A Witch's Family

SETTINGS: The much awaited (*cough cough*) sequel to 'A Murderer's Daughter'.  Set pretty much straight where we left off.  Voldemort's dead and gone, the Gang's going into the sixth year, and Buffy's just seen Willow strolling through London.

SPOILERS: Uh, up to Season Three I guess.  And the first four HP books.

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"So?  Spill already!"

Buffy Summers couldn't help but laugh, her friend's enthusiasm was something she had missed desperately over the last year.  Willow Rosenburg bounced eagerly in her seat, unable to believe that she'd run into her blonde friend in London of all places.  It had happened when Willow had least expected it to, but then again, things like that usually did happen when you didn't expect it to happen.

"What do you wanna know?" Buffy asked, unable to contain the grin that was spread across her face. 

"Duh!" Willow said, exasperation in her tone and showing on her face.  "Everything!  This whole 'not a Slayer' thing, your sudden hottie of a cousin with a Spike-complex.  Just…everything."

Buffy grinned.

"Short version or long?"

"Depends," Willow said, frowning a little.  "How long will the long version take?"

"Coupla hours," Buffy replied nonchalantly.

They were seated in a café on a busy street in Muggle London.  Of course, Willow had no idea that there was a portion of London that was Magical London.  Buffy sipped at her steaming mocha, pretending that nothing was fazing her.

"Oh…well, short version I guess."

"Hmmm, turns out there's a big community of witches and wizards who survive solely on magic.  I was meant to have been brought up there, cos I'm the daughter of a very powerful wizard."

"But…what about your mom?" Willow asked.

Buffy sighed.  It still hurt to think about her mom, the gentle Joyce Summers who Buffy had loved tremendously.  But the love her mom had felt towards her had been a lie.

"Not really my mom.  Some spell that the bigwigs here did to make her think I was hers."

Willow winced.  "Ouch.  I guess that explains why she up and left Sunnydale so quickly.  We were so confused when we went by your house only to find that your mom had moved already.  When Giles called and told us that you'd relocated, we figured that your mom had gone with you, but…wow, that's so harsh."

Buffy nodded.  "That's putting it lightly.  Hmmm, to cut a long story short, the better part of last year was the worst few months of my life, sucking beyond the telling of it.  Went up against the biggest Big Bad you've ever seen, defeated him, and managed to pass all my exams as well as stay in a steady relationship."

Willow's jaw dropped.  She wasn't sure which had shocked her more, Buffy passing all her exams or the biggest Big Bad portion of Buffy's explanation.  Buffy grinned at her friend's reaction and calmly finished the rest of her drink.

"So, you said it'd take how many hours to do the long explanation?"


Three hours later, Willow had tears in her eyes and no idea of what to say to her best friend.  She'd been angry at Buffy for going away without telling them, but hearing about what had happened to her best friend, Willow found herself unable to hate Buffy.  If anything, Willow only felt sorrow at not being able to be there during what was possibly the worst year of her friends life.

It was strange to think that Buffy wasn't eighteen.  The Gang had sent her gifts for her eighteenth birthday, and to hear that Buffy was actually only just about to turn seventeen was a little disturbing.  Willow didn't even want to think about the fact that Buffy had now lost her virginity at fifteen and a half instead of seventeen.  It was just too weird to deal with.

"Wow," Willow said for about the seventh time in ten minutes.

Buffy nodded and sipped at her drink.  She was on her fourth mocha, while Willow was only on her second.  Buffy remembered that her friend wouldn't be able to handle another of the sugared beverage, and made a note to herself to make sure Willow had no more.

"That's…amazing," Willow said.

"Pretty much threw me for a loop," Buffy said.

Willow swallowed hard and tried to put herself in Buffy's place.  She couldn't even begin to imagine being strong enough to make it through what the small blonde girl had gone through.  Months of rumours and gossip and heartache and nightmares.  It didn't sound fun and Willow didn't envy her.  Except for the part where Buffy was able to do complicated magic almost without even trying.

"I'm sorry," Willow said for the twelfth time.

"Not your fault," Buffy replied nonchalantly.  "'Sides, there was nothing you could have done.  I'm just glad that you guys aren't mad at me."

Willow shook her head.  "We were hurt for a while, but…then when Angel came back to Sunnydale and gave us half an explanation, we…it was better.  Knowing that you were okay.  We were so worried about you.  We got one phone call from Giles saying he'd found you but that the Council had relocated the two of you.  I wanted to talk to you…all the time, but…I get why you couldn't."

Buffy smiled, thankful that her friend understood what had happened.  Whilst Willow may not have been happy about it, she did understand. 

"So…can I see you sometime, or can't you leave the school?" Willow asked.

"Technically, I'm not allowed to leave, but when has that ever stopped me?"

Willow laughed and shook her head, thankful that some things never changed.

"I really missed you, you know."

Buffy gave her friend a half smile and nodded.  "I know the feeling."

They stood simultaneously without a spoken word.  Willow laughed a little at how in sync they still were even after a year of being apart.  They exited the café, the waitress waving to the pair who had been sitting there and ordering drink after drink for so many hours.

Willow had given Buffy a condensed version of the story in Sunnydale.  Buffy was surprised to hear that Angel and Xander were almost actually civil to each other nowadays.  After the 'clothes fluke' between Xander and Willow before Homecoming, Xander and Oz's friendship had died and Xander had been desperate for male companionship.  Xander being friendly to the brooding vampire had shocked Willow tremendously, but she thought it was nice that Xander had finally forgiven Angel for what had happened.

The new Slayer to be called after Kendra had visited Sunnydale to foil the Mayor, Richard Wilkins III's, plans to become a pure demon.  The girl, Faith, hadn't stayed in Sunnydale, but Willow had genuinely liked the new Slayer and had kept in contact with her through emails every other week.

"So, when do you start at Oxford?" Buffy asked as they wandered through the streets of London.

"Well, I'm taking some extra classes for a few more weeks.  Nothing too serious, just some chem labs and a few physics lessons so that I can catch up on a few things that Sunnydale wasn't teaching.  I mean, it wasn't as though our teachers were stupid at Sunnydale High or anything, but the students just weren't interested in learning anything more than they had to know, y'know.  So…extra classes, but officially I don't start until September.  Why?"

Buffy laughed a little and shook her head, wondering how she'd survived the last year without Willow's babbling tendencies.

"I was thinking Giles might wanna say hi," Buffy explained.

Willow's eyes lit up with excitement.


"Yes really," Buffy replied.  "I think he misses Sunnydale almost as much as I do."

"Well, we missed you guys," Willow said.  "It wasn't the same without you and Giles.  The new librarian was a terror!  Always shushing us and not letting us eat in there.  We stopped visiting there cos it just got too depressing without you guys."

Willow paused for a moment and looked thoughtfully at Buffy.  She had heard the entire story from start to finish, including the part about being able to appear in any spot she wanted to whenever she wanted to.

"So, do you think I could see your school?" Willow asked.  "Cos that'd be really cool."

"I'll ask Giles and Dumbledore about it," Buffy promised.  "I'm not too sure about the rules of all this secret location thing, but I'm pretty sure Dumbledore won't mind.  He's pretty cool with just about anything these days."

"Plus, you're probably a favourite after that whole 'killing the most evil wizard' thing that went down," Willow said.

Buffy blushed a little and nodded.  "That too."


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SNEAK PREVIEW: Willow's visit to Hogwarts and a reunion with Giles.