Dark Reflections: A Week's Return

by Creedogmon

edited by Godeerc VanDrey

Category: Digimon

Genre: General, Action/Adventure

Rating: PG (varies per chapter)

Language: English

Summery: Book 2 of the Creedogmon's Power of Crests Series. I won't give away the story, but let's just say the DigiDestined team must learn to control their powers. This starts shortly after the where last one stopped.

A/N: I'm thinking this one may be shorter than Book 1. It will be a bit formatted, but I think that the story will get a lot more complex. Just read it. By the way, read The Powers Within first. You won't be lost.

Chapter 1: A Week's Return

The first thing I notice is that the sky is overcast. The second thing I notice is that I'm alone with two-year-old, golden-haired Virginia and orange-furred Katmondu. T.K. and Kari have just digiported myself, Virginia, Katmondu, and the other new DigiDestined home. Except I didn't expect to find myself alone, standing in the middle of my neighborhood on a dready Sunday afternoon in Raytonville, Georgia. For the past week, I've been stuck in the DigiWorld. Yes, I, Christopher VanDrey, am a DigiDestined, but not the typical sort. I have no digimon partner. I watch Digimon: Digital Monsters, though recently with less frequency, and I would expect to get one since every DigiDestined on the show has gotten one. Instead, I was inducted with strange powers that I assume originated from my crest.

With this though, I examine my crest. It seems normal, though not glowing, but that's not completely unusual. I check my D-3 style digivice. It, too, is not glowing, but it only glows in the face of danger. Now, it merely shows the time and date: 12:49 PM; SUN APR 22 '01. Sunday, April 22; that means I've been gone a week exactly, give or take a couple of hours.

I guess I'll have to make due. Luckily, before leaving the DigiWorld, we formulated a plan in advance. Seeing no good way to explain to our parents why we've been gone for the better part of a week without any contact, we chose a plan of amnesia: we don't know where we've been, or that we've been gone at all. This alibi is especially useful because we also have to explain our physical changes: the different coloration of hair and eyes, not to mention the bumps and bruises and scars we've received as a result of our battles with various evil digimon. As odd as it sounds, we're praying for paranoia, hoping our parents will come of with frightening reasons for our disappearances: kidnappings or other terrible things.

Much of the minor details were in vain. I find Katmondu, the Defender of Vigor, without his snow-white streak across his tail. Virginia's inconspicuously halo is gone. The sea blue windows peak I received is gone. The colored locks of hair on all of our heads had a different feel: heavy or light or thicker or in some way noticeably changed. But it's gone. I can induct that the others' changes have also been reversed, but I'll have to wait until I see them again, which won't be until things are straightened out. For now, I've got to put the plans into motion.

Wanting to avoid a heart-wrenching conversation, I leave Virginia, who's fallen asleep, on her doorstep and ring the doorbell. Luckily, the Frends home is in my neighborhood. I grab my cat and hide in the bushes. I can't see the door, but I see Virginia. As the door opens, I can hear a faint weeping of Mrs. Frend, Virginia's mother. I can't feel the moisture in her eyes, a talent I acquired in the DigiWorld. The scream that follows makes me choke on my own breath. Virginia wakes up and starts crying, too. I now see Mrs. Frend run out and grab her daughter. She looks around for whoever left her daughter on the doorstep, but I lay low so that it doesn't happen. She takes the howling two-year-old and takes her inside.

Then it hits me: She going to call my mom any minute. Time to get home.

"Coast clear?" I ask my cat. He listens around and jumps from the bushes. I keep a close lookout for cars on my way over, but there are none. As the beautiful red brick building that is my home comes into view, emotion wells up in my chest, but I hold back tears. I have to be oblivious when I'm found. To reinforce the kidnapping alibi, I lay down on my front steps. I know there's no point in trying to get my cat to follow suit, so I let him scratch on the door. Perfect.

I hear the phone ring and Katmondu starts to meow at the door. I slow my breath, which is hard when I hear my mother calling my father, no doubt who has gotten the message from Mrs. Frend that Virginia is home. They come to the door, no doubt getting Katmondu, and I exhale slowly as the door clock clicks. The scream that follows hurts my ears, but I don't care, because it's of the voice that I know better than any other.

: : :

The days that follow are a whirlwind. They are spent playing dumb and telling boldface lies through tears, hugs, and ringing phones.

"Samantha, it's Mike. They say Matt's home!" my dad says that afternoon on the phone, "Yeah, he's home, too. Yeah, drugged. No, not a thing. It must be the same guy." My mother sits there, listening, eyes still moist.

Same guy, my mind repeats. Well, it worked.

: : :

The police say it's a hopeless case. Our bodies have no indication of any drugs in them. No abuse of any sort was found. We weren't in the best of shape, but in relatively good health. They've checked the scenes of our disappearances. I think they saw the divots from when our digivices fell from the air in the backyard, but thought nothing of them. We were all interviewed, as were friends and teachers from school. It's a conundrum. We just vanished in a large flash of light. My disappearance, like Justine's, Virginia's, and Anna's, was considered a crime of opportunity, because we were alone; or runaways, except for Virginia, who was certainly kidnapped, and the suspect was me, until now. Katmondu wasn't considered; he was a missing pet. But Matt, Daniel, Jessica, and Phillip, however, disappeared in a flash of light in front of crowds of people. Someone had to have had a reason for taking them, which escalated the theories to terrorism. That is the main thought now, and I'm glad. It's how the first digimon attack was explained.

Being interrogated by the police, or questioned really, since we're victims, gave us a chance to with each other. Like I predicted, the physical changes are gone, as are our powers. Phillip claims he spent twenty minutes sitting in front of his cats and dogs trying to feel their emotions. Justine failed a math test: no messages about the answers. The digivices don't glow anymore, just tell the time. The crests don't glow either. The auras are missing completely. Our auras don't protect us anymore. Jessica shows us her bruise from when her little brother threw a softball at her.

"Soft ball, my foot."

: : :

A bed feels good after spending a week sleeping on the ground. That night, Katmondu jumps on top of me. I pet him, glad to see that his fur doesn't leave a trail of ice. "I think it's over, Katmondu."

Still, I don't know if this is a good thing overall. While I'm glad I'm not in danger anymore, we don't seem to have accomplished much. We did fight a few evil digimon, even the reincarnated Devimon, twice, but if the DigiWorld needed nine new DigiDestined with powers and one with a digimon, you'd think they were expected something, some terrible evil that threatened everything. The problem is, because we were separated from T.K. and Kari during the trip back, we have no access to the DigiWorld, which means, if we're needed, we'll have to be pulled back involuntarily. That is, if we are pulled backā€¦

: : :

"Hutkins, how is it?"

"I got the medical reports right here. They're bad."

"It's the Furinentou again, isn't it? They're testing."

"Several victims."

"Dammit. How many?"

"I don't know. The police reports aren't finished yet. Five? Ten? Two dozen?"

"Okay, keep looking. This cannot get out."

: : :

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