Nate sighed and finally said it: "It was CD herself ..."

"Why would she ... you do that?" Kate wanted to know.

"Well I... we..." She reached for Nate's hand and held it up together with hers so Kate could see the weddingbands.

"Oh my God" was all what Kate could say. She was gasping for air to breath.

"Captain, you okay? Want me to get a doctor?" Nate asked worried.

"No, no, just a glass of water would be fine!" That was too much for her. Yesterday these two inspectors didn't even know where they were and now they were married. "How ... how come?"

"We went to Vegas yesterday... it was just so perfect." CD sighed with a broad smile on her lips.

"So this is not a joke?" Kate wanted to make sure.

"Not at all, Captain. I admit this was very fast but like CD already said. It was so perfect and we love each other ..." Nate answered smiling too.

CD nodded. "Yeah. We just couldn't wait any longer. So we got married yesterday."

"Uhm ... then congratulations I guess." Kate said still unsure how to proceed.

"Thanks." CD grinned and leaned against Nate, her back close to his chest now.

Nate put his arms around her, leaning close to her.

Kate couldn't take that any longer. "Okay, you two leave now. You're on honeymoon vacation and I don't wanna see you for two weeks around San Francisco. Understood?" She said. That would give her some time to handle this new married couple. Surely they'd like to work together as usual.

CD grinned and turned around and hugged Nate and jumped at him happily, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissed him tenderly and then turned around to Kate, still holding onto Nate like that though. "So we can make it official now?"

Kate just waved. "Yeah, if you promise me to get out, NOW!"

"You heard her." She grinned at Nate

Nate grinned too and took CD's hand. He waved one more time at the Captain and then left with CD. "Wow, never thought that getting 2 weeks of vacation would be so easy."

"We should get married more often" She chuckled and kissed him lovingly.

When they were about to leave the room Kate cleared her throat.. "Hey Mrs. Basso don't forget your nameplate." She smiled and held it out.

CD grinned and reached for it. "Thanks Cap... for everything."

Nate kissed her back and then carried her out of the hospital under the weird gazes of the staff. "So, where do we wanna go after telling the rest of our staff? Tokelau?"

CD grinned at him. "I never heard about that before but as long as we're together I'd go anywhere. So let's go to... how's it called again?"

"Tokelau, that's a small nice island in the south of the pacific ocean close to Australia." He still hold her hand and felt like the happiest man of the whole world.

CD grinned at Nate as they walked into the Division again. Before she could as much as say 'hello' Raina, Magda, Jinny and a bunch of others surrounded them.

"CD! Finally!" Raina said and held a photo right into her face. "This guy... he MIGHT be a suspect... the problem is, we're not sure if it's him or his twin brother now... what shall we do?"

Then Magda shoved Raina aside. "Now this is more important! Ya know since Kate's gone... and I have this little problem... and I REALLY need a few days off..."

"You're not the only one." Another officer interrupted Magda.

"CD! I really need to talk to you. You know, this guy I dated last night ..." Jinny shouted so that CD would hear her.

"Hey." Nate said first quietly, then more loudly. "Hey. Would ya please leave my WIFE alone??? She's on honeymoon vacation." That had helped. Everyone got quiet in less than a second. "Thank you!" Nate grinned.

CD grinned back at him and then at the others. "We're just here to pick our stuff up and then we're off to Toka... Tika... a wonderful island near Australia." She grinned.

"Tokelau, sweety." Nate said and kissed her deeply in front of the others who were still speechless.

CD kissed him back passionately.

Jinny still looked in disbelief at them. "Hey, tell me this is joke, okay??? Don't we have February at the moment?? That would explain it!" She was pretty confused.

"And what about ME? I need some time off too!" Magda protested.

"Oh shut up, Magda!" Jinny said harshly.

CD broke the kiss again and smiled at them all. "No joke. We got married yesterday and Kate gave us two weeks off. So buh bye my friends." She slammed the nameplate down on her desk and grinned.

"So you wrote it yourself, not Raina or anyone???" Jinny asked.

CD nodded. "DeLorenzo just looked wrong."

"So, uhm, congrats then!" Jinny hugged both of her friends.

"Thanks" Nate grinned still happy

CD hugged her back. "Yeah thanks."

Raina hugged them too. "How come you got married so fast? Are you pregnant?"

"Are you?" Nate grinned even broader.

"No I'm not! We just love each other!" She said quickly.

"Yeah, and yesterday we decided to get married because everything's so perfect!" Nate added and snuggled close to CD from behind.

CD grinned and then took his hand and dragged him out of the office again.

As they were alone again CD was quiet for a while and then looked over at Nate. "You want a baby?"

"Uhm ..." He hadn't expected that and wasn't sure what to say. "Well, actually yes. But at the moment I'm not feeling like it's the right time to 'get' one, ya know?" Worried if he'd said the right thing, he looked in her blue eyes.

She nodded and smiled. "Maybe one day... but... I mean, I never thought I'd want a baby one day, that's why I had my tubes tied after all." She sighed. "But now... with you... I'd get my tubes untied again"

"You ... uhm, I never knew, I'm sorry, I didn't want to ..." Now he was even more unsure how to proceed.

She kissed his cheek. "Right now we have 2 wonderful weeks in... Tofuland... and after that we can think about whatever comes next, right?"

Glad he kissed her back. "Yeah, and it's Tokelau, sweety. Would be better if I book it before we'll get stuck in some unexplored place on earth." He grinned and took her hand as they entered the airport.

"Hell as long as you're with me I don't care where we are." She smirked and winked at him "A bed would be a nice bonus though."

"Hey, who needs a bed?" Nate smirked and together they took off to their great honeymoon vacation as a newly married couple.

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