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Part IV

Not able to wait until the next night, Buffy climbed out of bed. She took in her appearance-she was wearing a slinky tank top and her underwear-and decided to throw on a pair of sweats. She figured in case she had to wait a while she didn't want to be cold.

Not caring how messy her hair was, or the fact that their were black tear tracks down the sides of her face from her mascara, she automatically went to grab a stake before heading out her window, part of her usual routine. As the wood made contact with her hand she realized what she was doing and dropped the weapon on the floor. Why bother to bring a stake? She wasn't going to slay vampires this time.

As she perched on the windowsill she took one more glance back into her bedroom. She thought of her mother. Should she leave a note?

Feelings of guilt made there way to the surface, but she shook her head and decided against it. Leaving a note might just make things harder.

She proceeded to slide down the edge of the window to the porch roof, and grabbing a protruding limb from the tree in front of her window she swung down to the ground, landing perfectly poised on her feet. She then took one last glance at her house, and turned in the general direction of Sunnydale's many cemeteries.

Her feet seemed to take her as she headed down the street and before she knew it she was standing in front of the gates of Restfield, one of the cemeteries where she spent many nights patrolling and fighting the forces of evil. She took a deep breath and agilely climbed up the wall landing inside the cemetery. She made her way to one of her favorite spots in the entire cemetery-one of her favorite places in all of Sunnydale, and the fact that it was in a graveyard did not escape her. It was at the foot of a great sprawling tree. She had spent a lot of time sitting under this particular tree, taking advantage of it protection, it's strength. Whether she was bored and waiting for action during patrol, in need of a quiet place to just sit and think, or hiding from her life, under this tree was the place she seemed to always come to. She and Angel had spent many moments here, too, just enjoying each other's company. Angel. The tree kind of reminded her of Angel-the way it was so strong, so protective, so solid and unwavering. God, she wished that he were here. She wanted so desperately just to run to him and be held protectively in his arms, to let him kiss and caress all of her problems away, to be guarded from the cruel, harsh reality that was her world.

Sighing she slid to the ground underneath the tree. She would sit here and wait, knowing that she probably wouldn't have to wait long for some vampire to sense her and decide that she would make a nice meal, after all, this was the Hellmouth; there certainly wasn't a shortage in the local demon population.