There seems to be some miss understanding for the last chapter of this story. Rick only kicked Jonathan in his hurt leg because it was either that or his wife get killed. He did not do that to just be mean.
Now when Jonathan shot Lizzy or I should say Nefertari he did this because from his view it just looked like Nefertari was coming at Evelyn. So he took his chance a distoryed her. Then he was kinda not thinking clearly when he shot Imhotep and Nefertari again. But I mean come on he couldn't let Imhotep give her immortality. That would have defeated the purpose of him shooting her in the first place plus Lizzy would NEVER get back then. You heard how much Jonathan liked her. He couldn't let her die. Sorry for all you Imhotep fans and Jonathan fans as well. Even though I love Jonathan too. But if you think about it he was the hero for once!!

Sorry for the mix up,