Dark Reflections: Secret of the Twins

by Creedogmon

edited by Godeerc VanDrey

Category: Digimon

Genre: Fantasy, Action/Adventure

Rating: G (yes, this one's very tame)

Language: English

Summery: In a vision, Christopher and Jessica learn about the origins of the of certain DigiDestined digimon.

A/N: You know those episodes of your favorite shows that go back several years? Just curious.

Chapter 9: Secret of the Twins

I have the strangest feeling of floating. A purple haze, completely opaque, surrounds me on all sides, like a cloud. And like a cloud, there is a break. The clouds split, revealing the landscape below: a picturesque, lush, green valley. I can see all this from about fifty feet above, and my body moves forward. I look to my left and see Jessica also suspended in midair, watching the hills go by.

"Well, welcome to the DigiWorld again," a squeaky, old voice tells us, "sorry for the abrupt trip, but we couldn't exactly call."

I recognize the voice, "Gennai?"

"Oh, yes, I forgot. You're familiar with the DigiWorld, Christopher. Yes, my name is Gennai."

The voice continues, "You'll have to excuse me, but I haven't been doing this long. I wanted to give a full tour to you all, but it seems to me that I'm not quite experienced enough to pull you all in and show you all that I'd like to. But it turns out I'll be able to narrate the fantastic story of the Twins."

I look over to Jessica, who shares my bemused expression. The Twins?

On the horizon, a building, an enormous factory, comes into view. The sky grays as the day fades into evening. Our bodies descent and we continue to float a foot above the ground as we pass through the door, ghostlike.

"Well, you see," in a perfectly tourist guide voice, Gennai continues, "here is the Centre. We're getting ready."

"For what?" I'm forced to ask.

"Oh, you'll see," he says, as we pause in a rather large room with lusterless gray walls and huge pieces of alien machinery.

A large door swings open, and, anticlimactically, in walks a small digimon, red and frog-shapes, pulling a sort of austere treasure chest with a wagon. It is Elecmon, keeper of the baby digimon.

A robed figure, apparently human, takes the wagon from the digimon, who walks aside him.

"Thank you, Elecmon. How did you choose them?"

The animal replies, "I've started keeping record of their origins. I can't quite say what they're going to be, but I know they're going to special."

"Of course they are. Destiny forbids that they won't be."

Elecmon nods and smiles.

I find myself unnoticed, realizing that we're being treated to a sort of inside flashback glimpse. "When is this?"

"Oh, I stopped keeping track of time awhile back. I'd expect this happened a few years ago."

The human, if that's what he is, takes Elecmon to a strange machine. It looks like an industrial ice machine, but the top extends to the ceiling and it has a large up-swinging door, which is yellow and glassy.

"Gennai, what's the report?" the robed figure says to another.

Without turning away from a machine with knobs, he answers, "Seiji, The crests have been digitalized into the world. The digivices should materialize them."

The older Gennia, our narrator, tells us, "We needed a new set of DigiDestined."


"Because of an evil. There is more to the story, but you will learn it in time. I fear losing the connection if I go into it."

Seiji opens the case. It holds twelve digieggs, three by four in a row, held in a foam-like material. Each one is decorated differently. I walk up to the case, unnoticed. Seiji picks up on in the corner. It has red shield-shaped markings on it.

"That one is very powerful." Elecmon says. I'm amused he would know such things.

Seiji opens the yellow glass door and gently lays the egg inside. He does the same, going across the top row: one with golden crosses on it and one with a gray-green spiral going down the height of it. With the third egg, a loud noise breaks the solemn tone of the ceremony. Panicked, Seiji slams down the door and grabs a small box. He throws it in the chamber with the eggs; it rattles. "Elecmon, take the eggs and run as fast as you can through the back exit." Gennai tells him, pressing a button. "Clear!" he shouts.

Seiji backs away from the machine, and a yellow column engulfs it. Meanwhile, Elecmon runs through the back door with the wagon in tow. A door suddenly is thrown from its hinges hitting the back of a machine, leaving a large dent. A black form floats in like fog. It strikes forward like a snake, wrapping around Seiji tightly.

A voice from nowhere speaks, "Open the chamber."

"Can't; it's already locked. It's now absorbing energy from the planet-source right now. It will someday send the eggs and digivices to real world."

The grip of the black tentacle tightens on Seiji, who doesn't react.

"All the eggs are not in there. It looks like the Unmon Coalition once again screwed up." it replies.

"Wrong." says the young Gennai, reappearing. Suddenly, an electrical blast shocks the black cloud, letting go of Seiji. It withers, and an Angemon drops to the ground, motionless.

"Looks like you're gonna have to find a new host. And you're locked out of the DigiWorld." says Gennai confidently.

"Yes, but the eggs are being scattered across the continent. That's just like you. What good are DigiDestined without Digimion?"

"You ought to read a prophecy every once in a while."

The black cloud then dissipates. Gennai falls over. Seiji jumps over to support him. Gennai's hood falls off, revealing graying hair and shallow wrinkles on his face.

"Gennai, you know that the thing ages you when you are weak."

: : :

The factory disappears and we are brought to a hilly field.

"So that's why you're so old."

"Yes." he says sadly.

"Mister… Gennai, is it? What's going on?"

"We were preparing to bring in a set of DigiDestined to counter that thing."

"It got messed up," Jessica says, childishly.

"To say the least," the chuckle coming back into his voice. "But enough of that for now. It's time you learned about the Twin Digimon."

