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Bentley had his arms around Ginny's waist as he led her away. It's time for a meeting, and she's the guest of honor. Lucius has ordered the meeting personally. He wants to meet and speak to Weasley on new terms now. She's left his son to come and fight on the other side. He's not the only one that thinks it sounds fishy.

"You're shaking," Bentley whispered in her ear. She is trembling and badly. Last time she was in the presence of the older Malfoy it wasn't purely professional. He wanted her sliced and diced into many little boxes and sent to all the camps that were for the good.

"I'm nervous. It's not everyday you decided to change sides and then meet Lucius Malfoy." He nodded and dropped a kiss on her ear when they stopped in front of their chosen destination. "Good luck love." She smiled weakly.

"Not needed but thanks." She went back inside the tent that Harry had carried her out of not too long ago. This time though, it was willingly.

Draco was running around the camp with everyone else in an uproar. Ginny's true destination has finally been found out. Everyone is afraid of what that means. That's not the only reason everyone is running around waiting for their last few minutes of freedom. Harry is still unreachable.

News about a new attack has reached them and action is needed to be taken. Draco is trying to get everything in order and collect the people he needs on his front line. Parker isn't anywhere to be seen and Casey is clinging to a very protective and focused looking Grey.

"Dammit, where is that stupid bloody pounce?" he hissed under his breath. Not surprisingly he didn't get a response. Not that he thought he would have anyway.

"He's gone," Casey called out to him. She hadn't heard him but apparently she knew whom he had been searching for.

"What do you mean he's gone? He's the damn healer. He can't just leave!" Casey nodded and buried her face into Grey's neck. He in turn tightened his arms around her. This is as close to the end as they're going to get and he knows it.

"You have Casey," he called out to his cousin. That made the shaky blonde perk right up again.

"No! I'm not good enough yet. I didn't train with Parker and-"

"That git wouldn't know how to heal a damn paper cut anyway." Grey released his hold on her to take her unsure face into his hands. Looking down into her glistening sky blue eyes he set his features firmly to show her how serious he is right now.

"You are the best Case. Whether or not Ginny showed you everything you know it all. It's stored away. You already know it," he said enunciating it with a firm voice. "I have trust in you."

Draco almost shyly turned his head away from the couple. It's unfortunate that they had just now formed a relationship and both have to go out and fight not certain about the others safety. The moment they're sharing should be one alone but there is little to no time left for that. Moving right now to the point is a major necessity. Time is running short.

"I'm scared," she confided in him. "What if I can't save everyone? What if I can't save you?" He smiled weakly and pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead.

"You don't have to worry about me. Who do you think is going to be by your side throughout this protecting you? I'm your second," he whispered.

This time Draco had to turn away. Grey's words made his chest tighten, stomach churn, and him to wince. It had more sentimental meaning to him than he thought it would. He has to go out there and worry about all the people he leads and have no Ginny to back him up. Not only is his most powerful and skilled healer gone and his second in battle abilities but also his best friend.

"God," he croaked to himself moving to get the last few things in action. "I've gone soft."

"Draco," Jacob called running to him. "Sir, I can't do this. I have a family now, and I can't be on the front line. My wife is pregnant. I'm going to be a father. A father! I can't put my life in danger like that."

Draco held up his hand to silence the rambling healer. He was another one that Ginny used when she didn't want to send Casey. The man knew his basics but nothing advanced and more times that not is a bumbling idiot. He was only used when it was required to have a back-up healer. Poor man.

"Have Jess stay with you here. We'll send them to you when they can't fight anymore."

"Yes sir!" Evident relief washed over his face as he ran back into the midst of rushing people.

"Enough already. We've got to move out."

"Ready Gin?" Bentley whispered in her ear.

She nodded on the outside looking collected and more than eager. Of course if Bentley had been looking close enough he would have caught the subtle signs that she's far from doing this. Her wand is clutch in her trembling hands and her bottom lip is being chewed on. She knows this is wrong. How can she really go and do this? How can she injure or with most probability kill others?

"After you Bent." He squeezed his arms around her and went to lead the others out.

