Wolfwood rocked back and forth. Why did everyone want to confess? Better yet, why was everyone so fucked up?

"Hey." A voice whispered in his ear.

Wolfwood spun to find no one but the broom, "Broom?"

"No, no, I'm in your head." The voice whispered again.

"You're. in my head?!" Wolfwood asked, and proceeded to beat himself over the head with the broom, "Get out of my head!"

"Ow! Goddammit!" Stop! I'm here to HELP you!" the voice yelled.

"Help me?" Wolfwood asked quietly.

"Yes, I am #254 and I'm here to let you confess." #254 said very matter-of- factly.

"Oh," Wolfwood squeaked, and then slowly set the confessional on his head, "Okay."

"So, confess." The voice ordered.

"It was me." Wolfwood whispered, "I took the bite out of Chapel's apple. not Millie."

"That's it?!" the voice yelled, "That's your confession? Not how you killed your father or betrayed your best friend?! NO good dirt! An apple?!"

Wolfwood nodded slowly and then began to cackle maniacally.

#254 sighed, "All that work for nothing."

AN: I guess that's it.