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The Kaiba Twins

Ch.1: They Arrive

-_-_-Seto's Point of View-_-_-

I looked up from my papers to the old clock that hung upon the flat surface of the tan wall. 9'o clock Mokuba should be going to bed. I pushed away from the wooden desk that was piled up with documents and papers and headed out of the room. I headed down the stairs and through the hallway to the game room. I opened the sliding door and entered the room. The light was bright and the walls were a sky blue. Mokuba sat on a green beanbag chair in front of the television. I walked over to the white couch and took a seat waiting for him to beat the game. It shouldn't be that long til he beat the game. About five minutes I could hear Mokuba's whine about how he lost the game. "Aw man I was so close." He cried out. "Alright Mokuba you know what time it is." I stated standing up from the couch. "Okay." He turned off the game and then the television. "Meet you upstairs Oni-chan." He stated racing past me and out of the room. I slowly walked and followed him. I went up the stairs and went to the third door on the left. He was just getting his pajama top on and grinned at me. He then ran over to the bed jumping on it and crawling under the covers. I walked over and tucked him in placing a light kiss on his forehead. "Night Big Brother." He stated and then yawned closing his gray eyes. I walked over to the door and flicked the light switch off. "G'night Mokuba." I say while closing the door. I slowly made my way down the hallway to the eight door. I walked back into the study and retook my seat at the desk. I instantly began to work on the bills and construction payments for Kaiba Corp. The time flew by and my work was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I looked up from my desk and at the clock on my wall. 10:34p.m. 'Who could that be?' I asked myself. I walked down the stairs and to the front door. I unlocked it and opened it to see two girls standing there. The must have been the same height as Yugi's friend Bakura. They looked like they were about 15. One girl had straight brown hair the fell down to her waist. She had gray eyes that glistened and there was a smile upon her face. She wore a orange tanktop that had dark blue trim around it. The number 21 was on it also in dark blue. She wore dark blue bellbottoms that had glittery butterflies on them. "Hey I'm Sahirah and this is my twin sister Katrina." The girl stated glancing over to the girl next to her. This girl had brown hair with black strips that stopped at her shoulder blades. She had blue eyes and no emotion on her face. She wore a white shirt that had a butterfly on it. She had dark blue shorts on. "Well what can I help you with?" I asked them. "Well…you see we just some information form a orphanage that we used to be in when we were little. Well them um… told us that…well they said…um…" The gray eyed one struggled and stumbled over her words, which was making me mad. I heard the blue-eyed girl sigh. "What she's trying to say is that the orphanage told us that you Seto, is our older brother." Katrina stated cutting off Sahirah off. I stood there and stared at let letting the information sink into my head. A few seconds later I could feel a smile starting to form on my face and I began to laugh. After a few moments I calmed down and stared at them both had was so serious. I was starting to believe them because they looked so serious. "Nice try girls but I'm smarter than that and I know for a fact that I only have on sibling and that is my younger brother." I stated. I could see that Katrina was getting very mad. "Listen you can think that were not your sisters all you want. However, Seto Kaiba, we are your little sisters. You see when all of us, meaning Mokuba, Sahirah, you, and I went to the orphanage we all promised to stay together. However, by the second week one of the caretakers figured nobody would adopt four kids. She figured that it would never work out and found Sahirah and I a foster family. No matter how much we tried to protest they forced us into leaving. Sahirah and I decided that we needed to remember who our brothers were. When our foster parents died in a car crash we decided that we needed to find you guys. If you don't believe us you can call the orphanage yourself." Katrina stated. "You wasted enough of my time remove yourselves off my property or I will have you escorted." I stated receiving a sharp glare from both girls. " Fine whatever don't believe us." Sahirah whispered with tears forming at her eyes. "Your such a jerk Seto Shawn Kaiba." Katrina smirked as my eyes grew wide. Nobody except for Mokuba and the dead lady at the orphanage, and myself knew my middle name. (Author Note: I made up Seto's middle name for I don't know the real one.) "Um…yeah…come in. I'm gonna call the orphanage and figure this out." I announced letting them into the house. They stepped in and I closed the door behind them walking ahead of them.

-_-_-Sahirah's Point of View-_-_-

Seto walked past us and to a small round wooden table that had a white phone resting on it. He picked it put and dialed the number quickly. I looked around the room that had bleach white walls. Pictures and paintings hung from the walls and some flowers where on the small round tables that were around the border of the room. A spiral stair case was to the right that went up two more stories up. In the corner of the room below a window laid a green book bag with a pair of Nike sneakers. "Yes…well thank you for clearing that up." I heard Seto state hanging up the phone. "So what did they say?" I asked watching Seto just stand there. "Well um… they said that you were telling the truth." He stated slowly like he was letting the news sink in his skull. "See we weren't lying to you." I chirped. "Right… well lets see I'll have one of my maids go and order you school uniforms and pick them up in the morning for school tomorrow. You'll be enrolled into Domino High School. Ninth grade right?" He asked. "Tenth… we skipped seventh grade." We both stated together. "Uh…right how about I show you to your rooms now. Follow me." Seto commanded. He lead us up the spiral stairs to the second floor and down the hallway to the sixth door. He pulled out some keys from his pocket and unlocked the French double doors. "This will be Sahirah's room." He opened the doors and turned on the light. Dark teal walls came into sight as the light hit them. The furniture was wood that was polished a dark brown. The cover to the queen size bed were a light teal to match the walls. On the table next to the bed were white lilies and a picture frame. I gasped. "Seto this room is wonderful." He shook his head. "I'm glad that you like it. Now I'll let you settle in your new room." He stated walking of the room with Katrina.

