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// Sakura's thoughts

:: Inner Sakura

__Fighting for Love__

Chapter 1

Standing with her back against a tall tree, the pink haired genin stared into the eyes of her sensei. He gently ran his hands through her silk-like hair. He gently pulled her face close to his.

"Kakashi sensei.." she whispered, "wha… what are you doing?" she hesitantly placed her hand against his bold chest and pushed away.

"Sakura, you say you do not love Sasuke anymore so why do you resist?" he replied to her, while grabbing the resisting hand.

//Do I love him? I had confessed my love to Sasuke only hours ago before I ran to Kakashi in tears. Sasuke broke my heart, he chose solitude instead of love. I know I can be happy with Kakashi, but part of me still wants to be with Sasuke. //

Inner Sakura:: What Do I DO!?!?! AHHH! *pounds her fists against her head*

Sakura succumbed to the gentle being while he reached a hand over his mask and pulled it off to reveal the most seductive and soft face she had ever seen. He leaned in closer with one hand around her petite waist and one stroking her hair, pressing his lips against hers. In response she closed her emerald eyes, stood on her tip-toes and wrapped her arms around his neck

//I can be happy with Kakashi, forget about Sasuke… just forget…//

I silent tear rolled down her cheek, as the confused girl pulled away and looked deeply into his ice blue eyes.

"I love you…. Kakashi"

"As do I, my precious Sakura"

They stood there for what seemed to be a lifetime, pressed against each others warm bodies, unknowing to the intruding eyes looking down upon them from a nearby tree. Sasuke startled by what he's seen gaped out on them, an unknown feeling occurred to him, it was jealousy. He quickly understood this and jumped off the tree and ran into the forest before he did anything irrational. He had followed her to apologise about what he had said, he knew he meant it then, but now was a different question. Why did he have that feeling when he saw Sakura with another guy? He felt as though his heart was bleeding and wondered why he has rejected her now. Maybe he 'did' love her…


"we should leave soon" suggested Kakashi, as he cupped her delicate face in his hands.

Sakura nodded with a grin as she pulled Kakashi closer once more to capture a sense of bliss as their lips brushed against each others once more. Caressing her fingers across the back of his neck as she pulled away, now leaving her beloved sensei standing shocked as she ran into the forest on her way home. She stopped for a minute, turned around, smiled and waved. Kakashi could not help to chuckle to himself as he waved back.

Sakura found the path leading back to her house but stopped when she felt a presence around her. She glanced around cautiously and saw Sasuke sitting on a rock staring at her. She lowered her head and held back the heart-felt tears the she had tried to forget about, but could not and instead they dripped down her face. His heart almost broke in half again as he saw the girl cry, and jumped down off the rock. He walked over to the girl and embraced her in his arms.

"Sakura…" Sasuke softly whispered as his hand slid across her face and lips. He leant down quickly and kissed her.


Does sakura pull away from sasuke's embrace? Or does she let her heart take over?

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