due to Sophie's blood.

You know me, I know you, I still need the blood and the scream that you and your friends owe me!