Hey, it's me, Jess. Anyway, I regret to inform u all who liked this story that this is the last chapter. There is no more after this, but this is my "Dawn of a New Era" saga thing so the next story will be "The Love Card" It's the prequel to "The Fortune Card" and it's coming soon. There are about 8 more stories left in my saga thing if u count the prequel. So don't be sad when this story is over. Just make sure to come back for the next stories. I'm sure they'll just get better...hopefully. Anyway, enjoy!



Li watched as the Fortune Card, now in it's non-card form and Sakura spoke amongst themselves. Sakura seemed to be deep in thought. Come on! What are you waiting for, Sakura! Li pondered. Soon the card threw a card at Sakura. It had hit her right forearm and sliced her skin. It seemed like minutes later, but Sakura then screamed. In reality it had only taken about three seconds for Sakura's brain to register the card splitting her skin allowing itself an entrance of Sakura's arm.

"Sakura!" he frantically shouted and from behind him came Madison's frantic cry as well. Then again came another card slicing through the skin of her left forearm. She stood for only a couple of seconds more and then fell to her knees. Soon she wobbled back and forth and then lost all balance and moved back one more time and then fell. Quickly, Li jumped on the roof top and landed gracefully only a few feet away from Sakura. He ran to her side. "Sakura?" he whispered.

"LI!" he heard from down below. He turned around. It was Madison. And Meilin.

"Is she alright?!" Madison asked, worriedly. Her camera was pointed at him, but she moved it away from her eye and he could see the concern in her eyes and he tried to smile in an effort to comfort her. "I'm going up!" she shouted.

"But I-."

"Li! Get down! Now!" Li leaped off the roof top and landed in front of Madison. He squatted before her and Madison got on in his back and wrapped one arm firmly around his neck, while she held the camera in the other.

"Hey, what about me!" Meilin pouted.

"Meilin! You don't even care about Sakura so why bother?!" Madison demanded. "Just go home! You're nothing but a nuisance!" As soon as the words came out of Madison's mouth, Meilin fled. Li could tell Madison felt a little guilty by the look on her face.

Seconds after Li and Madison got on the roof top. Madison ran toward Sakura. She shook her and called her. Both Li and Madison sat beside her. One on each side of her. Li then stood up, Madison hadn't noticed. When she did Li was already in front of the card. He knew she was filming.

"I'll take over now," Li said. "And I'll take no mercy." Li smiled.

"Wait!" the card shouted.

"What?" Li questioned.

"I have yet to tell you of your fortune," the Fortune Card replied. It smiled, wickedly. "You will soon be shocked beyond words."

"Okay," Li said. "That's it? Anyone could tell me that."

"Just listen carefully," the card said. "I will reveal to you who your true love is."

"My t-true love?" Li asked. He was a bit stunned. Who could it? He prayed it wasn't Meilin Rae. She was cool and all, but he really thought there were other girls that were more...his type. For example-

"Sakura Avalon."


"Sakura Avalon," the card replied again.

"Sakura!" Li shouted.

"Oh, this is wonderful!" he could hear Madison squeal from behind him. He turned sharply to face her, giving her an angry glare. Then he turned away. His head began to spin. He tried to shake it off, but it wouldn't go away. Who cares if it was Sakura Avalon?! Anyway, she was probably lying about it to stall for time, but then why was his head spinning.

"What do you think, Li?" it asked. There was a long pause. Li never answered. He was too stunned to speak and way too dizzy to utter a word. It was just too much for the 16 year old. "Cat got your tongue, Li?" He shook his head in an effort to disagree, but the card laughed. "You can't believe it can you? You're already in love with her! You're as much in love with her as she is of you!" It laughed again.

"Li is that true?" Madison's question came from behind. He turned to her, almost losing balance and shook his head. He wasn't in love with Sakura and he knew he never would be.

"S-stop st-stalling!" Li stuttered. He shook hi head again to collect himself and was a bit successful. He was just about to use his sword until Sakura awoke.

"Sakura!" Madison shouted, happily. "You're awake!" Li turned around.

"Li," Sakura whispered. He ran to her and kneeled beside her.

"I'm here, Sakura," he said, feeling a blush spread on his cheeks.

"You still mad at me?" she asked. How could she still be thinking about that?

"No. Of course not. I forgive you. It was a mistake. It could've happened to anyone," he replied. He looked away and helped her stand. Madison kept her camera focused on them. Li was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the camera pointed at him like that. Madison picked up the Sealing Key and handed it to Sakura. "Hold still, okay?" Li said. Sakura nodded, a bit weakly. He moved his hand to the cards which were stuck in her arm. He pulled on the one in her left arm as she leaned on him for leverage. He heard her whimper and apologized softly and comfortingly. He pulled harder and it popped out and Sakura screamed out in pain. Li then moved to the other one and yanked it once. She screamed. It was too painful for her and too painful for him. In a way, he felt it. As if he and Sakura shared one body. He felt her pain and he hated to think she was going through it.