They're going to attack a muggle town. She knows that another camp is going to be dispatched eventually to try and stop them. When they finally do come it'll be the showdown everyone has been waiting for. Harry Potter and Voldermort is going to play the prophecy out. Whoever wins will have the worlds safety in his hands.

Harry just wants to live a normal would be life while Voldermort wants to rule the world. If the latter wins all the muggles and the sort will be killed along with all those Ginny cares for. They'll be slaughtered off like fast food chicken. He won't care for the lot of them. Truthfully no one is safe. She's still not proved her loyalty.

They want her to kill someone. Lucius already said he had one picked out. That scared her a lot. She doesn't think that means a muggle. In fact she knows better than to think that. It's going to be someone she knows and cares about. She's going to be tested and fail miserably.

Now she's not going to have any of the things she's wanted. There goes growing up and being the favorite aunt. She's not going to see her closest brother marry Luna and have more kids than her parents. Forget about being there when Harry and Hermione have their own family. If she can't even be there then she's not going to have one of her own.

She groaned and followed obediently as she pushed down images of light skinned children with blonde hair and grey eyes. That's the last thing she needs to be thinking about right now. It's ridiculous actually. As she's going in with a camp to slaughter and maim innocents she's thinking of having Draco's children. Next thing she knows and she'll be thinking about being Virginia Malfoy.

"Lucius wants you with him." She nodded and quickened her pace. The blonde was up ahead with a few select death eaters. In all rights she should feel privileged. Instead she has a nagging feeling in her stomach that only can be described as a mixture of anxiety and fear.

This is going to be the end, and she knows it.


Lucius was watching all the chaos going around him with a smile on his lips. Ginny stood by his side waiting for his orders. There is a designated person he wants her to kill to prove her loyalty. The thing is she knows it's someone from the other camp. She's just praying that he's not going to throw Hermione at her.

"They should be here shortly."

Suddenly death eaters where falling to the ground one by one. Malfoy didn't lose his smile. Instead it grew larger. People under his order are dying and he's finding it amusing.

"Sooner than I expected actually." Ginny's hold on her wand tightened.

"Which one?"

"Patience," he ordered laying his hand over hers. "Watch the show first."

"Please don't try to be brave," Grey whispered to Casey. Before she hadn't been so sure of herself. Now that she's in action she seeming to fair differently. The young girl looks like she could accomplish anything.

"Be careful," she ordered back and went to someone already with a head wound.

Draco was fighting the death eaters off with his wand and the muggles his father had gotten to join with his sword. He'd never hurt a muggle with magic. Even if they come blazing at him a flaming hot stick pointing right at his eye. The heat of war doesn't change what he believes in.

Cautiously glancing around he's trying to spot Jamison. Bentley is around somewhere and when he finds him he'll do what should have been done so long ago. The wand in his hand won't do enough damage and certainly not enough pain. He wants to use his sword and slice into his flesh slowly watching the torment on the other man's face.

"Oh look," Lucius ordered and pointed with his wand. "My boy."

Ginny couldn't keep the shudder from her body from showing. It started from her toes and went through her entire being. The action made Malfoy laugh and pull her closer to him. She hadn't thought it would be this camp. Harry's...Harry was supposed to be here. That meant...that damn stupid prophecy. He's going to get himself killed trying to prove it otherwise.

"You knew," she mumbled under her breath.

"Of course I did. But right now let's not worry about him. Where is your precious little healer Virginia? And where has Bentley gone to?" Ginny's eyes greedily scanned around her fear rising. Bentley wouldn't right? He really loves her and wouldn't kill Casey, right?

"Aye," he said with a chuckle and nodded at the two people in question.

Casey was quickly grabbed from behind and yanked back against a chest. A wand was instantly held at her temple. She remained still not sure how to deal with this one. Her training involved little defensive magic. It mostly focused on healing because that's what her magic is strongest on.

"Say the word Casey. I'll wipe all those bad memories from your head. You won't remember being a slut or it being your fault your parents died."

"Bentley," she gasped.

"Surprised? I've wanted to kill you almost as much as I want to Malfoy."