The sun sets again, and I watch two DigiEggs hatch on the hill. The first one is covered in blue-green crescents, which is shattered by a tiny Pitimon. The baby digimon is shaped somewhat like an up-side-down water droplet: his tail pointed and his head round. He has two fingerless extremities on each side and large brown eyes. He is almost white, but tinted slightly blue. The other egg is covered in pink arcs. Another Pitimon emerges from it, only with a more purplish tint. The two bounce around each other merrily, occasionally bouncing off each other, landing on their backs, and giggling gaily.

The sun rapidly sets and emerges seconds later, dramatically slowing down to show the changed creatures. They are now Bukamon. They have dragon-like heads with flame-like crests on their foreheads, two flippers for forearms, and a pointed tail. Again, they look similar, but with slightly different shades of skin. They are still playing.

When the sun rapidly sets and rises, they Twins have changed. Now, they are different species. One is a small panther cub, with black fur, brown eyes, and a bluish crescent on his forehead, facing downward. The other is a fox pup, with gold-tan fur, green eyes, and a pink almond shape on her forehead. However, they retain a certain resemblance in their shape.

The sun sets, and pauses before rising. When it does, neither digimon can be seen. The grass is now very tall. The field has changed to the plains outside of a forest. "What happened to…?" I turn to ask Gennai, whose presence I'd almost forgotten. He holds his hand up and points.

In the distance, I see the grass moving on a line, as something moves through it. As it nears, I see two distinct lines. I exchange glances with Jessica, who too notices the high speed of whatever things are moving through the grass. We note their direction, towards us. As it turns out, they appear out of the grass not far from us. First comes a bronze-colored blur, which as it passes, we note is a racing fox, but unlike the one from the "day" before, is fully grown and what I perceive to be female: a vixen. Shortly after her is a large black panther. He seems to be chasing her, which is odd if they are the older, or digivolved, I think, forms of the two digimon who were playing, not to mention allies for a set of DigiDestined.

Gennai, after much silence speaks, "The two Rookie digimon you saw were Kiomon and Jeamon. The panther cub and the fox pup, respectively."

The fox reaches the edge of a lake, skidding to a stop, looks both ways at the wide expanse, and finally jumps in and starts swimming. The panther, without a moment's hesitation, jumps straight from his run into the lake and swims furiously.

"These two are Aneramon and Tobalmon."

The panther quickly catches up the fox and passes her, crawling out of the lake, and shaking off, sending water everywhere.

We float over the pond. The panther speaks, "Beat 'cha, Annie."

The fox crawls out, and starts to lick her small paws, softly growls, "Toby…" she mocks.

The panther shakes furiously, sending more water at the fox, who jumps back, almost falling in the lake. "Hey, watch it!" she growls, but composes herself, shaking with small, rapid movements, "Besides, I left you in the dust."

"Until you ran out of dust. You've got to digivolve into something with bigger paws."

This alerts me to something. Around each of Aneramon's sleek, canine legs is a small golden bracelet. I also see the similar double-convex on her forehead. Tobalmon has a golden collar around his neck and a gold cap on the tip of his tail.

"The Twins grew up the best of friends, but problems arose."

The sun sets again, and it stays night for a long time. "Aneramon started having visions. In them, she heard voices, telling her about a great evil in the world. It threatened a very sacred shrine and she felt called to protect it," I hear a lot of stirring in the grass and an occasional growl. "Tobalmon, however, had no dreams and no visions. He knew of the evil digimon that inhabited this world, and he felt it was his job to protect it. They both finally realized that Destiny was calling them in different directions. So they parted."

The sun rises and the two beasts face the coming light, but unlike before, they are solemnly still instead of lively. Tobalmon looks back at Aneramon with a sad look, but continues to walk forward. Aneramon is very still, but quivers. She suddenly turns and runs into the distance, somewhat haphazardly, without grace, often her eyes tightly shut.

With the two digimon out of sight, the sun began to move rapidly, not stopping on the next day, just repeated sunrise and sunsets. Almost as if he were narrating it, Gennai continued, "And time passes. Aneramon continued to have visions. In a vision, she was told that she would have to form the Outer Triad of three digimon, which together would be unstoppable. For the three of them would have a very sacred task."

Jessica asks, "Did she?"

Gennai sighs, "I'm afraid I do not know. I have read many legends of her finding them, but I have yet to confirm it."

"And Tobalmon?" I ask.

"Tobalmon, who has received no visions, merely survived. It is said that he traversed across the DigiWorld, hoping to find answers to his Sister's quest. I know even less of him."

The opaque, purple clouds start to surround us again. "Gennai, what's going on?"

"The vision is ending," he tells us. "Worry not; for soon, all will be revealed to you, and to all of you…"

I don't appreciate the cryptic phrase, and I fear that there nothing Jessica or I can do. Not surprisingly, the school yard returns and I see my mom drive up. I say goodbye to Jessica, who is quiet.

I realize something. We've defeated all nine of our evil twins, and what's the reward? An incomplete explanation of what was destined to happen? There was something problematic about the vision. Gennai seemed strained for time. He knew very little of the present time. I feel that large pieces are still missing from the puzzle. This is not the end. This is not even close. With our powers back, there is something wrong, terribly wrong, and we know very little of it.

Frankly, this scares me. I watch Jessica stand in the front yard of the school, deep in thought. I read her expression; she feels what I do: foreboding.

Too far away to be the end… –Creedogmon

: : :

A/N: This is worse than how The Matrix Reloaded ended, almost. If you have felt a sense of closure after this chapter, you're not reading hard enough. A good story is supposed to end with an absolute abyss. This is cliff face. The third part will soon come.

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