Cursed Gift

" " are speaking

' are quotes

[ ] are thoughts

{ } are telepathic communications

* * are sounds

### are flashbacks

Prologue : realization

Once again, Ranma's day was a disaster. Some things never change, and so his fiancées all went down on him, all at the same time while we are at it, and Ranma was hard pressed to escape being changed into a doormat in the following fight between the girls.

His respite was short since where Shampoo goes, Mousse will follow. But without his glasses, the blind Amazon was easy to lose... It was counting without Kuno and his never ending samurai lunacy.

All in all, a normal day for Ranma. And even if all this was more annoying than anything else, the true menace of these daily events was on the emotional level.

[When will they understand? They are so pathetic... and I'm so tired of all this crap. I don't know how much I can take this circus that's my life.]

Ranma was sitting cross-legged on the dojo's roof, meditating to relax after his day. He wore this trademark black sweater and his tank top, his red chinese shirt laying on the tiles near him, so
that he felt the cool wind refresh his mind as it did to his body.

For the last few months, Ranma had felt something change deep inside. Sure, his gift of improvisation allowed him to get a pretty high level in martial arts at his young age, but genius only couldn't help to beat foes like Herb or Saffron.

A Dragon prince and a Phoenix god. No "normal" human could possibly beat beings like them with unnatural abilities.

To learn the 'Hiryu Shoten Ha' without knowing the last move was a thing, but to revise a technique that powerful in the middle of a fight and master it on the first try? His fight with Herb was the first time when it began to 'click' in Ranma's mind and he then slowly started to open his eyes to the truth.

His gift to adapt to his opponent was way too much developed, it was unreal. But he didn't want... no, he COULDN'T believe it, for it'd mean that in all his fights, he had 'cheated' thanks to his gift.

The fight against Saffron in itself wasn't the confirmation Ranma thought it'd be... nope, not the fight itself. The following days on the other hand...

[How can I still pretend to be a martial arts expert when my own body can develop the most powerful techniques if I badly need them?] the pigtailed boy lamented, while having a few small fireballs dancing over his right hand's palm.

[Even the powers of a phoenix god are at my disposal, and I'm not even mentioning the physical perks... this thing my body does even copied Saffron's wings! Am I only even human?] he wondered, his face distorted by his anger while he 'sprouted' wings from his back, appearing seemingly by magic, fitting on the large holes on the sides of his tank top without damaging the cloth.

He studied one more time the magnificent feathers, they were so white and so pure... more angel-like than Saffron's bird-like wings.

[Or should I ask, have I even been human? Where did this gift came from?] Ranma tried without much result to get his cool back, but his exasperation, and his tiredness from the bad day's stress, was making it a difficult task.

{I think I may be able to answer those questions of yours.} came from nowhere, like someone said that while standing only a few feet from him,

"Hu?" was all that Ranma could say, totally caught off guard.

{I'm sorry if I surprised you that much, it was not my intention. I'm talking directly into your mind. It's my own gift, like you have yours.} explained the mental voice.

"There are more people with gifts like mine?" asked Ranma, exited to know more about himself.

{Exactly. I'm the owner of a school that is specially made for people like us, so they can be helped to better control their gifts. Some could be dangerous, for themselves as much as bystanders, if they didn't control their abilities.}

"Yeah, I can imagine the damage... hu, I know you can hear me and I hear you in my mind but... where are you exactly? I'd like to talk to you face to face." Ranma explained to the voice.

{I'm not that far actually, I'm in front of your home's gates with some student of mine, but I wanted to make you know who we were before actually meeting, so you knew we weren't here to cause you any trouble.}

"Ah... someone who's not out for my blood? That'd be a first... I'll come to get you guys, I just need to... hide back my wings and I'll be there." Told them before jumping down the dojo's roof to go meet the ones who could become his first true friends.