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::::::::: Explanations :::::::::

Finally, landing on the ground, Draco decided that he'd go read the book his father had given him earlier then go talk to Harry, alone. He would tell Harry all he needed to know, and nothing more. Pulling his wings back into his body, he vanished from the room without a trace, proving that he truly could. . .

::: Draco :::

Opening his eyes, Draco found himself in his house common room. The process had been that easy and unlike traveling by port key, floo powder, or apparation, there was no sound or feeling involved with the process. He simply wanted to be in his common room, then he was there! Once again, Draco found himself amazed at the true extent of his abilities.

Stopping for a moment, Draco looked around the common room to make sure no one had noticed his entrance. The sight that greeted him was a common one. Dejected, angry Slytherins were sulking throughout the room, obviously still upset over losing to the 'Gryffindorks' yet again.

'They probably blame it on me, like they always do,' Draco thought, heading towards the 6th year boy's dorms, hoping that nobody would bother him. He got his wish. After entering his room, Draco shut and locked the door with a quick flick of his wrist. 'Wandless magic,' he pondered. 'Hmmm....I could get used to this. Now where did I put that book?' he asked himself, going to his dresser. After searching there, his closet his trunk, and his night stand, Draco flounced onto his bed unceremoniously, taking in the fact that his room was totaled. Clothes lay heaped all over the floor and other various expensive articles were strewn about the room carelessly. Then, he stopped.

"What am I doing?" he asked rhetorically, realizing exactly what he was doing: wasting his time. "Accio book !" he commanded sharply and watched as the book came flying out from under his four-poster bead. 'Aha!' he exclaimed.

Flicking his wrist with one hand and catching the book in the other, Draco sent all his articles flying back into their respective places before laying on his stomach on the bed. It was nearly time for dinner, but figuring that this was more important than food, he decided to skip the meal and just order up some food later on if he was hungry.

Making himself comfortable for a long read, Draco looked critically at the book in front of him. Delicately tracing his finger over the cover he noticed that the once tattered cover was now mended and looked brand new. There was also a strange symbol on it that had never been there before. It reminded Draco of an design he had seen somewhere before, but he couldn't place where. Making a mental note to check up on it later, Draco flipped the cover of the book and looked over the first page. The words were written in a language or writing system that Draco was unfamiliar with. It consisted strange symbols, similar to the one on the front cover, and characters he had never seen before, and yet, the Slytherin boy could understand every one of them. Figuring it was just another of his new abilities, Draco began to read and didn't stop until he had finished the book.

Finally, nearly an hour later, Draco closed the book and sat up. 'So that's where I had seen that symbol before!' Draco thought, recalling the strangely familiar design on the cover. The book, in roughly translated English, had stated that the next time Draco touched Harry, or vise-versa, Draco would become bound to Harry. The symbol on the front of the book would appear on both Harry and Draco, showing that Draco belonged to Harry and Harry was protected by him. Draco had seen the symbol before, only slightly different, on his fathers arm, right above his dark mark. He had never thought to ask about it before, but now he knew.

Once the bond was in place, Draco's life force would become directly connected to Harry's so the Fae would feel whatever his ward was feeling. Whether he was happy, angry, sad, or hurt, Draco would know, and could be there in an instant if need be. Also, once bonded to Draco, if Harry were attacked and Draco wasn't there, the Fae would atomically take on half the damage, simply through the bond. If he was there, however, nothing could break through to Harry (unless Draco was killed, of course) as long as they simply touched.

There were many other things the book explained, mainly Fae magic, its laws, and its hidden secrets from the rest of the world. Fae's were devoutly attentive to their charges and gave anything and everything to keep them safe, because once they took on their powers, they valued their life more than anything else. If anyone even looked like they were threatening to their charge, it wasn't un-common for them to be killed automatically.

Draco decided it was time to talk to Harry. "You've fought alone for so long, Harry. You will stand alone no more." With that Draco focused on going to Harry, and in the next instant, was gone.

::: Harry :::

After storming out of the hospital wing, Harry went outside to the lake, knowing full well that Ron and Hermione would soon be following him. Harry couldn't stay angry at Ron long. He knew how much the red-head hated Malfoy for all the teasing the Slytherin shot at the three of them.

'I understand Ron being angry, but seriously, what was I supposed to do? Let Draco die? Ron's crazy to think that! Even if he doesn't know how I really feel about Draco, he couldn't expect me to just let someone die like that,' Harry thought to himself. 'Maybe I should tell them...'

Sitting down by the edge of the lake, Harry sighed busied himself looking out over the water, thinking about his love. 'I hope Draco's okay. Madame Pomfrey said he would be fine, that he only passed out, but I can help but worry about him. I wish I could just hold him, protect him from the world. . .but would Ron and Hermione understand? Would *Draco* understand? Could he ever love me?'

