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This story's is set right after the kiss between CD and Nate in the hospital.

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Lily arrived at the hospital a little upset still. But Magda had asked her to pick her up so she had agreed. But when she got there Magda was nowhere in sight. Instead she had to grin when she saw a couple smooching in the middle of the hospital. But her grin faded as soon as she realized who that was. "What the hell?" She called out and pulled Nate away from CD.

"Lily?" Nate asked his 'ex', still in surprise about CD's reaction. Not that he hadn't liked her response but she still took him by surprise. That was the best answer she could have given.

CD looked at Lily rather shocked. She knew she and Nate had broken up earlier but she knew what this must have looked like to her.

"So let me get this straight." Lily glared at Nate. "You're doing her already? Since when?"

"Lily, you're getting this wrong. It's not what it looks like. Believe me!" Nate tried to explain looking at CD begging her for help.

CD nodded. "Yeah. He's not 'doing me'." She mocked her. "He was just... no actually I was... we were... nothing." She didn't know what to say

"Nothing? He was giving you a more intense tonsils examination than any of the doctors here would!" She glared at them.

"Lily, believe me. Nothing like this happened during our relationship. We were just ... uhm ... talking." Yeah, what actually were they doing until Lily showed up? Nate didn't even know either.

"Talking..." Lily looked at him in disbelief. "I saw your lips were moving, but I didn't actually hear a word!"

"Lily, please believe him." CD spoke up again. "I'm the one who started that... he told me he broke up with you and I..."

"You damn bitch!" Lily was furious and attemted to slug her with her purse.

"Hey whoa!" CD saw that quick enough and caught the purse. At that a little box fell ot of it and straight into CD's hands. She looked down at it and read that what she was holding there was a pregnancy test. Shocked she looked at Lily and then at Nate.

"No Lily, stop!" Nate didn't want her to blame CD for this. He was the one to blame. He stepped between the two women. "Go Lily, just go. That would be the best for you. Leave me and CD alone! We have nothing in common anymore. It's over and you won't change it by behaving like a bitch." Then he too saw what CD was holding in her hands. He too was shocked and looked over at Lily. What if she was pregnant now and he was the father? That would make things even worse than they were already.

Lily grinned at them as she too saw what had slipped out of her purse. She looked at CD. "What? Didn't he tell you why he broke up? He wants me to have an abortion and he threatened me when I refused. I said I'm gonna have it no matter what, so he said fine and he could easily get into your pants as well, that he didn't need me anymore."

"What?" CD couldn't believe what she was hearing there and looked at Nate and then at Lily who put her hands over her belly protectively.

"Lily, stop that!" He turned to CD. "Please believe me CD. Nothing like that happened. You know me, don't you? And I don't just want to get 'into you pants'. She's just saying that because she's angry at me and you!" His eyes emphasized the words he said and he hoped CD would believe him.

Lily started to cry at that and slapped him. "I hate you so much!" She sobbed. "Break up with me, fine, but how can you do that to your baby?" She kept on crying and ran away.

Nate sat down. That was too much for him. He was about to lose the woman he really loved, because CD would surely believe Lily.

CD still looked at him shocked. After a moment she finally found her voice again. "Well congratulations daddy." She said calmly and pushed the box into his hands and walked away, not sure what had just happened here or whom to believe now.

"CD, please wait." He ran after her. He wouldn't just give in.

But she just walked faster.

"CD" He stepped into her way and faced her. "Please, I'm sure that it is just another of Lily's games. She's always been jealous of you and I didn't even know about her pregnancy. I'm sure she isn't even pregnant because we always used protection and she was on the pill too!"

She glared at him. "What the hell do you expect me to say now? 'Sure, of course, forget her, let's go to my place and hit the sheets'?"

"No, no. I don't want you to do anything you don't want to. I just want you to think about it and please come to a conclusion fast now, please." His eyes begged her. Then he turned and went into the other direction. Nate was sure that she would need some time alone and so would he. But in the meantime he also wanted to talk to Lily.

"This is a nightmare. Somebody please wake me up." CD whispered to herself and blinked the tears away that were threatening to show.

Down in the parking lot Nate met Lily. Furious he walked over to her. "What did you think you were doing up there?"

"You have one helluva nerve to ask me that!" She glared at him.

"Yes I have. So what was this all about? We broke up, remember and I can do what ever I want. And you aren't pregnant, right?" He said angrily.

"You broke up with me. I never said I'm okay with that! I want you back and I'm gonna fight for you. I already told your little bitch she'd get a fight if she'd try something." Lily was furious.

"She's not a bitch. The only bitch around here is standing opposite of me! Don't try anything on CD or you will get to know me!" Nate said stepping closer.

"Oh yeah?" She glared at him even more. "Whatcha wanna do? Hit a pegnant woman, huh?" She pushed him, hoping to get him angry enough to actually hit her.

"You're not pregnant, remember?" He was about to hit her but then he stopped himself from doing that because of what CD would think then. It would give Lily just more she could use on making him and CD drift apart.

"How do you wanna know? Maybe I wasn't using the pill. And you remember that one time where we were drunk? We didn't use a condom then!" She smirked at him. It was true, they hadn't used a condom, but just because she had gotten Nate so drunk that he passed out and it was hard to use a condom when nothing happened in the first place. But he didn't remember that and she wanted to win no matter what.

"I can't remember any time we didn't use protection. But that doesn't matter anymore. We both walk in the hospital again right now and have you checked and I'll ask the doctor for the results. And if you're not pregnant then help you God!" He took her arm and pushed her in the hospital.

Lily started to scream and yell for help at that. "He's hurting me! somebody help me please!"

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