-_-_-Katrina's Point Of View-_-_-

Seto walked down one more room. He pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the doors that were similar to Sahirah's. Opening the door and turning on the light a gasp escaped my mouth. The walls were dark purple and my furniture was wooden as well and was polished light brown. The covers were light purple that contrasted nicely with the walls. There was a table next to the bed that had a vase of lilacs. " Well I'll let you get settled. I have work to do when you see Sahirah please tell her that school starts at 8:00. I don't want to disturb her." He walked out of the room closing the doors behind him. I walked over to the bed and sat down on it. I just sat there in disbelief thoughts racing through my mind. A soft knock was heard at the door that snapped me out of my trance. "Come in." I replied and saw Sahirah walk into the room closing the doors. Then she walked over to me and took a seat besides me on the bed. "I can't believe we finally found them. I'm so happy I could cry." Sahirah stated. "I know…" I trailed off finding my bracelet very interesting. "Your not worried are you?" She asked. "About this new power. You know it started ever since I had this bracelet. I have a hard time controlling it what if…" I trailed off again. "Don't worry my visions tell me everything will be okay. We have this items for a reason. I have the earrings and you the bracelet. Hopefully we'll figure the reasons soon." She stated. "School starts tomorrow at 8'o clock." I said. "Oh…that's right. I'm so nervous." She stated gazing at the floor. "Don't worry we'll be fine." I reassured her. "Your right… well I don't want to be drowsy for the first day of school." She stated looking up from the floor smiling. "Goodnight Kat." She got up walking to the door. "Goodnight Sahirah." She walked out of the room. I got changed into my purple pajama pants with my white top. I walked over to the light witch and turned it off. I walked over to the bed and climbed in allowing the darkness to consume my mind.


"Young miss it's time to wake up." A female voice called up awaking me from my deep sleep. When she saw I was finally up she smiled. "My name Ginger. Your school uniform is on the dresser." She smiled and walked out of the room leaving me to change. I walked over to the dresser and looked at the outfit. Blue skirt, a white shirt, and a pink vest. I shudder at the outfit. I walked over to my bag that I had a changed from my pajama's to my tan bellbottoms and my white t-shirt. I walked over to the dresser. I brushed my hair and picked up the ugly uniform. I walked out of my room to meet Sahirah walking out of her room. " I guess you didn't like the uniform either." She stated. "You mean this ugly thing that had pink on it?" I asked. "Yup." She smiled. "I spit on pink. I find it too girly along with skirts." I looked at what she was wearing. She had her dark blue flares on with her red t-shirt. In her hands was her uniform. We walked downstairs and found Seto in a room that looked like a study. The was a fire going on in the fire place. We looked at each other and nodded. Seto didn't even know that we were there. We both walked over to the fire place and threw the uniforms in it. "What did you just throw in the fire place?" Seto asked. "Nothing." We lied smirking. "You just threw your uniforms in the fire didn't you?" Seto asked. "Were we that easy to read?" Sahirah asked. All Seto did was shake his head in a negative matter. "Oni-chan who are they?" A little boy asked as he stood at the doorway. He had blackish-grayish hair that and gray eyes. "Mokuba these are your…sisters." Seto stated. "Oni-chan I have sisters?" Mokuba asked. "Uh…yeah. They just came home last night. This is Katrina and Sahirah." Seto explained. "Right. Anyway the limo is waiting in the driveway." Mokuba stated. We all walked out of the house and into the limo.