"What have I done to you?" He pressed the wand tighter to the sensitive temple. One arm around her waist and the other is tightened around her throat digging the forearm in.

"You were almost so much more damn important. Ginny couldn't stay with me because she had to be with you. You know she would have followed me. She would have came with me to the other side. If you hadn't clung to her like a worthless slut then she wouldn't have been hurt by that prick!"

"No, she wouldn't have," she stated firmly.

"Yes!" he cried. "Ginny would have been on the right side if it hadn't been for you."

"Believe what you want Bentley. Kill me if you need to if it helps ease your mind but don't do anything to my memories." His jaw tightened and he shoved her down.

"One down then," he hissed holding his wand and pointing it at her.

"Say one fucking word and so help me God you'll be in so many tiny pieces." Bentley held his wand in the position but didn't speak a word. The wand digging into his back was putting a damper on his plans.

"Another fuckin Malfoy to ruin my plans." Grey shrugged and shoved Bentley down as he had done to Casey. Quickly the dark haired man turned and had a curse on his lips. Even quicker though both Casey and Grey had one out. Evil Bentley slumped unconscious and unmoving.

"See," Grey said moving to help her up. Holding her small hands in his he pulled her close to him. "I told you I wouldn't allow anyone to hurt you." She nodded.

"He wanted to take my memories. Even the bad ones gone would have made me a completely different person. I want every memory I have." He nodded and squeezed her close for a second.

"Don't worry," he whispered against her head. "When this is over we'll make a lot of new memories. I can even promise some will be bad if that helps." She smiled and shook her head.


"Eh, that's what I'm here for."

"Oh how touching," Malfoy quipped. "Boring though."

"What is it that you wanted me to do?"

"Patience Virginia. It'll come in due time. Until then we're enjoying the show. Doesn't it feel uplifting to watch those that were once your so called friends being slaughtered for being on the wrong side?" She felt so sick to her stomach.

"The best," she mumbled.

"Where the fuck..." Draco muttered trailing off. He knows who is here and what is needed to be done. First Bentley is to go and then his father. Both will be done with pleasure. Then if that flounce comes then Voldermort as well.

"Draco!" a voice yelled out over the battlefield. He looked around and saw the older and sicker version of himself wave.

"Shit," he hissed.

"Looking for this?!"

"Gin," he breathed and made his way to her. His boots felt so heavy as he walked through the throngs of battles and over the corpses of death eaters and his camp members alike. It all seemed too slow and hazy to be real. Like it was a premonition he was seeing everything in slow motion with a weird edge of deja vu.

"Close enough," his father ordered and held up his hand. Draco couldn't have made his self if he had wanted to. Ginny stood a mere few feet away from him and his father sword.

"Don't," he pleaded knowing his father better than he wanted to admit to. Ginny is standing there oblivious to all of it.

"Jocelyn was right you know Draco. What she had seen was just a little manipulation on my part. The jest of it couldn't have been more right though. Your precious little Weasel here saved your life but not like I made that Seer believe. I was going to go into your camp and slaughter you myself. A son doesn't turn his back on his father. You made that mistake Draco."


"But then the Weasel came to me and it was better than I could have imagined. She saved your life Draco but too bad it's going to cost her her own."

"Why? What has she done to you?" Malfoy snorted and raised his sword slowly.

"She's a Weasley, Draco. It's self explanatory."

"Please," he begged weakly.

"This is going to be better than killing you myself. You'll kill yourself more than I ever could. All the guilt and angst eating away at you because you're the reason she died. I couldn't have done it better myself."

"What do you want me to do? You know I'd do anything." Malfoy shook his head.

"Too late." He finally held the sword pointing towards Ginny's back. The frozen woman only moved when the sword was plunged through her back. "You should have been a Malfoy."

Draco couldn't find adequate emotions at what he was seeing before his very own eyes. Ginny was impaled on a sword with her own blood spirting out between her closed lips. Her eyes were barely opened but wide enough that he could see them losing the essence of life she carried in them.

