by DebC

Gabe Sullivan had a lot of patience. Perhaps more than he should have, if truth be told. There were many times when he bit his tongue, held back from saying the vicious words that right there begging to be said.

Lana was standing in front of the full-length mirror in the guest bedroom Chloe had helped make up for her a few months ago. She twirled around as Gabe passed by the open door, admiring her reflection. She was openly happy--smiling and chattering to Chloe, who lay on the bed pretending to be listening to her. There was mention of Clark, and Gabe heard his daughter mumble something that sounded distinctly like "he'll love it."

And his heart broke again, as it did each time the Kent boy was mentioned in his presence.

Chloe didn't like him meddling in her life--no teenager did--so he kept silent, waiting for her to need him.