By Lucky_Ladybug

Notes: This is a lil poem I had to compose, about the events following a
battle with an unknown (by me) enemy. Hope y'all like!

I scramble out of the debris,
Begging for those I love
To answer me

"Seto!!! Marik!!! Where are you?!"

I stumble over a nearby rise,
Finding Ishizu
She clutches the wound
In her shoulder
And looks up at me
No, she hasn't seen them
She's afraid they're both . . .

I refuse to listen
And instead press onward,
Surveying the damage
Caused by our final battle
Against the darkness
That had intruded
Yugi . . . Joey . . . Tristan . . .
Tea and Bakura as well---
They're all hurt but
Still alive

The last anyone
Saw of my best friend,
He was protecting me, they say
When I was unable to
Protect myself

They think he's dead
I can tell
But I won't believe it
I can't believe it

I go on further

Rishid is laying
Nearly dead
Shadi is trying to
Help him
But he can't
Rishid stares ahead blankly
With half-open eyes
Calling for his brother

I want to scream
I want to cry
I want to do anything except
Stand here and feel so helpless!
Why can't I ever do anything
To help?
Why do I always have to
Feel so useless?

I can't stand here and
Watch this
I run
And keep running
Far, far away
I have to
Get away from this
But it's everywhere
I can't escape

I trip over something
Cold and still
A gold chain
Touches my cheek
Realization creeps over me and
I scream

Slowly I pull myself up
And gaze
At my friend's body
The tangled blonde hair
The closed eyes
The blood

"Get up!!" I scream.
"You're not dead;
Get up!!!"

He doesn't move
I can see that
His breath is stilled

An earring is missing
I search for it,
I place it back on him
And cry again

I plead for him to
Wake up
To open his eyes
But he doesn't

I fall across his body
Hugging him tightly
I don't care that
His blood is dripping
On me
I just want him to
Say something
To give some indication
That he's still here
But he doesn't
He can't

He's dead

He did this for me
Sacrificed himself
So I would be okay
And now I'll never
Talk to him again

I never even got to
Say goodbye
To thank him
To tell him how much
His friendship meant
To me

And my last words to him
Were the product of
I had been so worried
About Seto
And I had just
Lashed out at Marik
Before refusing
To leave

I'll never forget how
He turned away
Looking so hurt

I hug him tighter
Burying my tear-stained face
Into his shirt
"Marik!! You've gotta
Wake up!!
If you don't . . .
You . . . you'll never know
How sorry I am! . . ."

His skin is so cold

A soft voice speaks above me
I look up to see
My anchor, my strength,
My lifeline
My brother
His clothes are torn
He's bleeding
His eyes are tired
But he's alive

He kneels down
Beside me
And I run into the shelter
Of his arms

I cling to him
I can't lose him too
I can't!!

He whispers to me
He tells me it's alright
That we'll get through this

But it's not alright
It can't ever be completely
Not ever
I've seen too much
Heard too much

Lost too much

"I can't ever protect anyone!"
I find myself crying
"I'm just the weak little boy
That everyone has to help
And now Marik's dead
Because of it!"

Seto holds me close
Trying to
Reassure me
Comfort me

He tells me it's not true
I say he's only trying
To make me feel better
"No," Seto replies firmly,
"It's the truth.

"Mokuba, you may not
Know this, but you have
Always been my strength.
There are days when
You are the only thing
Keeping me alive."

I stare up at him
In disbelief
He looks back
His gaze firm
And sincere

Now I hug him again
Bittersweet tears
I've lost so much
After the battle today,
I've lost my
I've lost my
Best friend
I can never get
Either of them back

But I still have so much
As well
I still have Seto
I still have my
Big brother
I still have him . . .

It starts to rain
It pours down
Over us
Washing away
The debris
The blood
But it can't wash away
The tears

A golden light
Illuminates over
Where Marik is laying
And then disappears

Marik suddenly
Gasps for breath,
His eyes shooting open

I stare at him
Once more
Again disbelieving
Again crying
But now the mood
Has changed

I run to him
I hug him tightly
Screaming his name
Over and over
Choking out "I'm sorry"s
And "Can you forgive me"s

He smiles
No trace of anger
Or hurt
For my past awful words
In his eyes
"Of course I forgive you,
My friend."

He comforts me
And then goes to Rishid and Ishizu
His presence consoles his older brother
And we find out
He'll be okay

I hug Seto
He smiles back
Brushing the bangs
Out of my eyes
So much is said
In those simple gestures
And we hug again