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(Joey's POV)

He tasted sweet.

I knew he would've tasted sugary, because underneath all of that sour and bitterness there was something that shone through, something...


Oh, was it nice.

But what was annoying was I couldn't place it. I only got a taste for a few accidental seconds, and already I was hooked and wanted, craved more.

What was it, that addictive flavor?

I have to have more.

I sighed and pushed my hair back. I really did want him, the mean, manipulative asshole he is.


(Kaiba's POV)

I can't believe he bit me.

Stupid bastard.

I'm sure that it wasn't on purpose, I'm sure he hadn't aimed for that little outcropping on cement that caused him to trip *onto* me, but-

He bit me.

A very nice bite, I must admit, complete with a muffled yell (because that was what he had opened his mouth for in thw first place, only my neck was in the way) and a tongue and lips...

Nevertheless, it was a *bite*.

Bites aren't supposed to be pleasant, nor are you supposed to notice how nice the biter's hair smells while your face has been shoved into it.

"Watch were you're going," He had said, drawing his face from my neck and licking his lips.

My eyes were glued to his tongue, and for some strange reason my heart was racing.

Of all things, I said, "I will."

Not "I hate you" or maybe an acceptable (and expected) "You can't even walk by yourself, perhaps you need a leash" or *something*.

But I didn't.

Instead I'm sitting here thinking about what color of Herbal Essences he uses (1).


(Joey's POV)

I was out walking again.

Okay, okay, I was out looking for him.

So sue me, I'm obsessed.

I wasn't really looking were I was going.

I should have learned my lesson.

They really need to fix their damn sidewalks.

"Oomph," was the sound Kaiba made when I tripped into him for the second time that day.

Deja-vu, anyone?

This time, though, it was different.

"Are you all right?" Whoa, Kaiba didn't ask Joey Wheeler if he was all right. Kaiba insulted and taunted and wheedled at Joey Wheeler.

But hey, you don't see this Joey Wheeler complaining.

I didn't move, His arm was around my waist, and by some strange working of the universe his other hand was tangled in my hair.

I nodded.

I gulped.

I gathered myself to ask a question. It was, after all, driving me nuts.


So, with that, I licked him. I purred as that familiar sweetness hit my senses again. Does this guy bathe in sugar, or what?

Actually, he tasted like fruit. So maybe he bathed in apple juice or-

Was he smelling my hair?

I looked up. He was a pretty tall guy, after all.

"This is weird." He said simply.

I shrugged and noticed that he was still holding me as if I was going to fall.

By the way his touch and taste was overpowering me, maybe I was.


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