Author's Note: This story takes place in the setting of Ancient Egypt 3,000 years ago. This story is based on the manga that has currently not been translated into English yet. Kisara is the girl who hosts the Blue- eyes White Dragon that Priest Seto rescued from a group of villagers who were attacking her because her skin was a different color and she had blue eyes. -Yuugi-chan


Priest Seto's POV:
It had been many moons since Kisara's ka had been extracted and put into the stone tablet. Many thought she was dead, even I. I had always had that fear ever since I rescued her from a local group of villagers who were throwing stones and physically abusing her because of her racial differences. I was on a ka hunt that day, and when I stumbled across her, she was extremely weak and dehydrated from lack of water. I never thought that she would host a God. It was Priest Shadi that had detected it, saying he saw the form of a white dragon with his Millennium Key.
I brought her to the palace in secret where she rested in the palace's medical chambers. She did not wake up until four suns after she arrived. During that time, I checked up on her each day. I never thought she'd wake up, but thank Ra she did.
When Priest Akunadin suggested that we put her in where the prisoners trained to strengthen their ka, I tried to protest, but for some reason, Priest Akunadin's look froze me, making me unable to continue. Foolishly, I agreed.
According to Gelbeck, our assistant, her ka should come out by Kisara's will to live. But he was wrong; she was getting ready to die. Before I knew what I was doing, Kisara and I were hanging many feet above ground that seemed to have no end. It was at that moment that Kisara released her ka, a white dragon with blue eyes. Ra must have been watching over us because I don't know how we both managed to survive.
Kisara was unconscious and was sent back to the palace's medical chambers. Gelbeck explained that Kisara's ka was also her ba, so when the white dragon is released, she is in a state of suspended animation. Akunadin-sama said we should extract Kisara's ka from her and making me the dragon's new vessel. This would leave Kisara as an empty vessel.
I was shocked. Priest Akunadin taught me everything I know; he showed mercy to even the cruelest of criminals, so why would he want to take an innocent girl's ka leaving her to die? Something was wrong with Priest Akunadin, I could feel it. It was something dark and cold. I could see it in his eyes.
It wasn't until after her ka was sealed in the tablet, that I didn't take life for granted anymore. What had I done? She was dead. That's when I wondered whether my life was worth living anymore. Was there even anything left that was worth living for. I considered this as my first and only love died in my own hands, and the cause of it was me. I don't deserve the right to live anymore.