-_-_-In the limo -_-_-

"Alright I want to know more about you guys after school. Bye see you later." Mokuba stated getting out of the limo running up to his friends. The whole way to his school they explained to Mokuba on how they got there and how they found out that they were their sisters. In less than two minutes we arrived at Domino High School. Seto stepped out of the car and we followed behind him. We received some glances and could hear some people whispering as we walked by. Seto brung us to the main office where we got enrolled and yelled at when they found out that no matter what they did we weren't gonna wear the school uniforms. We finally got our schedules. Most of our classes were the same as Seto except for special and the math and science classes where switched for the periods. We all went to homeroom where Sahirah and I were talking to the teacher and Seto took a seat inside. The teacher asked us stupid questions and stuff before sending us into the classroom. "Class may I have your attention please. Class settle down…Joey Wheeler! Take a seat now." The teacher yelled at a boy who had blonde hair and brown eyes. He was wearing the same uniform as the rest of the boys. A blue suit that had gold buttons down the jacket. "Class this is Sahirah Kaiba. She has just enrolled into the school today. Would you please tell us about yourself Sahirah?" The teacher asked. Sahirah looked at the class. "Very well. As you already know my name is Sahirah Kaiba. I have just moved here from the United States along with my twin sister Katrina. We are twins and don't look alike at all. I skipped seventh grade and believe or not I am very fond of the Duel Monsters game." She stated. "Very well Katrina please say something about yourself." The teacher insisted. "Fine. I'm Katrina Kaiba I am very fond of Duel Monsters and Dungeon Dice Monsters. Sadly we had to come here because our foster parents died in a car crash about three weeks ago." I stated. "Well I'm very sorry for your loss. Now if anyone in the class you like to ask them a question now is this time." The teacher announced. A boy with tri colored hair raised his hand. "Yes Yugi." The teacher called upon him. "You both said that you liked Duel Monsters. I was wondering what are your two favorite cards?" he asked. "Well I'd have to say I like Lady Assailant of Flames. However my favorite card is a rare one called Lion's Den." Sahirah stated. "I like The Lady of Faith when she is fused with the Witch of the Black Forest. However I love a rare card as well it is called Fox Fang Illusion." I stated. (Author's Note: I made up Lion's Den and Fox Fang Illusion.) The boy Joey raised his hand. "Uh yeah…How old are ya both exactly? You don't look 16." I smirked. "Wow you catch on quick. Maybe if you were listening before your would of heard the part about us skipping seventh grade. Were one year younger than you. How about you do the math." Sahirah stated. The girl next to him had brown hair that stopped at her chin I guess you could say and had blue eyes. She raised her hand. " Why aren't you wearing the school uniform?" She asked. "What's your name?" I asked. "Tea Gardner." She stated. "Well Tea…you see Sahirah and I aren't that very fond of girly things like skirts and pink clothing. So we set our uniforms on fire this morning. Everyone just seemed to stare in shock. A bell rang and the teacher told us to go to our seats. She looked around the room checking to see whose here and who wasn't. "Hey I'm Yugi Moto." The tri colored hair kid stated smiling at us. "I'm Joey as you already know." The blonde stated. "Tristan." A brown hair kid stated. "I'm Bakura." A white haired kid stated in a British accent. "Malik Ishtar." A sandy colored hair boy stated. Tea was there but didn't say anything. "Hey were sorry if we were rude when we answered your question Joey. No hard feelings." I stated. We allowed them to look over our schedules.

-_-_-Malik's Point of View-_-_-

It's only second period and I'm sat with Katrina in both classes. /Malik!/ I could hear my Yami yell. //What? I'm in the middle of class.// I stated. /Is the pharaoh or tomb robber near you?/ He asked. //No why?// I asked him now interested in what he was talking about. /I feel something like a Millennium Item near by. Who is near you?/ He asked. //The new girl Katrina. Her brother is Seto Kaiba.// I stated. /Look at her and see if he is holding a Millennium Item./ He commanded. //Fine.// I sighed. I glanced at her in the corner of my eye. She was writing down the formula for the chemistry lab. I looked at her clothes for a belt or pin. Nothing. I looked at her neck to see if she had a necklace on. Nope. I looked at her hands no rings but what's this a bracelet. "Hmm… Katrina may I see your bracelet it's very nice." I stated. "Um…sure." She replied. She held out her arm and I looked at the bracelet. Little charms of tiny pyramids that had the Egyptian eye on it where dangling on it. "Very cool. It's Egyptian right?" I asked. "I believe so. Why do you ask?" She asked. "I am Egyptian. I transferred last year." I stated. "Oh that's awesome. Egypt looks like awesome place I always wanted to go there." She stated. "Malik! Katrina! Pay attention!" The teacher barked. "Yes Sensei!" We both answered. //She has a Millennium bracelet.// I stated. /Perfect./ My Yami answered.

-_-_-Bakura's Point of View-_-_-

I felt a tug at the front of my shirt. I looked down to see the glowing of my Millennium Ring. I leaned forward so nobody could see it . Two of the points were up. One was pointing to Katrina and the other to Sahirah. /The ring it says there are Millennium Items near-by./I though not realizing I felt my mind link open. //Really? Who does it point to?// My Yami asked. /Yami…/ I stop. //Tell me now before I take over.// He yelled. /It points to Katrina and Sahirah./ I stated. //Who the hell are they?// He asked. /The Kaiba sisters./ I stated looking at Sahirah. She looked over to me and smiled. Something shined by her ear. I look at it and see a pyramid with the Egyptian eye on it. She does own a Millennium Item. I look over to Malik at Katrina. Malik looked at me and then at Katrina's hand. Her bracelet is a Millennium Item. This could mean trouble for them.

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