POTC belongs to Disney. If you've read my previous fic, you should know that by now.

I chose to name Elizabeth's son Weatherby after Governor Swann.

Lots of strange pairings suggested, and a couple references to other pirates and such. I'm such a nerd. LOL :)


Elizabeth glanced at her son as her husband's rowboat approached.

It was quite a relief Weatherby resembled Will- her Will. Ten years had passed since they'd last seen each other and Elizabeth was still unsure of the real father.

But the resemblance was to be expected, wasn't it?

Sao Feng wasn't the boy's father.

Jack Sparrow wasn't either.

Neither was Norrington- although memories of him were tied into the other potential father.

Elizabeth figured he must still be aboard the Dutchman- perhaps even on the approaching rowboat. Did he even remember much from his dementia- killing Norrington, making love to her?

Elizabeth smiled. Did it really matter if her Will was her son's father or half-brother? One William Turner had fathered the child. Did it really matter which one?

As husband and father-in-law/one-night-stand got out of their boat, Elizabeth and Weatherby rushed towards them...


Oh, and you might think Pintel and Ragetti ended up together. Not so. Pintel ended up with Mullroy and Ragetti with Murtogg.

Calypso and AnaMaria began a legendary lesbian affair that resulted in an excellent Nantucket seaside eatery- specializing in clam chowder.

Still being so obsessed with business, Cutler Beckett can be found roaming World's End in drag as a redhead trying to sell himself. He's even managed to get some pirates to auction him off.

After some upheaval, Port Royal has seen its best governor in years- a former pirate, no less.

Jack Sparrow's quest for immortality has led him to the Grand Line, legendary location of Gol D. Roger's treasure.

And Barbossa's poor track record with the supernatural has continued as the Black Pearl has docked at Skull Island.