About twenty minutes later, Harry heard someone approaching. He turned his gaze from the water to discover that Ron and Hermione had finally found him. When they reached Harry, both sat down beside him. While Hermione looked Harry in the eyes, prepared to apologize, Ron pulled his knee's up to his chest and looked at his feet, avoiding Harry's gaze. Before Hermione could start, Harry spoke, looking from Ron to Hermione and back again.

"There's something I have to tell you guys. I don't know if you'll understand. . .and I guess I can forgive you if you don't approve, but please try to. I couldn't live with myself if you hated me for this," Harry pleaded.

Ron picked his head up from his knees and looked at Harry, questioningly. "Harry, nothing you could say could make us hate you! How could you think that?" Ron asked, looking at a disbelieving Hermione.

"I hope that's true Ron. I think it's you who will have the biggest problem with this," Harry stated. "Look, I don't know how to say it other that to just say it so, here goes. . ." Harry trailed off and looked back over the lake.

"It's okay Harry. Just tell us. We'll understand," Hermione coaxed, already knowing, and fearing what Harry was about to say. She had had a feeling for a while, and was fine with Harry's decision. She was just afraid of two things. One being Ron's reaction, and the other was Harry being shot down and rejected.

"I. . .Ron, Hermione, I think I love. . .no. I know I do," Harry stalled, then sighed. "I love Draco Malfoy."

Hermione winced visibly and turned to stare at Ron who's head snapped up sharply to stare at Harry's back. She prepared herself to calm the two boys down if the need arose.

Harry turned around to meet Ron's eyes. He wasn't afraid of Hermione's reaction. He knew she'd always be there for him no matter what he did, and no matter who he cared for. Ron, on the other hand looked furious. Harry felt the need to defend himself and Draco.

"I don't see the problem Ron. I can't help who I like and who I don't! I know he always teases us, but maybe. . .maybe he feels the same way! Maybe he doesn't think he has a chance with me so he teases just so he can be near me a while longer! Maybe. . .Oh, god listen to me," Harry flounced down on the ground despondently.

"I'm saying what I want to hear, not reality. If that were the truth, I'd know it by now. *Draco*, afraid to talk to *me*! Yeah. . ." he mumbled.

Hermione shot Ron a look before stepping forward, kneeling down, and embracing Harry from behind. "You know I have no problem with your decision Harry. I love you and I always will. Draco should be honored to have an amazing guy like you after his affection. I know I would," she flirted, smiling at Harry and smirking as Ron made a strangled noise. The two had been courting each other for a while now and Ron was just working up the nerve to ask her out. She knew that her blatant flirting would divert some of Ron's. . .whatever he was feeling, from Harry onto her.

"Thanks Hermione. I knew I could count on you," he said relieved. "Ron?"

Ron hesitated before scooting over to the two and joining the group hug. "Look mate, I don't have a problem with you. . . err, liking guys, but it's just *Malfoy*! I'm not saying I won't *try* but it may take a while to get used to. I don't want you to get hurt Harry, so be careful." Ron said standing up.

Hermione moved got up with Ron and gave him a grateful look, which he smiled at. Harry looked up at Ron. "Thanks Ron. You have no idea what this means to me. I know this will be hard, and there probably will never be a 'this' anyways, since Malfoy hates us so much, but there's always that one chance," Harry said. "Hey, it's almost time for dinner. Why don't you two head up to the Great Hall. I don't feel like eating now and I need some time to think about things."

Hermione started to argue, but Ron pulled her towards the castle. "Sure thing mate. Don't stay out too long okay?"

"I'll be about an hour. See you guys in the common room later tonight okay? Wait up for me!" Harry called to the retreating backs of his friends.

"Bye, Harry!" Hermione called over her shoulder.

Harry lay down on the ground, his arms folded under his head and his knees bent, pointing to the sky. Distantly, he noticed that it was a full moon. 'Remus will be out tonight,' he thought. 'Only this time, he wont have anyone to run with. Sirius is gone. . .'

With that thought, silent tears began to force their way out of Harry's eyes. He missed his godfather more and more each day. It hurts losing someone you just found, especially when that someone was the only father figure you had. 'I miss him so much. Poor Remus must be lonely too. I'll have to go to his quarters and check on him tomorrow,' Harry decided.

Remus had come back to fill the DADA teaching position at Hogwarts again. He hadn't been able to find a job for the longest time and Dumbledore had taken pity on him after losing his life-long friend and lover. Losing Sirius was a shock to them all, but none as much as Remus and Harry.

Sighing softly, Harry looked up at the sky. The sun was just beginning to set and it was casting it's fading light across the landscape, turning the skies a beautiful orange and red. The temperature was warm and perfect on the late April evening and there was a cool gentle wind blowing through, ruffling leaves on the trees surrounding the castle.

'Everything is so calm and tranquil here,' Harry thought. 'It would be amazing to just lay out here, curled up with someone, sharing this moment. If only I had that someone. If only I had Draco. He doesn't realize how good I could be for him. I would give him the world if he would be mine.'