All the blood felt as it fled from his body. His stomach dropped and he couldn't breathe for the life of him. Somewhere in the distance he heard screaming but all of it seemed so far away. The only thing he could seem to focus on was the dying redhead in front of him.

"What now Draco? What are you feeling?" He could only stare at her as his father placed his foot on her back and pushed pulling the sword out.

"Fuck you," he muttered before he caught her.

"Aw, how very touching yet so wrong and disturbing."

"Ginny," he whispered ignoring the man above them. "I'm so-I didn't mean for this to happen."

She couldn't respond to him. Blood was too thick choking her. Instead she raised a coated hand and pressed it weakly to his cheek. The simple act made his eyes glisten with unshed tears. He's never one to cry but this seemed like a moment to start.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled. "I'm so sorry Gin." Her head moved slightly as a nod. She understood him.

"I gotta save you," he mumbled deliriously and placed his hands over the unfix able wound on her stomach.

Ginny's hands dropped and her eyes widened when she heard the words falling from his lips. It's the most powerful and weakening healing spell. If done correctly and it does work he'll be drained and not able to fight anymore. He needs to save the others and not her. It'll be useless anyway. She can already feel the cold seep into her body and the taste of her own metallic blood overwhelming her senses.

"Draco no."

"No? I'm trying to heal you."

"It's a waste," she hissed and used a lot of energy to shove his hands off of the gaping wound. A sneered formed on his face as his hands went right back to where they had been lying.

"Dammit Weasley I'm trying yo heal you!"

"No! There's others that need your help. You'll be wasting your strength on me." He didn't look at her face as he began the spell again.

She couldn't have him finish it and see the look on his face when it didn't work. There is no way to save her now. She's drifting away further and further. The blonde slightly over her is starting to blur and unfocus. What it means is that it's time for a goodbye.

"Draco please," she pleaded shoving his hands off one last time.

"Gin," he breathed staring down at his blood covered hands.

"Say goodbye to my family. Tell them I love them." He nodded still not looking at her face.

"Casey," she said slowly feeling blood inch up her throat. "Tell her I'm so sorry. I never meant to leave her like this. Make sure she knows that I love her. She is my sister." Draco nodded and made himself look at her.

Her normal pale complexion was ghostly white. It made her subtle freckles stand out on edge. The cute little spray across her nose stood out enough that he could have counted them. Her full lips are covered in blood and her bottom one is trembling. She looks as if she's fighting to keep her eyes open. The brown orbs that have been set on him in many different moods now are losing their color and half open.

"What about Bentley?" he whispered.

"What?" she whispered back lifting her eyes to his.

"Bentley," he repeated his voice choking with emotion.

"He tried to kill Casey," she admitted. That caused Draco's jaw to tighten.

"What else Gin? What else?" Her eyes widened as if she finally came upon some once in a lifetime information. "What?" he asked quickly seeing her reaction.

"Please say it Draco. Just once. Please?" He didn't understand and took her hands into his.

"Say what? I'll do anything."

"You called me Gin," she whispered slowly.

At first he didn't understand what that meant. He's been calling her that a lot lately. Slowly it donned on him though that she wouldn't have realized it. That day back in the camp she had told him the day he called her Ginny was the day he loved her. She was even dying for him.

"That's your name."

"Please," she muttered her eyes unfocusing and shifting around fighting to stay on him. Her weak grip on his hands tightened.

"Gin," he whispered licking his dry lips.

"Please." He took a deep breath and held her eyes.

"I love you. So much Ginny." She made a noise low in the back of her throat. It was a mixture of pain and happiness. He quickly bit down on his bottom lip as she became blurry in his eyes.

Then she whispered the words that will never be duplicated and said again. How can they when she's gone. Draco scooped her up into his arms and held her tightly to him. He felt her last breath on his neck as life left her.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled rocking back and forth with her in his arms.

War was continuing to be fought around him as he stayed where he was. Rocking back and forth with his second in his arms apologizing. She was also his love and best friend. He didn't notice anything, Bentley approaching with a sword or his father escaping all surpassed him. Nothing else mattered but letting her know how sorry he is. That he'll always be sorry.


'I love you too.'

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