"It hurts!" Sakura shouted.

Li quickly took Sakura in his arms and whispered in her ear, "I know it does, Sakura, but the pain will all go away. I promise," he said. He rubbed her back for comfort and then he heard laughing. Who was laughing? He glanced over his shoulder.

"And you say you're not in love!" the card taunted.

"I'm not!" Li shouted and let Sakura go. "Go! Do it now!" he demanded as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Windy," Sakura began, "Release and Dispel!" Windy soon came flying about and circled around the fortune card, which looked a bit confused and frightened. Li looked over at Sakura who looked weak and then held another paper in the air.

"Source of light, With ancient spin, Send forth the magic power within. Oracles of gold, wind, water, and electricity. Force know my plight, Release the light! Lightning!" he chanted and tossed the paper in the air. An explosion of light came from the card and soon lightning came from Li's powers. It swirled with the Windy's power of wind and helped paralyze the Fortune Card. It had given the card a sock. "Now Sakura!"

"What?!" the card shouted. "You...defeated me so easily!" It's body was still paralyzed.

Li helped Sakura stand straight and hold her wand as Sakura chanted, "Fortune! Release and Dispel! Return to your powers confined!"

"No!" it shouted as it became a card once more.

"Windy! Release and Dispel! Return to your powers confined!" And soon windy was in it's card form too. It flew back to Sakura, but the Fortune Card flew to Li. He looked it over and placed it in his pocket. It was finally over.

"Li?" Sakura called, but as soon as Li turned around she fainted from the usage of her power.


"Fortune! Release and Dispel! Return to your powers confined!" Sakura shouted.

"No!" the card yelled as it became a card once more.

"Windy! Release and Dispel! Return to your powers confined!" And soon windy was in it's card form too. It flew back to Sakura, but she noticed that the Fortune Card flew to Li. He looked it over and placed it in his pocket.

"Li?" Sakura called, but she fainted. Using her powers was too much.

She didn't know exactly what to say when she woke up shortly after. He looked at her, questionably, but she said nothing. "Never mind," she said.

"Who's going first?" he asked as he squatted down.

"You go Sakura," Madison suggested. Sakura shook her head and insisted Madison to go first. So she did. Li jumped down and soon he came back for Sakura. Madison was still video taping and soon Sakura was back down with Madison.

"Do you need me to carry you home?" Li asked. Sakura blushed slightly as she shook her head.

"No, I can manage, but thank you anyway," she said. He nodded and he fled away. She lost balance and Madison caught her.

"Maybe you should've let Li carry you home," Madison said. Sakura disagreed and walked with Madison holding onto her arm, holding her up.


The next day Sakura was feeling better and Madison had called to ask if she wouldn't mind hanging out. Of course Sakura didn't mind. She wanted to be out of the house as soon as possible. She was a little tired of Tori's teasing by now and she wanted to be out of the house.

"Sakura! Your friends are looking for you!" Tori called from down the stair case.

"Coming!" Sakura shouted. As soon as she got out of her room and shut the door she thought, Friends?

"Sakura!" Madison yelled as she ran to her with arms wide open as Sakura walked down the stairs. "Oh, yeah," she said when she let Sakura go. "I invited Rita, Chelsea, Zachary, Nikki, Meilin, and Li to come along with us. I knew you wouldn't mind." Madison grinned.

"Hey Sakura!" the whole group yelled, except for Li and Meilin who only waved. Sakura smiled and waved back.

"Hello," she greeted. Sakura blushed slightly when she saw Li. She looked away. "Well, we should be on our way then."

"Be careful and don't either of you even try to touch my sister. Understand?" Tori warned, talking to Li and Zachary.

"I'm with Chelsea!" Zachary said as he grabbed her arm and smiled weakly. Tori gave him a warning look and turned to Li.

"What about you, Li? Don't think I'll take it easy on you just because I'm your friend. I still don't like the idea of you hanging with my sister too much," Tori said.

"Don't worry, Tori," Li coaxed. "I told more times than I can remember that I don't like your sister that way."

"But you do like her!" Tori teased.

"OH!" everyone chimed, except Sakura who was blushing horribly.

"I don't like Sakura!" Li shouted. Everyone laughed as Sakura blushed. Things will never be the same, Sakura thought. But life is good. She giggled along with the group.