Closing his eyes, Harry listened to the soft sound of water lapping at the shoreline and the rustle of leaves as the wind blew through them, as the sun slowly gave way to night. The last thing Harry felt was the warmth of the setting sun on his body, before he fell into a fitful, well-deserved sleep.

Nearly an hour later, Harry woke, feeling as though he were being watched. He opened his eyes and slowly sat up, stretching his back slightly. He was about to call out and ask if anyone was there when he heard a voice that sent shivers up and down his spine.

"Harry, I need to talk to you."

It was him. It was Draco. Harry was fully awake now.

::: Draco :::

When Draco opened his eyes, expecting to find himself somewhere in the Gryffindor tower, he was surprised to find himself out by the lake. Then he spotted Harry, lying, body prone on the ground. At first he was frantic, automatically assuming he was dead, but then common sense took him over and he knew that he was simply sleeping.

'Why is Harry out here sleeping, alone? Someone could just walk up here and kill him without anyone knowing! You're foolish, Harry! You should know better, trusting everyone around you like that,' he scolded the boy mentally, before giving up in favor of staring at his beautiful Harry's sleeping form.

Unconsciously taking a step forward, out of his concealed arrival point, Draco devoured the sight in front of him. His dark angel lay out on his back, his arms above his head and his robes pooling around his body in a way that Draco could see every contour of his body. The Slytherin's eyes took in the site hungrily and he almost started forward to touch the boy when his heightened senses told him that the Gryffindor had woken, damn his luck.

He watched as Harry sat up slowly, leisurely arching his back in a slight stretch. Draco couldn't handle it anymore. Either he said something, or he pounced, and he knew Harry wouldn't appreciate the latter of the two much. He said the only thing that could come to his mind.

"Harry, I need to talk to you," he said, his voice sounding more controlled that he felt.

When he saw the boy shiver, Draco almost lost control. There couldn't be any more of these late-evening meetings. With the sun barely visible on the horizon and the sky an on-coming dark blue, the setting was perfect for those all-to-real dreams each boy had been having about the other respectively.

::: Both :::

"Yes?" Harry asked, breaking the moments silence whilst standing up and turning around to face the other boy.

'Strange, it's like he knew it was me. That's odd.' Draco thought before answering Harry aloud. "I just wanted to thank you for, you know, saving my life today. I *would* have died today if not for you."

"Oh," Harry stated. "Well, it was no problem really. I couldn't just let my archenemy die, now could I? Who would I fight with then?" His half-hearted attempt at a joke was sorely obvious.

"Hmm," was all Draco said. Then, when Harry looked down at his feet embarrassed, he added, "Aw, come on Harry. You know you would have missed me at least a little bit!" Draco loved the way Harry's name rolled off his tongue

Harry looked startled for a moment then looked up at Draco and smiled, eyes alight with laughter. 'That's the second time he's said 'Harry' already. I wonder. . .' he thought, then put his thoughts into words. "Of course I would miss you. . .Draco."

Draco stared at Harry's smile and his hard, calm reserve melted from his face. He felt his last strand of control, and clung to it, until he heard it. Harry called him Draco. Staring at the raven boy a few feet from him, he decided that if he *had* to touch him to create the saving bond, at least he'd do it the right way. Closing the distance between them, Draco reached his hand up and grabbed a fist-full of Harry's hair, dragging the boy's face down to meet his own.

The second his hand had touched Harry, Draco had felt a curious heat on his back between his shoulder blades, and knew that the bonding mark had appeared on he and Harry both. Then Draco realized what he was about to do, and froze.

Harry, on the other hand, didn't hesitate. Once Draco had touched Harry, the Gryffindor knew that there was no stopping it. 'If he didn't want this, he shouldn't have grabbed me down to him,' he thought distantly before leaning down further and claiming the sweet lips of the boy he had wanted forever.

The kiss was a sweet, innocent one at first, but when Harry felt Draco's other arm snake it's way around his neck, he wrapped his arm around the smaller boy's waist and placed his hand on the back of his head. Both boy's gasped as they felt each other's warm, hard bodies up against each other. Draco, finally realizing that Harry actually *wanted* to kiss him, took advantage of the boy's parted lips and delved deeper into the Gryffindor's mouth, exploring him, tasting him as if his life depended on it.

Harry groaned into the kiss and fought back, his tongue battling for dominance. When he heard Draco moan throatily in approval, Harry reached his arm down from the blonde's waist and scooped Draco up to his hips, straightening so their head were no longer bent.

Draco felt Harry lift his body from the ground, carrying his weight easily. The Slytherin wrapped his legs around Harry's waist, enjoying the height boost. He broke away from Harry's lips for a quick moment in which both boys gasped for air, before Draco spoke, slowly, grinning.

"You called me Draco." It was an obvious statement.

"And *you* called *me* Harry. . .twice," came Harry's reply, before Draco re-claimed his mouth once again.

::: End Ch 3 :::

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